Georgio – Lover’s Lane (US 12″)

More ’87 stuff from Georgio and a set of Bruce Forest remixes. The Ego had definitely landed.

This has a definite House feel rather than the New Jack Swing vibe of “Tina Cherry”, B1 is the pick of the mixes, a bit Jamie Principle with a slap bass.

The “After Hours” is certainly droppable in a Retro Disco House set.

B-side is a piano Ballad and his voice grates…..yep a Prince clone!’s+Lane+(1987+12”).rar/file

Motown – 4592MG
A1Lover’s Lane (Club Mix)6:50
A2Lover’s Lane (Dub Mix)5:20
B1Lover’s Lane (Georgio’s Love Dance Mix)7:16
B2Lover’s Lane (After Hours Mix)5:20
B3I Won’t Change4:04

Georgio – Tina Cherry (Euro 12″)

To Prince or not to Prince ?

Was Georgio Motown’s answer to Prince? An androgynous multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer from the a similar era. But I’ve never heard of him!!

Georgio Allentini did send some demo’s to Prince at Paisley Park but there was conflicting stories of the failed signing, obvious the clash of two massive ego’s!!

Frank Heller and Bruce Forest provide the cutting edge mixes, the Club Mix being the pick with it’s Proto House feel (the track was released in ’87) A lovely deep Dub with an organ dub, probably too much sampled vocals / harmonies.

“Menage A Trois” an LP cut from “Sexappeal” uses a Prince-like combo of guitars and synth.”).rar/file

Motown – ZT41462

A1Tina Cherry (Club Mix)8:24
A2Tina Cherry (Dub Mix)4:59
B1Tina Cherry (Radio Mix)5:06
B2Tina Cherry (Bonus Beats)3:52
B3Menage A Trois3:38

Modern Talking – You Can Win If You Want (Special Dance Version) (Maxi 12″)

The formula had been perfected, sounding similar but different.

From March ’85 and with some sampler action here with a special remix. Piano is the lead melody. I immediately thought about a similar theme on Bronski Beat’s “Smalltown Boy”- carpet bag / case and then it goes off into some Bee Gee’s hell!

“One A Million” from their First Album has a harmonica in there somewhere. Clawing.

Apologies to Derek!”).rar/file

Hansa – 601 670

AYou Can Win If You Want (Special Dance Version)5:19
B1You Can Win If You Want (Instrumental)3:42
B2One In A Million3:42

Modern Talking – You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul + Re-up (Maxi 12″)

Camp Friday ! Camp N.Y.E. !

A couple from Modern Talking (the “Brother Louie, Brother Louie” boys) and strident, well produced Euro – Disco.

Their entire recording career came out of the legendary Hansa Studio with Steve Benson (Dieter Günther Bohlen) writing and producing for what as manufactured band.

This was from October ’84 and I’ve never heard it before (only 566,510,250 views on Youtube!!!) There is a nod to Brother Louie but it must have been huge.

This is the 12″ version with the instrumental if you’re not a fan of the vocals.

Apologies – this was already posted nearly exactly a year ago where 57 of you viewed the page. Guilty Pleasures !!!

Here is “Brother Louie Louie” Re-upped below!!’re+My+Heart,+You’re+My+Soul+(1984+12”).rar/file

Hansa – 601 496,
AYou’re My Heart, You’re My Soul5:35
BYou’re My Heart, You’re My Soul (Instrumental)4:01

Greater Than One – G-Force (US Vinyl LP)

Pairing up the GTO with this LP from ’89 and a little bit more of a polished sound and just less…..weird! They were getting more into the Dance beats and techno by now.

The stomp of the opening track sets the tone, the samples are there but it is much less political.

Really the AON / Kraftwerk sampling on “Alpha 5” certainly bot subtle ! The highlight is the Monty Python based “The Ballet Of The 3 Feathered Sardines” – fast and furious alt. Techno.

