Thomas Lang – The Happy Man (12″)

Liverpool pop pinup, Thomas Lang, never quite made it to the pop superstardom he deserved. He had a very distinct, jazzy music style and this was his most successful single. Piano and Saxophone prominiently in the mix this shows pretenders like Matt Bianco how it’s done. Ex OMD keyboardist , David Hughes was producer, mixer and co-writer. This was a rerecorded version that appeared on the album “Scallywag Jaz” (which is worth checking out). Four solid tracks on here, including a brilliant cover of “Sons Of” made famous by Jacques Brel.

Lang is still doing stuff now , he owns Parr Street studios in the city centre.

Ai The Happy Man (Extended Version)
Aii Bulgaria
Bi Skin
Bii Sons Of


Melon – The Gates Of Japonesia (12″)


Okay I’m back from my hols and determined to kick this blog back into shape with some weird and unusual postings.

First up is this balearic, slightly soft metal piece of Japanese electonica from band Melon. Think “One Night In Bangkok” via Malcolm  Mclaren’s Madame Butterfly stuff and you might be near, produced by Pet Shop Boys collaborator, Nick Froome. Odd would be a great way to describe it, especially the pop funk of “Pleasure Before Your Breakfast” and all the badly translated lyrics, HUGE electronic bass btw.

Grapes Of Wrath – Do You Want To Tell Me (12″)


From 1989 and some very listenable, indie guitar jangle. This Canadian band must of heavily inspired the Stone Roses, same blend of baggy psychedelia, the main track starting off uncanningly like “Wonderwall”. 2 other bloody good tracks make this perfect summer ear fodder, “Backward Town” speaks a lot to me.

A   Do You Want To Tell Me 3:34  
B1   Backward Town ( Acoustic) 2:43  
B2   I Can Tell                                                                                                           

Liberty Horses – Believe (12″)

When Boo Hewardine left cult band , The Bible, Neill Maccoll went on to form ‘The Liberty Horses’ ,with Calum MacColl  and  Leroy Lendor on bass. The MacColl’s came from a musical family, sons of Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger and of course had a sister called Kirsty. “Believe”  has a country rock element to it, sounding a bit like REM mixed with the vocals of Paddy McAloon (from Prefab Sprout) The true gem on this is the Celtic influenced “My Disgrace” and the folk stomp of “Three Crosses”. Worth checking out the album “Joyland” if you can find it.

1 Believe
2 My Disgrace
3 Three Crosses

The Gems – Stand Up Sit Down (12″)



From 1986 and a band who were obviously a rock band but wanted to dabble with the charts to produce the weird hybrid of synthpop and rock. Think slap bass and guitar solos with added orchestral stabs. There is a webpage about them here The 12″ was produced by 80’s legend Steve Barnacle, now doing the rounds again with the reformed Visage.


A Stand Up Sit Down (Extended Version)
B1 Stand Up Sit Down (Instrumental Version)
B2 Here It Comes Again

Metro – America In My Head (12″)


“All is Quiet….” Well the rebirth continues with this classic slice of New Wave from 1981. Peter Godwin was part of this group, lending his distinct voice. The 12″ is by production legend , Richard James Burgess (Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Landscape) all big snare and reverb guitar. B-side “Alone” does sound very Police-like.


A America In My Head (Dance Mix By Richard Burgess)
B1 America In My Head
B2 Alone

The Shining – Working Class Hero (12″)


This sort of reminds me of early The The. From 1983 and on the indie label Turbo records it was mixed by ex-UK Sub, Kevin D Nixon. All jagged guitar, deep bass and electronic drums and political message, the Dub mix was quite a find. It has an almost voice only version of Lennon’s “Scapegoat” to add to the intrigue. Any more info ???

A Working Class Hero
B1 Working Class Dub
B2 Scapegoat


Indian Summer – Just Like Lovers (12″)


Obscurity alert from a 1989 New Wave band sounding like a cross between Prefab Sprout and A-Ha ??!! One release then sunk with out a trace. B-side is mixed by prog rock twiddler, Eddie Offord who worked with, amongst others, Yes and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. The track does have a slightly rockier edge. A-side is quite catchy if a little cheesier with regards lyrics and rare as Rocking Horse Poo!


A1 Just Like Lovers
B1 Just Like Lovers (7″ Version)
B2 Shattered And Died


Helen Terry – Act of Mercy (12″)


Okay so no downloads yet! I feel kinda safe.

Helen Terry came to light as being the voice behind Culture Club, obviously behind Mr. George. She embarked on a solo career which got badly neglected. This track was off the album “Blue Notes” splendidly produced by Don Was (although this track was given the shine by Stewart Levine) and written by legend Lamont Dozier,  from 1986. Two strong B-sides almost verge on synthpop. A great and neglected soulful voice please enjoy!

A   Act Of Mercy    
B1   Over The Border    
B2   Love Money And Sex

Matt Bianco – Don’t Blame It On That Girl (12″)

ImageWell well well, as Summer threatens to heat up this slice of gentle Latino pop should get you in the mood. They had a minor comeback hit with this in 1988. The B-side got played in the clubs as an example of a proto House track. Quite famous for being sworn at on kid’s TV

A Don’t Blame It On That Girl (Extended Mix) 6:11
B Wap-Bam-Boogie 7:30


Coming soon!!!