Third World – One To One (12″)

third From 1985 and bit of reggae/funk classic, with a the remix by Shep Pettibone. Smooth grooves indeed from the legendary group that managed to get reggae into the mainstream. Bassist Richard Daley said, “We took roots reggae music and put branches on top of it”

Included on here was the club hit, “Dancing On The Floor (Hooked On Love)” a taster track for the album, “Reggae Jam Boogie” and a great dub mix of the title track.

CBS – TA 6396 thirdworldcov

A1 One To One (Shep Pettibone Remix) 5:23
A2 Reggae Jam Boogie 3:42
B1 Dancing On The Floor (Hooked On Love) 5:32
B2 One To One (Heavy Dub) 5:10

Working Week – Too Much Time (12″)

workingcov From 1986 and a very different sounding Working Week from the previous post, in a Simply Red kind of way. Vocals by Juliet Roberts are soulful and powerful but the backing nods toward commercialism. The B-side is far better with Latin Jazz, a hidden gem. The A-side was apparently written by Captain Beefheart French maverick, Don Glen Vliet , mmmmmmmm somehow the internet is pulling my leg?!?


Virgin 608 415

A Too Much Time (Extended Version)
B Soul Train (Extended Version)

Working Week – Venceremos (We Will Win) (12″)

Jazz/funk group Working Week, the brainchild of Simon Booth & sax king Larry Stabbins,this is the 1984 single release, the latin fusion Venceremos, a tribute to Chilean protest singer Victor Jara, with vocals from Robert Wyatt & Tracy Thorn. Producer Robin Millar was making a record to raise awareness about Pincohet and the “missing” people of Chile very Band Aid-like some people turned up to his studio and performed for nowt, this being Working Week and not their established vocalist Juliet Roberts so different to the one on the album , “Working Nights.”  The B-side is not too shabby either, traditional Jazz arrangement with a Latino flavour, greeat!


VS 684-12venceremoscov

A Venceremos (We Will Win) (Jazz Dance Special 12″ Version) 10:26
B1 Bottom End 5:43
B2 Venceremos (We Will Win) (7″ Bossa Version) 4:39

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam With Full Force ‎– I Wonder If I Take You Home (12″)

How long ago for this pioneering slice of electro/hip-hop? 1983 ! Riding the wave of Break Dance but the sounds seem so timeless.  A classic in all it’s forms I especially like the “Dub Mix” gotta love the synth bass line!

CBS  TA 6057wondercov

I Wonder If I Take You Home (Extended Version) 6:53
Take Me Home (Rap) 2:09
If I Take You Home Tonight (Cult Jam Dub) 6:40

ABC feat. Contessa Lady V – The Night You Murdered Love (12″)

From 1987 and following the success of “How To Be A Millionaire” with its cutting edge use of the sampler a bit of a return to the original sound of early releases with this track. Helped by Chic founding member , Bernard Edwards this has that feel about it with an added ,sassy rap by newcomer Contessa Lady V. It proves that Martin Fry and Mark White had their fingers on the pulse of current musical trends. Cue horns, brass , funky bass and a remix by Julian Mendelsohn at over 8 minutes long, epic! The “Reply” has no Martin Fry vocals just the Lady V bit whilst the rare untitled mix has no Lady V in. “Minneapolis” is a slightly shorter version to the album with lush synths in a tribute to Jam & Lewis and Prince.

Now where is my static filter?

NTX 112abccov

A1 The Night You Murdered Love (The Whole Story) 8:14
A2 Minneapolis 1:58
B1 The Night You Murdered Love (The Reply) 4:50
B2 The Night You Murdered Love 4:13

Dead Or Alive – Something In My House (Mortevicar Mix) (12″)

(Video is poor quality, sorry)

More campness with this Halloween inspired track from 1986. Still with PWL and mixed by Phil Harding this keeps their familiar sound with some horror film samples (From The Exorcist) and flamenco guitar (?) added. A completely different take is the “Flamenco Mix” which was a pleasant discovery, very summery with the Spanish guitar a la Gypsy Kings. The B-side is dancey synthpop with extra brass and was off the album “Youthquake”


Burns T1 deadhousecov

A Something In My House (Mortevicar Mix)
B1 Something In My House (Flamenco Version)
B2 DJ Hit That Button

Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer (Dance Mix) (12″)

A four track 12″ as the record company (Or the artist,Gabriel has always been quite business astute) milked every last drop out of this huge selling hit from 1986. Helped by the groundbreaking/ leg opening video (see above) this was inspired by Gabriels long time admiration of soul and funk. The John “Tokes” Potoker remix is quite different, the main bone of contention for me is the overuse of reverb on everything, but he does make it sound even bigger than the original (and for a change it’s a pristine copy)

So to add value to the pack you get “Biko,” in it’s extended version, which again sounds different to the original 12″ but still very powerful even though it drones on at the end. The Pete Walsh assisted remix of “I Have The Touch” with all the additional synth flourishes and the classic and haunting “Don’t Break This Rhythm.”


PGS 113 sledgemixcov

A1 Sledgehammer (Dance Mix)
A2 Don’t Break This Rhythm
B1 Biko (Twelve Inch Extended Version)
B2 I Have The Touch (’85 Remix)

Eurythmics – Right By Your Side (12″)

From 1983 and the Calypso inspired “Right By Your Side”, a feel good song if I ever heard one. Parts of it still sound a bit like the old PC game “Monkey Island” and the 12″ version is over twelve minutes long with some fab saxophone and trumpet solos by Dick Cuthell and Martin Dobson. A lot of fan’s at the time(including me) wondered where the synths had gone. This was a complete change of direction for Dave & Annie and at the time I wasn’t really into it, a bit twee for my liking but it’s grown on me over the years. The B-side is a semi-instrumental track “Plus Something Else” based on the album track , “Regrets.” and is more synthetic.

RCA DAT 4rightbycov

A Right By Your Side 12:20
B1 Right By Your Side (Special Mix) 0:59
B2 Plus Something Else 5:35

Culture Club – It’s A Miracle / Miss Me Blind (12″)

From 1984 and yet another Megamix combining 2 tracks from Culture Club. Weighted towards the more club orientated “Miss Me Blind” that does sound suprisingly like Wham! with a bubbling bass line. This was produced by Steve Levine who should get as many plaudits as Trevor Horn for his production skills in my opinion, pristine sounds via a synclavier if I remember. B-sides are 2 live tracks from the VHS Tape “A Kiss Across The Ocean” . “Love Twist” skanks along with dub effects and was off “Kissing To Be Clever”, the video above proves they could cut it live. “Melting Pot” has dodgy lyrics about a multicultural utopia, it was a cover of the original by Blue Mink. MMMMMmmm. Helen Terry, the unofficial “fifth” member couldn’t half sing!


VS 66212it'sacov

A It’s A Miracle / Miss Me Blind (U.S. Remix) 9:08
B1 Love Twist 4:23
B2 Melting Pot 4:30

The Sweet – It’s It’s… The Sweet Mix (12″)

The original French release from 1984 and getting the Jive Bunny, megamix treatment by Sanny X. Not to everyone’s taste, especially the die-hard fans. You do get an unspoilt version of “Fox On The Run” as the B-side. Glam up your Sunday and Play Loud!



Anagram Records 12 ANA 28itssweetcov

A It’s It’s… The Sweet Mix
A.1 Blockbuster
A.2 Fox On The Run
A.3 Teenage Rampage
A.4 Hell Raiser
A.5 Ballroom Blitz
B Fox On The Run