Yazz -Stand Up For Your Love Rights (The Remixes) and Normal 12″

The other big hit for Yazz from 1988 with The Beatmasters still on the desk. Coldcut do the long A-side mix here, breaking and rebuilding the track up, taking nearly 4 minutes before the vocals to come in ! It does go on a bit!!

The Beatmasters do the other mix, “She’s Crazy” sample comes from Boney M’s “Daddy Cool” which I’m guessing inspired the track. Acid bubbles and not much vocals, a lot harder.



Big Life ‎– BLR 5R SAM_3298

A Stand Up For Your Love Rights (The Stadium Disco Mix) 8:55
B Stand Up For Your Love Rights (She’s Crazy Mix) 7:50

I had a search in my files and have the normal 12″ so here it is. Probably not as good a recording but still a banger!!

The “Y’Azzid Mix” is very similar to the “She’s Crazy” mix, without that sample and it’s a bit shorter



Big Life ‎– BLR 5T yazz

A Stand Up For Your Love Rights
B Stand Up For Your Love Rights (Y’Azzid Mix!)

A Flock Of Seagulls – Space Age Love Song (US Promo 12″)

A very rare and very early US release for Seagulls. Containing the normal extended 12″ version of “I Ran” as a bonus. The A – side , bizarrely , is a live version of “Space Age Love Song”, quite a risky thing to do as it isn’t their best version. It’s from an unknown concert, not the one from the accompanying video. Interesting to hear



Jive ‎– VJ-12011 SAM_4086

A Space Age Love Song (Live) 3:44
B I Ran (So Far Away) (Extended Version) 5:05

Re-uppage 98 – (Mike + The Mechanics, Pet Shop Boys, Sinéad O’Connor, Vic Reeves, Adam Clayton And Larry Mullen, Indian Summer, Ken Heaven, Candyland )

Just a reminder if you requested a re-up a while back and its not emerged give me another request, I’m on catch-up.

Mike + The Mechanics – Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground) (12″) For Lo (There you Go!)



Pet Shop Boys ‎– Paninaro ’95 (2 X 12″ US Promo) For Matt (A Good Re-up Shout!)










Sinéad O’Connor ‎– The Emperor’s New Clothes / I Am Stretched On Your Grave (Special Remixes For Clubs) (US Promo 12″) For Matt (Scouring missed 90’s)










Vic Reeves And The Roman Numerals ‎– Born Free (12″) For Matt










Adam Clayton And Larry Mullen ‎– Theme From Mission: Impossible (Mission Accomplished) (US Promo 12″) For Matt (A definite 90’s theme)










Indian Summer – Just Like Lovers (12″) For Terry (An elusive 12″)



Ken Heaven Featuring Jo-Carol ‎– The Calling (“Heaven 87 Mix”) (US Promo 12″) For djdedo (Welcome Aboard!)










Candyland – All their Twelves For Matt  (Thanks for being patient!)





Sharks ‎– Holiday (US 12″)

Re-uppage Tomorrow!

Extremely bizarre I have acquired an obscure 12″ E.P. from an American New Wave band in the dusty crates of my hometown, Barrow-in-Furness on the Cumbrian coast.

A quartet founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1979 and consisted of Doug Phillips (Drums, vocals), Sam Lugar (Guitar, vocals), Shea Quinn (Bass) and Steve Zero (Guitar)

Very New Wave with soaring lead synths. (I didn’t even know it was American!) Three polished songs with Flock Of Seagulls style guitar.

They’re still around;





LList Records ‎– 62583 holidayfrontcov

A1 On My Own 3:23
A2 Again And Again 3:12
B Holiday 3:55

Shriekback ‎– The Bastard Sons Of Enoch (US Promo 12″)


A bit Indie Dance and from 80’s survivor’s Shriekback, from 1992 and accompanied by the half whispered vocals of Barry Andrews. Written and produced by Andrews and Ian Caple there is plenty going on with some inventive sampling. Quite hypnotic in it’s longer mix but with no vocals. If you actually look at the controversial lyrics you knew this was not going to get lots of airplay.

Also from the album “Sacred City” is a mix of “Below”, a haunting instrumental with a female narrator introducing a dystopian soundscape, epic.



