OMD – Never Turn Away (12″)

The final single from “Junk Culture” and a very slow, melancholic ballad from the band, Brian Tench extends this powerful track from October ’84. Paul Humphries takes lead vocals and an additional verse features.

The flipside has the live version of Velvet Underground’s “Waiting For The Man”, recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon with the lively horn section (Graham and Neil Weir), bouncing bass and powerful drumming of Malcolm Holmes.

“Wrapup” is a stripped down version of album track “All Wrapped Up” with sequencer and great vocals from Humphries and McClusky

Both mixed by the bands manager Gordian P. Troeller (as Gridiron)

Now to find the 7″ Picture disc version.

Virgin ‎– VS 727-12 SAM_0232

A Never Turn Away (Extended Version) 6:31
B1 Wrappup 4:00
B2 Waiting For The Man (Live) 3:31

ELO ‎– Secret Messages (Australian 7″)

I think I found the theme of the week ! Bands with 3 letters in their name!

From 1983 and 7″ that sneaked out by Mr. Lynne as the title track of said album. It’s ELO, it sounds like ELO, what do you expect?

He had embraced the synth as evident on the B-side “Buildings Have Eyes”, an exclusive track, it was meant to feature on the ‘Secret Messages’ double LP, but the album was released as a single LP instead. Quality.

Jet Records ‎– JS 030 SAM_7750

A Secret Messages 3:33
B Buildings Have Eyes 3:53

ABC ‎– The Real Thing E.P. (12″)

Manc DJ’s, Mike Pickering and Graeme Park, get to do a remix from 1989, shame it sounds “so-of-the-time”, bass, chimes and sampled horns. No promo  vid. But a decent, toughened up Club Job.

“When Smokey Sings (The Miami Mix)” is a very rare version with the actual samples and better than the original, great lead vocals and less Motown

“Be Near Me” on the Munich mix is already on here, somewhere. A classic but not as much as the dub trenched “The Look Of Love (Part 5)” a masterpiece by Trevor Horn reworked for ’89.

Here is a link to the original post, re-upped for ya!

Neutron Records ‎– NTXR 115 SAM_6758

A1 The Real Thing (Pickering-Park Mix)
A2 When Smokey Sings (The Miami Mix)
B1 The Look Of Love (Part 5)
B2 Be Near Me (Munich Disco Mix)

XTC -King For A Day (US Promo 12″)

From 1989, when musical technology made it easy to knock out a tune this sounds completely different from the XTC of the 70’s. Desperation or vogue ? Ivan Ivan did the the heavily electronic “Czar Mix.” The “Versailles Mix” mix is the most bearable of the mixes, love the lyrics but hate the sterile arrangement! (except the piano)

B-sides were all produced by Steve Nye. The track “Toys” is a like old XTC, quirky pop about revengeful toys, going back to “Murmur” era.  Another outtake is this jaunty number “Desert Island”, classic !

Geffen Records ‎– PRO-A-3522


A1 King For A Day (Czar Mix) 6:30
A2 King For A Day (I Dub Thee Sir Mix) 6:10
B1 King For A Day (Versailles Mix) 5:07
B2 Toys 4:18
B3 Desert Island 4:47

Big Country ‎– East Of Eden (Extended Version) (12″)

More creative studio work from Steve Lillywhite as he gets to grips reconstructing and looping this track from August 1984. By now Big Country fans(like Madness fans in a way) were expecting a the 12″ version to be radically different and Lillywhite did deliver.

The lead single from their second album “Steeltown” the marauding bass of Tony Butler and drums of Mark Brzezicki are the backbone of the track. It is a complex arrangement given time to breath on this elongated version.

There was never any filler with Big Country. The B-sides were always great quality and this was a cover of the Roxy Music track from 1974 and it contains the lyrics where the bands name was formed, “Lonesome star shine on the big country”. They use some of the arrangement and lyrics for their track “Tall Ships Go”

Mercury ‎– MERX 175 SAM_8805

A East Of Eden (Extended Version) 6:22
B1 East Of Eden 4:24
B2 Prairie Rose 4:44

Thompson Twins ‎– Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream ((U⁴Ā) + (U³Ā) = Remix) (12″) + Normal (12″)

This could be a theme for this week. Mike sends over a 12″ and I think I might have the accompanying 12″ stashed away! I do for this one!

From 1985 and with a bit of a “Thriller” sound to it. Tom Bailey did this remix over the production of Nile Rogers and was from the album “Here’s To Future Days.” The mix title is a mathematical representation of the vocal hook, there you go! With its very subtle anti-drug message.

The Thompson Twins star of Fame and Success was just starting to fade. The album sold well. Bailey had polished the sound

The B-side is a Dub Version of the main track, a funk instrumental on a Fairlight enhanced production and you can here Steve Stevens guitar clearer.

Arista ‎– TWINS 229 SAM_0420

A Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream ([U⁴Ā] + [U³Ā] = Remix) 6:38
B Very Big Business 5:06

So the regular 12″, if you’re a fan you’ll have it already! Don’t worry we’re all anoraks here!

After a very crispy start you get this slightly more electro feel to the mix.

The B-side is the same.

Arista ‎– TWINS 129 smack

A Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream (Smackattack!) 6:10
B Very Big Business 5:06