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Nitzer Ebb – Warsaw Ghetto (Remix) (12″)


Back for some early Nitzer Ebb from 1986. Here is the remix 12″ of “Warsaw Ghetto” which,personally I prefer over “Join In The Chant.” Amazing what you can do with a drum machine and sequencer.

“power of voice communications giving you the brutality of rhythm”, especially in the dub mix !


A1 Warsaw Ghetto (Dub Mix) 6:05
A2 So Bright So Strong (Radio Mix) 4:08
B Warsaw Ghetto (Rap Mix) 7:05

Greater Than One – All The Masters Licked Me (Vinyl LP)


As followers of the original 80’s and 90’s Gems blogs I was an avid follower of Lee Newman (RIP) and Michael Wells as they gave us their own unique take on electronics and sampling and how they morphed into the successful and respected techno duo of GTO/John & Julie/Tricky Disco of the early 90’s. This was their second album from 1987 on the indie label Side Effects Records and is very much in their avant garde phase, very Art Of Noise-on-a-budget in places. 18 short, weird tracks , you just have to look at their titles. for the rip I just did it in 2 MP3 files (Side 1 & 2) because most of the tracks are mixed together.

1-1 Exorcising Julie 2:38
1-2 The Intelligence Of Natives 1:28
1-3 The Sweet Smell Of A Supermarket On Fire 1:57
1-4 Trendy Afrika 1:07
1-5 Everything Is In A State Of Flux 1:43
1-6 The Rape Of Sam The Fox (Theme) 5:17
1-7 Kill That Parent 2:17
1-8 Lost Underground 2:54
1-9 We Don’t Have Weekends 5:09
1-10 We Are The People With The Human Fist 3:58
1-11 Psychotherapy 1:25
1-12 Sweet Satellite 3:09
1-13 We Hate America And America Hates Us 1:57
1-14 We’re O.K. 2:22
1-15 Dick Heads 3:35
1-16 Slog On (Dead Beat) 2:34
1-17 Straight Plague 0:53
1-18 Bad Love



Hilt – Call The Ambulance Before I Hurt Myself (Vinyl LP)


Shoegaze Industrial anyone? From 1989 and with more of it’s fair share of Skinny Puppy (most of them were involved) It’s more guitar orientated , (“Baby Fly Away” even sounds like Ride!) but has some electronic menace in most of the tracks. Punky and “loud and fast” in places, very interesting and doesn’t sound bad for costing less than $15,000 to make. Stoner vocals care of Alan Nelson.

A1 Hilter 5:05
A2 Stone Man 5:15
A3 Down On Mommys Farm 3:19
A4 Baby Fly Away 3:30
A5 Lets Fall Out 4:20
B1 Get Stuck 4:50
B2 Septic 2:38
B3 Im Standing On The Rim 5:20
B4 Back To Insanity 3:12
B5 Jah Mon Rasta 2:23
B6 Come Alive 3:25

Cabaret Voltaire – Sensoria (12″)


A defining twelve inch for me from the early 80’s thanks to the John Potoker production. The Cabs show off their brand of electro-funk with this hypnotic, 8 min + mix. “Do Right….” The B-side, “Cut The Damn Camera” is a more freeform, funk jam with help in the studio by the legend that is Flood!

Cabaret Voltaire – Just Fascination (12″)

Haunting , mutant, electro-funk (as it was called at the time) This contains 2 x 8 min + mixes of some classic Cabaret Voltaire from 1983 (29 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!) The A-side has industrial overtones, the B-side “Crackdown” appeared on the “Gasoline In Your Eye” E.P.


Nitzer Ebb – Hearts & Minds (Ltd Edition 12″)

…..or the Subsonic mix by DJ Cod! (a.k.a Flood)


More electronic menace from the other band from Basildon. The mix is more spacier than the normal Hypersonic 12″ mix and the track is better for it. Supplemented by “For Fun” a top album track from “Belief” and a very experimental, clock ticking,Paul Kendall mix of “Time Slips By.”




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