World Domination Recordings ‎– SPRO-79446SAM_9895

A The Bastard Sons Of Enoch (Enochian Operation) 8:23
B1 Below (Deep Structure) 5:41
B2 The Bastard Sons Of Enoch (Squeaky Sons Of Enoch Mix) 4:58

The Shamen – Destination Eschaton ( US 2 x 12″)

Ultimately their last real hit and here on a staggering 11 mixes from Nov 1995.

Gospel House with a New Age slant. It does a bit dated for the year, maybe they were harking back to their classic early 90’s sound. The Beatmaster give The Shamen their classic sound with a touch of bubbling acid and swirly organs. Basement Boys give it 4 to the floor House groove, clipped organ and a sub bass and more weird lyrics. Their Dub starts off a lot more World then goes a bit repetitive , techno trance. The album version has the obligatory Mr C. rap, very cheesy.

Peter Lorimer and Richard Gonzalez provide 2 ravey House mixes. Piano leads on the Dome mix and the longer Acid mix has plenty of Acid, the hardest mix on here by far.

Hardfloor go quite deep acid in their mixes. Again the dub gives you a good acidic fix.

The Shamen’s own mixes are suitably dubby and stripped back.

Sounds Of Life complete the pack with some light drum and bass.



Epic ‎– ES 7308 SAM_0511

A1 Destination Eschaton (Beatmasters 12″ Vocal – Destination Meccaton) 7:40
A2 Destination Eschaton (Basement Boys 12″ Vocal – Destination Discoton) 6:45
A3 Destination Eschaton (Album Version) 3:55
B1 Destination Eschaton (Vission Lorimer Dome Mix) 4:16
B2 Destination Eschaton (Shamen Acid – Escacid) 5:53
B3 Destination Eschaton (Hardfloor 12″ Vocal – Destination Krefeldton) 7:25
C1 Destination Eschaton (Vission Lorimer Acid Mix) 7:59
C2 Destination Eschaton (Hardfloor 12″ Dub – Destination Komotion) 7:22
D1 Destination Eschaton (Basement Boys 12″ Dub – Destination Chant) 6:55
D2 Destination Eschaton (Shamen Deep Melodic Techno Mix – Destination Islington) 6:40
D3 Destination Eschaton (Sounds Of Life Vocal Mix) 6:47

Fingerprintz ‎– The Beat Escape (12″)


1981 and the last release from this Scottish New Wave band. The line-up was Bass – Kenny Alton , Drums – Bogdan Wiczling, Guitar – Cha Burnz and Vocals, Chimes – Jimme O’Neill. Some of the band members later went on to be in The Silencers. This is Guitar led dance with an unusual bass sound. The A-side was produced with Chris Porter and was from the album “Beat Noir” Chris Kimsey produced the slower B-side, another extended album track, plenty of edgy guitar from Burnz, with vocals like a Scottish David Byrne and some tape samples!!!

Franz Ferdinand must have been taking notes.

Must keep my eye out for more of their stuff.



Virgin ‎– VS 452-12


A The Beat Escape 6:54
B Catwalk 6:09

Reuppage 97 – (Breakfast Club, Pasadenas, Hall & Oates, The B-52’s, Chill Rob G, Holly Johnson, Roxanne Shante, P.I.L., Yazz)

Breakfast Club ‎– Expressway To Your Heart (US 12″) For Roget Ferris (Plenty of mixes for you to listen through)


SAM_2481 (2)








The Pasadenas ‎– I’m Doing Fine Now (12″) For matt










Daryl Hall & John Oates ‎– Out Of Touch (Video Mix) (12″) For Retrohound (with added Dentastix to keep those gnashers pearly white!)










The B-52’s – Time Capsule – The Mega Mixes (US Promo 12″) For ppshh1 (Sorry For The Delay!)










Power Jam Featuring Chill Rob G ‎– The Power (US 12″) For MATT (Before the name change)










Various ‎– Die Maxi Hits – Summer ’88 PART ONE (German Double Vinyl LP) For rick (All the Hits in 12″ form)










Holly Johnson – Atomic City (12″) For MATT



Roxanne Shante ‎– Go On Girl (US 12″) For MATT










Public Image Limited – Warriors / Happy (US 12″) For MATT










Yazz ‎– Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime / Calling 2 U (12″) For Daniel (Sorry about the 2 month wait)