Various – House Nation 190 (12″)

From 1998 and four more hits and misses!

Juliet Roberts (Actress turned Rock Star😊 ) has Junior Vasquez remixing “I Want You”- cue lots of Latino drums and looped vocals. From UK funk band Working Week, Roberts does a great job, very Miami Sound Machine ? It does take its time to kick off! (3)

Loki (taking a break from his TV series) adds some Progressive menace to the Bronski Beat classic. It’s in fact David Pannell who again takes an age to build the track, 3 minutes before the drop but does improve! It eventually goes off on an acid trip!! (3)

Sunscreem’s classic post Rave track does get a bit of House workout but with such a long build up the song gets lost. (3)

Soft Cell (really Cindy Ecstasy’s rap) “Memorabilia” gets a quite boring remix by Freaks (Justin Harris and Luke Solomon) Hard House beats and a little tribute with the drum machine sounds. Missed opportunity (2)

DMC – DMC 190/1

A1Juliet RobertsI Want You (Junior Vasquez Remix)
A2Bronski BeatSmalltown Boy (Loki Remix)
B1Sunscreem–Love U More (Sickboys Remix)
B2Soft CellMemorabilia (The Freaks Losing Their Memory Speakeasy)

Robin S– Show Me Love (LTD 12″)

From Mike B (who has been providing a lot of the remixed twelves the last few days) this has not got the bonus remix CD which would have made 10 mixes to wade through !

Released in Feb 2006 to celebrate the labels 25 year Anniversary. This gathers some choice remixers to update this 90’s Classic from Robin Jackson-Harrell.

The Stonebridge Mix (Sweden’s Sten Hallström) sounds just like the original because it was!!!

Todd Edwards adds some jazzy keyboards and adds a funky Disco arrangements his mix from 1997.

My favourite mix is by Diesel (Londoner Darren House) which adds more synths, a bouncy bass and effects – a great update.

Kerri Chandler adds a deeper House groove. Keeping the back very minimal and adding some newer vocal takes.

Champion – CHAMPC1204

A1Show Me Love (Stonebridge Club Mix)
A2Show Me Love (Todd Edwards Remix)
AA1Show Me Love (Diesel Remix)
AA2Show Me Love (Kerri Chandler Mix)

Run DMC Feat Jacknife Lee ‎– It’s Tricky 2003 (12″)

Given a bit of an Electro Clash remix by Irish producer Jacknife Lee. Remember Jason Nevins had a lot of success with his remix from ’98 – did we need another rework ? For the release of the Greatest Hits of course!

I admit I do prefer this remix, a lazy bass underpins it with some fading synth noise. The Master Mix has the full rap.

The drop works well towards the end, changing the tracks direction.

Riton electrofies “Peter Piper” almost going into Dance Hall tempo amongst the bleeps and sub bass. A little gem of a mix!

Arista – 82876 513711

A1It’s Tricky 2003 (JKL Club Mix)6:25
B1It’s Tricky 2003 (Master Mix)4:10
B2Peter Piper 2003 (Riton Remix)5:08

Various – Remixed Records 18 (Sweden 2 x 12″)

An unusual compilation and typical late 80’s with liberal use of samples. From Swedish DJ subscrition service, Remixed Records. Set up to rival Disconet and Hot Tracks.

The first track sounds Prince-like. It’s from Swedish duo Jean-Paul Wall and Pål Pettersson as Surfturf. Cheesy lyrics and plenty of cash references

Mixed by Swedish DJ Emil Hellman part of the Swemix team. (He also did track 8 and 10)

Pretty Poison was the Philadelphia-based dance group co-formed by Jade Starling and Whey Cooler. This was a hit from 1986. Here remixed by Stonebridge (Sten Olof Hallström), adding more thrashing guitars but keeping it synthy and Eurodance in style.

The House Constructors re-rub Jellybean’s “Jingo” , adding scratching and messing with the bass squelch and a bit of aciiid!

Classic old skool from Kid N Play. Beefier bass and a bit of “Walk On The Wildside” – remixed by Robert Borman. All the breaks are included.

Really like the Cabaret Voltaire mix, given a funky guitar, looped drums and more brass stabs. Still has the backing vocals and the strange sax riff. A different bass is added too amongst a ton of edits.

Ofra Haza has here famous “Im Nin’ Alu” . Mixed by Dag Volle tries to keep the original song arrangement and adds some frantic beats and a jarring bass. A bit of a dog’s dinner, too much going on.