What’s not like about, “Why Do Men Have Nipples?” All taken from an Oprah Winfrey show.

Wax Trax! Records – WAX 7100

A2Ich Liebe Dich Mein Prinz
A3Learn With Pleasure, Knowledge Is Power
A4Black Magic
B1Alpha 5
B2The Man Who Lived In Books
B3The Ballet Of The 3 Feathered Sardines
B4Why Do Men Have Nipples?

Greater Than One – London (US Double LP)

Kunst Gleich Kapital — Greater Than One |

Fred suggested this might not be suitable for the blog but didn’t know my love for all things Newman and Wells.

It’s Dadaism through samplers and was released in ’88. Sometimes you get the odd danceable track but also there is a love for experimentation with Industrial elements.

I like the humorous dance track. “Peace” with the multitude of unusual samples. The driving, shuffle beat of “Now Is The Time” uses Martin Luther King’s speech to great effect surrounding by Gregorian chant long before Enigma did it. (Here in 2 versions)

A difficult one to review but it is an intriguing listen with the soundbite samples driving each track. It does get weirder as the album continues, beware!

Kunst = Kapital – KGKLP 2

A1Now Is The Time (12″ Mix)
A2Eveybody’s Crazy
A3Techno Golden Beat
B3Computer Dub
C1Now Is The Time
C2Song For England
C3The Truth
C4Kunst Gleich Kapital
D1All The Masters Licked You
D2Dance Of The Cowards
D3All Men Are Boys
D4I Know Everything

Jellybean Featuring Adele Bertei – Just A Mirage + Re-ups (US 12″)

From ’88 and a great slice of early House via Hi NRG, with friend of Thomas Dolby, Bertei on lead vocals.

Sounds of its time with plenty of Orchestra hits, the Dub has just the song title left as the vocals.

The B-sides, “Mirage (Dancers Dream)” are mixed by “Little” Louie Vega and features exotic vocals from India (Linda Caballero) 2 mixes both slightly different.

Re-ups below, two twelves.”)+(1988)+(ADG+Rip).rar/file

Chrysalis – 4V9 43223

A1Just A Mirage (Extended Dance Mix)5:45
A2Just A Mirage (Dub Mix)4:44
B1Mirage (Dancers Dream) (Extended Dance Mix)7:08
B2Mirage (Dancers Dream) (Hearthrobs Bonus Beats)7:04

Jellybean – Jingo (The Definitive Mixes) (12″)

One of mine and amazingly not already on here!!!

From 1987 and featuring 3 mixes on this UK twelve. It was actually a cover, the original version was by the Band Candido from 1981 from an even early song from 1959 by Olatunji !

“La Casa Del Juego” adds more wobbly synths and a bit of slap bass.

The 26th Street is short and very different, lots of live percussion and a lighter bass. Love that piano solo.

Chrysalis – JELX 2
AJingo (UK House Mix)
B1Jingo (La Casa De Juego Mix)
B2Jingo (26th Street Mix)

Louise Tucker – Dancing By Moonlight (7″)

Final one from her and more early synthpop from ’83. There is a touch of “Never Ending Story” about it as it fades out with a military snare. Still what an amazing voice!

“Running Man” is just as good with New Wave guitar added. It certainly jogs along nicely. Both tracks from her LP, “After The Storm.””)+(1983)+(ADG+Rip).rar/file

Ariola – 106 041,
ADancing By Moonlight4:32
BRunning Man4:21

Louise Tucker – Midnight Blue A Project With Louise Tucker (French 12″)

More from Alan’s exotic collection and more Synth / Classical / Opera with this ’82 release which borrows a chunk of Beethoven’s Adagio cantabile from Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13. (to be precise)

Album track, “Hush”, has some smoky saxophone (by Dave Sherrington) guitars and dollops of atmosphere.”)+(1982)+(ADG+Rip).rar/file

Arabella – 600 744

AMidnight Blue (Extended Version)6:24