The Doves – I Wouldn’t Know You From The Rest + Re-ups (US Promo 12″)

From 1990 and some Thrashing Doves in full Baggy mode.

A slight folk rock feel, a bit Primal Scream in places. From the opening address the track would fit in any Madchester set.

(It does jump once track2, soz)

The final mix is quite solid with a piano riffing away and no vocals.’t+Know+You+From+The+Rest+-+US+12”+Promo+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1991(RAW)MP3+320.rar/file

Elektra – EKR 132 T
AI Wouldn’t Know You From The Rest (MC John Paul Club Mix)7:40
B1I Wouldn’t Know You From The Rest4:10
B2I Wouldn’t Know You From The Rest (Bonnie & Clyde Mix)4:22

The Weathermen – Deep Down South (Belgium 12″)

Let me see if I have any more Weathermen ? Mmmmm I do.

From 1985 and their debut release with samples from “War Games” , plenty of synth and samples.

Recorded by Michel Van Gijsel it is pretty pioneering for it’s age. The B-side being a Dub mix.

Play It Again Sam Records – Bias 17

ADeep Down South (The Red Neck Blues)5:03
B1The Red Neck At The Controls (Deep Down South Version)4:39

The Weathermen – Once For The Living + Re-ups (12″)

I have this! Thanks Mike B for reminding me of the fact. Did used to drop it when I DJ-ed as it fitted in with the Baggy Sound of 1990. The Weathermen were Belgium duo, Bruce Geduldig and Jean-Marc Lederman

Steve Proctor produces and mixes. A little generic in places but different enough to prick up some ears.

Track 2 is a dub and the Asteroid Mix was the one I went for, less obvious sounds.”

Play It Again Sam Records – BIAS 178

AOnce For The Living (Pulsar Mix)6:23
B1Once For The Living (Pulsar Mix/Instrumental Version)5:13
B2Once For The Living (Asteroid Mix)5:40

Butthole Surfers – The Wooden Song (US Promo CD)

From ’93 and the quite folky lead track,

Two versions of the Rocky “Who Was In..”, all duelling guitars and Punk vocals and surprisingly mixed by Barbiero and Thompson.

Main reason for this is the NIN mix, with the weird vocals effects, Industrial beats. A remix of the opening track off of the Butthole Surfers album 1993 album “Independent Worm Saloon”

Weird Christmas track (for End of April) “Good King Wencelas” with a drunken commentary over the skewed arrangement. Singalong Now!

Capitol Records – DPRO 79299

1The Wooden Song3:50
2Who Was In My Room Last Night? (Thompson / Barbiero Remix Edit)3:21
3Who Was In My Room Last Night? (Trent Reznor Remix)5:38
4Good King Wencelas3:57

Bamboo Industry – Shake Hands With The Devil (German 7″)

From ’90 and founded by Ingo Ito (Vocals and Guitar, Camouflage) and George Din – originally conceived as a pop-duo project, mixing industrial sounds with influences of traditional asian music. More musicians came onboard, Susa Lie and fellow Camouflage member Heiko Maile.

The track originally appeared on the ’89 LP, “Tortured By Pleasure”

Magic Box has plenty of guitar and organ swirl, pregnant pauses and a loud rhythm box and backward loops. Very nice.

Ariola – 113 657

AShake Hands With The Devil (Radio Mix)3:44
BMagic Box (Psychedelic Lummerland Mix)3:42

Veruca Salt – Volcano Girls (CDS)

Was the Riot Girrl movement still around in the ’97 ?

Grungy but polite. Louise Post – vocals, guitars,
Nina Gordon – vocals, guitars, Jim Shapiro – drums
and Steve Lack – bass.

From Chicago and with a bit of Bangles to their sound with the harmonies.

Two lighter B-sides. “Good Disaster” has the bass and drums but it still is a nice strum along.

The Acoustica / Rock of “Sleeper Car” with Nina’s tender vocals and the quiet / loud with a naughty sub text.

Outpost Recordings – OPD 22197

1Volcano Girls (LP Version)3:18
2Good Disaster2:41
3Sleeper Car4:04

Into Another – T.A.I.L. (US Promo CD)

I feel the music is getting harder. Guitars and stuff and no 5 million mixes to wade through.

Post Hardcore, mmm. Melodic noise with a bit of attitude. Retro Hound ?? Here’s the line-up Voice – Richie Birkenhead, Drums – Drew Thomas, Guitar – Peter Moses and Bass – Tony Bono. From NYC

Operatic vocals and quite mid-80’s for this ’96 release. The main track grunges around.

The interestingly titled, “Anne Dreud’s Last Entry” is a dark Sabbath groove, the last track is quite tribal with slide rock guitar.

Mmm, someone will like it. Soundgarden fans, Alice In Chain fans.