Love this Jamie Principle track in it’s original form, this is very x-rated and nice ‘n sleazy. Aciiiid!

Coldcut get their track even more Housed up, bubbling acid bassline, drops and those samples. Yaz on backing vocals.

Denniz Pop (Dag Volle) cuts and pastes his way with a funky bit of house and a little bit like AON’s “Dragnet”

The compilation ends with the sliding beats of Climie Fisher’s “Rise To The Occasion”

Remixed Records – RR 18

A1SurfturfRich Bitch7:09
A2Pretty PoisonCatch Me (I’m Falling)6:23
B2Kid ‘N’ PlayDo This My Way4:48
B3Cabaret VoltaireDon’t Argue5:05
C1Ofra HazaIm Nin’ Alu7:00
C2Jamie PrincipleBaby Wants To Ride5:50
D1ColdcutDoctorin’ The House5:19
D2Denniz PopGimme Some Mo’ (But Put The Blame On The Bass)4:52
D3Climie FisherRise To The Occasion5:37

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Welcome To The Pleasuredome – 2000 (12″)

A couple of long, Progressive House mixes from 2000 on ZTT records. These themselves being over 20 years old!

Nalin & Kane’s (German Trance duo, Andreas Bialek and Ralf Beck ) mix has appeared on the remix CD but it nice to hear this interesting rework. Metronomic percussion, guitar samples and Holly’s frantic vocals. Rocky ! This slightly edited down to just 9 mins and is a good effort, B+!

The second mix by Dutch DJ Sander Kleinenberg uses some vocoder for vocals and strident synth chords. It does keep some of the songs motifs (the sliding guitar, acoustic strums and the main lead vocals) but certainlt takes you on a dancefloor journey. He’s not rushed it.

ZTT – ZTT 166 T

AWelcome To The Pleasuredome (Nalin & Kane Remix)
BWelcome To The Pleasuredome (Sander’s Coming Home Mix)

Fad Gadget – Collapsing New People – Re-issue (German 12″)

With the same sleeve as the ’83 version this Westbam (Klaus Jankuhn) remix game out in September 2003 (an anniversary edition! nope it was released to promote the German film “Herr Lehmann”)

Westbam adds a quicker tempo and keeps most of the original sounds in plus the full vocals and having fun with the pots and pans percussion and lightens it up.

As usual the original is here with the Einstürzende Neubauten percussion.

I like the funked up version of “Lady Shave”, adding a guitar loop and disco drums, done by Pulse 8 Records founder, John Acquaviva and Chris Jordan. An additional bass riff gives it an edge but the original sounds have been sampled. What pervy subject matter about gender identity !

Mute – 12MUTET1

A1Collapsing New People (Collapsing WestBam Remix (Extended))7:01
A2Collapsing New People (Original Version)4:17
B1Lady Shave (John Acquaviva’s Robo-Sapien Vox)6:30
B2Lady Shave (John Acquaviva’s Robo-Sapien Dub)5:50

Depeche Mode – Home / Useless (US CDS)

Once a goto Band for the 12″ mix. DM have slumped over the decades. I’ve always wondered if they quality control any of the mixes that get released ? It’s been a fan complaint for years.

This was before it got too bad. Bringing all the mixes of these 2 tracks together on this US exclusive.

The Grantby Mix is darker Trip Hop. Dan Grigson picking out the guitar from the mix and adding dollops of sinister atmosphere with the deep strings.

LFO (a DM favourite band) go all analogue synth on the backing with Gore’s vocals disembodied. Skittering beat and a rubber bass. Dream-like.

Skylab (with extra drums by Shino) cover the track. Space grunge, rock with Gore’s vocals (and string arrangement which gets more prominent as the track progresses.)

C J Bolland’s are the more outthere remixes. Well done the lad from County Durham! The “Ultrasonar” is the pick of all the mixes of the track He ditches the song for beats on the “Funky Sub Mix” – Big Beat !

Kruder + Dorfmeister induce dreams. (and sleep) Used quite a lot by film makers. it delivers with that false ending and restart. Gus Gus ?

Barry Anderson provides the final mix, suitably cinematic and ambient. then it kicks in to jolt you awake.

Obviously no video’s included in the download, that’s what Youtube is for.

