Fini Tribe – Make It Internal (12″)


From 1987 and  the one with church bells on (subtitled “Detestimony Revisited” – even though Detestimony came out after it?) This is a classic slab of Wax Trax industrial with Chris Connelly being snarling and menacing on vocals. Long time electronic producer, Trigger, is on engineering duties. Samples are shoe horned in whilst we get mad precussion over that industrial , goose-step, beat.

A1 Make It Internal (Intergrity Mix)
A2 Little Visitors
B1 Make It Internal (Here We Go Round the Mulberry Mix)

Cabaret Voltaire – Here To Go (Remix) (12″)


I think this is quite rare because it got deleted quite quickly because it used a sample from Blue Velvet , where Frank says “Don’t you f****ing look at me!” unauthorized. It’s a typical Adrian Sherwood remix with live drums by Diarmund Boyle. The B-side has an 11min + remix by the Cabs themselves, as someone has suggested it were they listening to “Music Non-Stop” by Kraftwerk ??

I did have the cassette version which was like having a mini-album, long since lost….. sniff!



A Here To Go (Live Drum Jacknife Remix)


B Here To Go (Eleven Eleven Mix)



Nitzer Ebb – Control Im Here (Both 12″s)


Lot’s of Ebb on the other blog so I thought I’d better not leave this blog out. From 1988 this was the very first Nitzer Ebb vinyl I bought. The actual track is a hypnotic, EBM tune with the chants and the growl of Douglas McCarthy. I like the ltd edition mix because is does tend to drag. Produced by Flood with Paul Kendall. Additional tracks are “P.I.A.” (more EBM in a DAF stylee) and “Join In The Chant” with the legendary bass line. Enjoy your Sunday Ebb!

Control Im Here (Command Control Confront Mix) 6:42
K.I.A. 4:30
Control Im Here (Hardcore Mix) 4:15
Control Im Here (Strategic Dancefloor Initiative Mix) 6:23
K.I.A. (PK Remix) 4:30
Join In The Chant (Burn!) 5:19

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Various – Street Sounds – Crucial Electro (Vinyl LP)


I had a bit of a dance around the living room to this. Great old skool electro with some classics all mixed together, a poineering idea for 1984! Yup it’s the “Planet Rock/N-n-nineteen” beat done to a tee.

01 Tyrone – Brunson The Smurf
02 Warp 9 – Light Years Away
03 Warp 9 – Nunk (New Wave Funk)
04 Man Parrish – Hip Hop, Be Bop (Don’t Stop)
05 Herbie Hancock – Rockit
06 Twilight 22 – Electric Kingdom
07 Cybotron – Clear
08 Hashim – Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
09 Captain Rock – Return Of Captain Rock
10 Time Zone – Wild Style

Cabaret Voltaire – Don’t Argue (12″)


The commercial side of the Cabs from 1987 and a very long 12″ ,considering it only has 2 tracks. Bill Nelson provides guitar and John Robie adds extra keyboards and production to this funky, Prince sounding , USA chart bothering , Monster !! I posted the remix a while back but I’m preferring the normal 12″- Stalewart fans must of shook their heads with shame. Oh, and it was produced by legend Adrian Sherwood too!

A Don’t Argue (Extended Version) 7:29
B Don’t Argue (Hate & Destroy Mix) 11:19

Another for the to-do list sorry!

Depeche Mode – Everything Counts (Live) (12″)

From 1989 and the prerelease single from the 1988 “101” Pasadena Rose Bowl Concert. A concert I would have loved to go to with support from Thomas Dolby and OMD!! This is a four track live 12″ with a couple of the tracks that did not make it onto the album. It’s funny hearing Dave’s younger/higher voice and the live production. (Not sure of Martin Gore’s live guitar on “Nothing”!) Most of these tracks have never been played live again since.

1 Everything Counts (Live – Single Version) 5:46
2 Nothing (Live) 4:42
3 Sacred (Live)

4 A Question Of Lust (Live)



Madonna – Borderline (12″)


I was always partial to a bit of early Madonna, classic 80’s Synthpop. I didn’t know this was her 7th single from way back in 1983. It has the typical Jellybean production, shiny and slick and a decent B-side in “Physical Presence” A bit of a forgotten hit of hers with it’s U.S. and Dub mixes. I await my first takedown notice!!!

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Diana Ross – Chain Reaction (12″)


WTF? Why the Cheese ? …..Let me explain. Years ago I posted some “Guilty Pleasures” on 80’s Vinyl Gem’s (RIP…Sniff) and posted some very commercial stuff, almost “Wedding Party” muzak. Well I was amazed when I discovered that remix God , Francois Kevorkian, did the 12″ mix on this and it does have added electronics!! Okay it also has Manchester’s Bee Gees (check it) on backing vocals.


When I find the flipping Record!!

A Chain Reaction (Special Dance Mix) 6:52
B1 More And More 3:05
B2 Chain Reaction (Single Version) 3:47

Dolby’s Cube – Get Out Of My Mix (12″)


More rarities from 1983 and this weird offering from Master Dolby. This is basically messing about in the studio, mixing “europa & the pirate twins” and “she blinded me with science” and some other dolby works and new dolby adlib vocals over a Buffalo Girls type, hip hop beat. The B-side is all the acapella samples great for any buddying 80’s DJ’s !!