The Cult ‎– Lil’ Devil (2 x 12″)

From 1987 and this classic from The Cult on a Gatefold sleeve with a load of live favourites added, that were recorded in Holland back in 1986. So you get the Rick Rubin produced title track, “Zap City” from the famous Manor Sessions from 1986 the classic “She Sells..” , a great live rendition of “Phoenix” (my fave) and a knock about show finale of a couple of covers.


Beggars Banquet ‎– BEG 188TDcultdevilfrontcov

A1 Lil’ Devil
A2 Zap City
B She Sells Sanctuary (Live)
C Wild Thing / Louie Louie (Live)
D Phoenix (Live)


Survivor ‎– Eye Of The Tiger (Special Extended European Version) (12″)

More Rock!!!!

This classic from the 1982 Rocky III film from American Rock band, Survivor. Very slightly extended but not so much as you’d notice. A rare record (for once!! – bought for £1 and found it’s £28 on discogs!!)

The B-side is more in your Classic Rock mode, with a quality air guitar solo! Thanks Frankie Sullivan!


Scotti Bros. Records ‎– TA 2411survivorfrontcov

A Eye Of The Tiger (Special Extended European Version) 5:58
B Take You On A Saturday 4:05

Zeno – Love Will Live (12″)

More Rock Power Ballad’s from 1986 from a band called Zeno. Never heard of them before so after a bit of research uncovered that they were a German rock band led by guitarist Zeno Roth, brother of the legendary Ulrich Roth of the Scorpions and Electric Sun. Produced with Terry Manning and remixed by Tony Taverner it is your classic lighter in the air track. Weird but powerful vocals from Michael Flexig. More balladeering also on the B-side with the track “Far Away.”

The Darkness fans will love it!

EMI ‎– 12 EMI 5566lovefrontcov

A1 Love Will Live (Extended Version)
B1 Far Away
B2 Love Will Live (7″ Version)

Roger Daltrey ‎– Walking In My Sleep (12″)

Gnarly old-rocker from the 70’s returns (Exhibit C)

From 1984 and Roger Daltrey has a go for some chart success. Having the mandatory saxophone all over it, this is again an example of soft rock and reached the top 20 with some slick Mike Thorne production. The B-side was originally by the Eurythmics from their debut album. There are more synths and a meaty, synthpop cover of “Gimme Some Lovin'”….strangely good!

WEA ‎– 259628-0rogerfrontcov

A Walking In My Sleep 3:20
B1 Somebody Told Me 3:10
B2 Gimme Some Lovin’

Starship – Sara (12″)

Where the hell am I going with this ???

Soft 80’s Rock it is then with some Starship!! (the successor band to Jefferson Starship) Overdosing on the synclavier/Fairlight in the studio this sounded immense for 1985. It was sung by Mickey Thomas, Grace Slick providing backing vocals and was their second US number 1. This is what was known as a Power Ballad back in the day. Off the album “Knee Deep In The Hoopla” it contained the livelier album track, “Hearts Of the World….” with Grace Slick on lead and a bonus of the 1979 hit, “Jane”, when they were Jefferson Starship…..classic rock


RCA ‎– FT 49894sarafrontcov

A Sara 4:48
B1 Hearts Of The World (Will Understand) 4:21
B2 Jane

Genesis – Keep It Dark (12″)

Keeping the momentum going…. (and the video was shot in Amsterdam!!)

From 1981 and one of my favourite tracks by Genesis, that synth bass lead rocks big time (and those drum loops). The main message being Government that keep secrets they shouldn’t to subdue public fear (Kept In The Dark) Weird time signatures keep it in the Prog Rock genre. The b-side is more like their normal stuff, a jazzy/prog instrumental. Abacab is here in it’s album version – the song that got me into the band.

Charisma ‎– CB 391/12keepitfrontcov

A – Keep It Dark – 4:33

B1 – Naminanu – 3:51

B2 – Abacab – 7:02

The Vels – The Girl Most Likely To (US Promo 12″)


From 1986 and some Madonna sounding stuff from a new band for me, The Vels. From Philadelphia and then made up of the duo of Alice Desoto (vocals) and Charles Hanson (bass). They had been around since 1984 as a trio with late Chris Larkin (keyboards). This was off the album, “House Of Miracles”  Helped by some great Steve Levine mixes (the Dub especially) with the esteemed team Ron St. Germain,Tony Prendatt-Carter, Matthew Kasha  . This is catchy 80’s pop at it’s best.

Mercury ‎– 888 132-1-DJsam_6940-1

A The Girl Most Likely To (12″ Club Mix) 8:05
B1 The Girl Most Likely To (Dub Version) 8:59
B1.a A Capella
B1.b School Days
B1.c The Jam
B1.d Reprise
B2 The Girl Most Likely To (7″ Remix) 3:40