Reprise Records – 9 43906-2

1Home (Album Version)5:46
2Home (Grantby Mix)4:38
3Home (LFO Meant To Be)4:26
4Home (The Noodles & The Damage Done)6:22
5Useless (CJ Bolland Ultrasonar Extended Mix)6:00
6Useless (CJ Bolland Funky Sub Mix)5:38
7Useless (Kruder + Dorfmeister Session™)9:11
8Useless (Escape From Wherever: Parts 1 & 2)7:15
Video1Barrel Of A Gun3:48
Video3It’s No Good4:17

Various ‎– Remix Culture 1/93 (12″)

More odd mixes from the DMC DJ’s

“Killer” gets a dramatic re-work (Helicopters and terrorists in News soundbite – very poignant) It has a more World vibe, marimba and exotic percussion in the style of Trevor Horn. Steve Anderson take a bow, that was excellent. (5)

Steve Arrington has his old skool classic from ’85 housed up by Dimitri From Paris. The vocals are far too low in the mix…shame as it is quite uplifting. (2)

Bizarre Inc get a Greed remix, driving bass over Angie Brown’s performance. Swirling disco strings over pumping sequencers. (3)

Spandau Ballet get buggered by Uncle Bob. (Phil Kelsey) Completely updated but with full vocals. The main riff is there …just but the rest is synthesized and housed-up to the early 90’s. Long mix and a bit wonky towards or was it a wasp? (2)

DMC – DMC 120/1

A1SealKiller (The Dark Half)
A2Steve ArringtonDancing In The Key Of Life (Remix)
B1Bizarre IncTook My Love (The Greed Remix)
B2Spandau BalletTo Cut A Long Story Short

Simple Minds – Don’t You (Forget About Me) 2003 (Italian Maxi CDS)

Rare and an interesting offering from the band (or just Jim Kerr), the info from discogs;

“This single was issued to promote Gerret Frerich’s remix of ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’, which was going to be used as the soundtrack for an Italian Vodafone advertisement. Vodafone switched songs at the last minute, running the advertisement with Dido’s ‘White Flag’.”

The actual mix is more acoustic sounding, done at Sarm West Studios, it is nicely different, with a re-recorded vocals. (Not too sure about the Laa-Laah’s)

The White Spaces (Armando Maggiorana and Stefano Silvestri) give it gentle House beats over a funk / disco vibe.

Perky Park is more driving, dance beats and quite a bit of the original left in there. Nice piano and guitar. The pick of the mixes.

I love the way the original song is included as a sort of apology. Unusually this is the original mix from 1985 by Keith Forsey, the co-writer. The vocals sound live to me.

Track 4 is the longest mix, building and building. Phunk Investigation being a pseudo name for White Spaces. A Tech House arrangement with a deep bass pulse but it doesn’t match the vocals which have been laid over the top like a creased table cloth.


Carosello – CARSH092-2

1Don’t You Forget About Me (Gerret Frerichs’s Radio Mix)3:31
2Don’t You Forget About Me (White Spaces Main Mix)3:13
3Don’t You Forget About Me (Perky Park’s Radio Mix)3:44
4Don’t You Forget About Me (Phunk Investigation In The City Mix)8:11
5Don’t You Forget About Me (Original Song)4:16

Various – August 88 – Mixes 2

Your Daily Dose of DMC.

Kicking off with a small George Michael megamix, a good summary of his output at the time put together by Bizzie Bee. (4)

A radical remix of the Freestyle classic by Paul Dakeyne. He almost makes some acid noises and drops some other samples from other artists, radical. Playing that sampler. (4)

Stetsasonic get a Chad Jackson makeover, some scratching and layered beats fatten the sound out. Adding some extra jazz samples, “Take 5” (4)

Ben Liebrand mixes Alexander O’Neil adding a very bouncy, sliding bass and speeding the tempo. “I Love You” v “White Lines” (3)

The Mac Band go into Cameo territory on this Peter Slaghuis (Hithouse) New Jack Funk and a long, long mix with plenty of choppy edits. (3)

1983′ s ” It’s Over “by Funk Masters gets an update by Mike Grey but keeps its Funk / Soul vibe. (3)

Looking at the record speed (33 rpm) I bet I few DJ’s played the wrong speed!

DMC – DMC 67/2

George MichaelFaith In A Mix(7:05)
A1.1I Want Your Sex
A1.2Hard Day
A2ShannonLet The Music Play (Dakeyne Remix)6:29
A3StetsasonicTalkin’ All That Jazz (Fusion – Chad Jackson Remix)6:45
B1Alexander O’NealWhat Can I Say To Make You Love Me (Ben Liebrand Remix)6:50
B2Mac Band Featuring The McCampbell BrothersRoses Are Red (Peter Slaghuis Remix)8:04
B3Funk MastersIt’s Over (Mike Gray Remix)5:28