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Spandau Ballet – Highly Strung (12″)


Savage Progress – Burning Bush (Testify) (12″)


Eurythmics – There Must Be An Angel (Special Dance Remix)


Tik Tok – (Long Hot ) Summer in The City 12″


Art Of Noise – Edited (12 ” Picture Disc)

editedfrontcov And a thing of beauty, a piece of 80’s Art that I snaffled up last weekend. A slightly different and superior version of their “Close To The Edit” track this is amazingly over 30 years old!! 2 nice B-sides which were new to me in these mixes.

For the anorak fans of ZTT this is for you, shame picture disc quality was never as good as the old black vinyl, but this isn’t so bad…gulp!





A Edited 5:32
B1 Close Up (Hop) 5:10
B2 A Time To Clear (It Up) 3:32

SPK – Digitalis Ambigua, Gold And Poison (Vinyl LP)

SPKalternativecov From 1987 and a bit of a weird album from Aussie Graeme Revell’s SPK project. It starts off with the electro pop of “Breathless” and the pre industrial angst of “Crack!” but then dives into experimental, ambient World sounds. So the first 2 tracks perfectly represent the alternative new wave synth sounds of the 80s. The others incorporate tribal chants, exotic instruments and drones which hark back to earlier SPK material. Released  on the legendary Nettwerk label this probably pre-empted his film score career from the 1990’s to the present, starting with “Dead Calm” It is interesting to hear the creative use of samples and textures, definitely sound track material.



A1 Breathless 4:50
A2 Mouth To Mouth 5:50
A3 Sheer Naked Aggression 4:12
A4 Crack! 5:30
A5 The Doctrine Of Eternal Ice 4:24
B1 Invocation 5:09
B2 White Island 5:29
B3 Palms Crossed In Sorrow 5:02
B4 Alocasia Metallica 5:50
B5 The Garden Of Earthly Delights 3:13

The Blow Monkeys – The Man From Russia (12″)

monkeyslive The best thing about doing an 80’s blog is you find out stuff you would of dismissed by your prejudiced, teenage ears back in the day. I was shocked to find that the Blow Monkeys started out as more of an indie sounding, guitar band. I had obviously dismissed them at the time for being a coffee-table, rolled-up-jacket-sleeved, white soul band. Which they did turn out to be, with Dr Robert preening away!

From 1984 and off their debut album , “Limping For A Generation” this has plenty of jangle and brass and isn’t half bad! Produced by Peter Wilson (Style Council, Comsat Angels) it has that clear, mid 80’s production and the press actually heralded them as the next “Smiths” ! B-side, “Resurrection Love” continues the Indie guitar with a bit of saxophone thrown in for good measure. “Slither” nods towards their later jazz leanings in an accomplished instrumental.

RCAT 418

A The Man From Russia 3:11
B1 Resurrection Love 3:10
B2 Slither 3:32

Gary Numan – Music For Chameleons (12″)

Saturday Night LiveYour Numan dose for this fortnight is this funky number from 1982 when he started wearing a trilby and getting into funky bass lines from Pino Palladino. I still love it after all these years but never could understand what he was singing about! B sides comprise of the almost pre industrial sound of “Noise Noise”, expanding on the blueprint left by “Metal” (with input from pop duo Dollar and Theresa Bazars backing vocals !!!) and the humorous, live jam of “Bridge ? What Bridge” (Bridge being in the musical sense)Apparently  a test recording for a particular bridge, the final version of which appears in the 1981 live version of ‘Remember I was Vapour’ and it is Mick Karn on bass.

NEW LINK 2017 Version 2 !!!! (Dec 2017!)


It wouldn’t be the same if I did not include this classic clip…..


A Music For Chameleons (Extended Version)
B1 Noise Noise
B2 Bridge? What Bridge?

The Truth – Weapons Of Love (12″)

grainytruth Straight back to the heart of the 80’s. The Truth came out of the ashes of Nine Below Zero and were fronted by Dennis Greaves and were bigger in the States than England. AOR with touches of U2, think Cutting Crew. It was featured in the cult film, “The Hidden” The extended is errrr, extended but not too much. B-side is another 80’s guitar chugger. Another forgotten gem!

Accompanied by weird promo video (not the original promo) done by a vampire lover

Not the Aggro mix if they’re any different.


A Weapons Of Love (Extended)
B1 This Way Forever
B2 Weapons Of Love