Hollywood Records – PRCD-10579-2

2Anne Dreud’s Last Entry3:14

DNA Featuring Suzanne Vega – Rusted Pipe (US Promo 12″)

Another team up and hopefully after the success of “Tom’s Diner”. Even though it used a BBP Happiness riff and Vega’s heartfelt vocals it didn’t replicate the success. It even mentions Tom on the cover, promoting an ill-advised compilation album which had 6 versions of “Tom’s Dinner” (More of ill-advised mix albums later!)

Co-written by Anton Sanko, the World Music Pipe sounds haven’t aged well. The original version was from “Days Of Open Hand!”

Another bassline is added to the pick of the mixes, “Canal St.” giving it a certain swing and reggae feel to it. Very nice, with the piano chords.

The Knitting Factory has a quicker, New Jack Swing beat to it and it really doesn’t fit the mood of the song, too much going on.

The Factory Dub has a weird mix of juttering bass and vocals snippets. Two minutes too long.”+Promo+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1991.rar/file

KODAK Digital Still Camera

A&M Records – 75021 7305 1

A1Rusted Pipe (LP / CD Version)5:20
A2Rusted Pipe (Revisited)5:19
A3Rusted Pipe (Canal St. Mix II)5:02
B1Rusted Pipe (Knitting Factory Mix)5:36
B2Rusted Pipe (Knitting Factory Dub)7:55

Blondie – Remixed Remade Remodeled (LTD 2 x 12″ US LP)

From ’95 and Blondie goes House. A good idea or a cash in ?

All the flavour of month DJ’s are here as they bash out a loose interpretation of the classics. Did the band actually wade through a mountain of remixes and decided on these 11 or did it have to include the obligatory Van Helden mix ?

Marks out of 5 then.

Richie Jones keeps a bit of the old percussion in a pleasant opener, just takes its time to warm up (4)

“Dreaming” is quite a safe bit of Handbag House from Tommy Musto with the backing going off doing it’s own thing. A funky groove. (3)

Eurythmics “Love Is A Stranger” via a bit of Madge. Music to stalk to but again overlong. (3)

Richard Dearlove (Diddy) goes high tempo trance and then the guitar drops. Very nice! (4)

K Klass try to House it up but it feels clunky brass riff, and the It slows down suitably for the rap part. But the synth horns sound crap as well as those glacial digital pads. (3)

Latino House with a touch of the Caribbean from Vinny Vero and Pete Arden. The organ riff is the driver but the vocals are too repeated. (2)

Marc Kinchen destroys “Heart Of Glass”, a meaningless backing tracks soullessly pumps with the vocals sat on the top with a few chord changes.

E-Smoove again concocts a dogs dinner of a backing for Harry’s Classic vocals. Tuneless (2)

At least Utah Saints have a sense of humour and nostalgia with their Rave remake. They even keep the guitars in alongside the acid bubbles.(4)

Van Helden bores us for 9 minutes in a monotonous House version of “Atomic”, tom toms from hell. (1)

Thank God for the final mix by Black Dog (Ken Downie, Ed Handley and Andy Turner), tablas and the haunting vocals, a great match (5)”+Vinyl’s+(+x2)+L.E.+Compilation+-+1995.rar/file

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Chrysalis – F1 32748

A1Heart Of Glass (Richie Jones Club Mix)8:42
A2Dreaming (The Sub-Urban Dream Mix)7:38
A3One Way Or Another (Damien’s Supermarket Mix)7:59
B1Atomic (Diddy’s 12″ Mix)6:54
B2Rapture (K-klassic Mix)7:07
B3The Tide Is High (Sand Dollar Mix)7:17
C1Heart Of Glass (MK 12″ Mix)7:16
C2Call Me (E-Smoove’s Beat Vocal Mix)7:14
C3Dreaming (Utah Saints Mix)7:05
D1Atomic (Armand’s Atomizer Mix)9:00
D2Fade Away And Radiate (108 BPM Mix)4:46

Sweetback Featuring Amel Larrieux – You Will Rise (CDS)

Sade’s backing band with a replacement Sade. Seven mixes to wade through on this ’97 release. Stuart Mathewman , Andrew Hale & Paul S.Denman contribute with the tight band sound.

Amel Larrieux does a great job, she was in duo Groove Theory alongside former Mantronix member Bryce Wilson.  

Drizabone (Vincent Garcia) contribute to Bone remixes, adding some space funk elements and some “false” gang noise. Always better on the full mix.

The electronic drums limits the funk scope on track 3, deep bassline. Trip Hop vibes on the Goldfingahs Mix, pick of the bunch and return of the sax.

Epic – EPC 664296 3

1You Will Rise (LP Radio Edit)4:01
2You Will Rise (Bone Idol Edit)3:46
3You Will Rise (Cottonbelly’s PG Mix)5:53
4You Will Rise (Bone Idol Mix)6:22
5You Will Rise (Goldfingahs Mix)7:14
6You Will Rise (Deliverance Prayer Bowl Mix)4:21
7You Will Rise (Spacegoat Mix)4:36