Mark Stewart ‎– Hysteria (12″)

Harder stuff to finish with. It says 1989 on this Mute released twelve so it’s going up!

Mark Stewart ex lead singer of The Pop group and collaborative with Sherwood’s On-U Sound buddies, on here as Mafia members are Sherwood, Doug Wimbish, Keith LeBlanc, and Skip McDonald giving it a rock/funk edge.

B-side “Possession” I used to have on tape and reminds me of early Shamen, electro beats with weird sampled sounds and some rave piano at the end.

Don’t get me started on this beautiful dub! Lovely Sherwood stuff.

More Mark Stewart here

So that’s the 80’s done for a few months…..Be back soon xxxx


Mute ‎– 12 MUTE 92hysteriafrontcov

A Hysteria
B1 My Possession
B2 Hysteria Dub

Local Hero ‎– Son Of My Father (12″)

Leaving the best to last (well not quite!) 🙂

Local Hero where a duo of Gordon Campbell and Derek Yeaman (both from late 70’s Scottish Teeny Bop band The Upstarts) who updated the Georgio Moroder, Michael Holm and Pete Bellotte classic which was made famous by Chicory tip.

These two gnarly old rockers obviously discovered synths and supped it up under the production of Neil Ross. Suitably bubbling bassline and synth chords. The B-side “Just Let It Be” is a rock ballad with added synths,it could be a modern Moroder production.

So rare there is nowt written about it anywhere!

Union ‎– 12 UNION 2localfrontcov

A Son Of My Father
B1 Just Let Me Be
B2 Son Of My Father (Instrumental)

Scarlet Fantastic ‎– Stay (12″)


After initial success with “No Memory.” The duo released their third single in 1988, a very polished bit of synth rock in the Power Ballad style (another category I’ve made up!) Maggie De Monde (voice) and Rick Phylip-Jones (instruments and production) were certainly ahead of their time on this , Goldfrapp anyone? Pre-dating Roxette too.

“Plug Me In” (their 2nd single) is included in all it’s crispy glory, given a PWL sheen. As well as a bit of synthy dance provided by Silver Bullett.

The problem of having a successful debut release and a rubbish record label who didn’t know how to promote them.

NEW LINKS 2021 (Thanks Mike B for the new rip)

Arista ‎– 611 626stayfrontcov

A Stay (The Glory Mix) 7:56
B1 Plug Me In (Silver Surfer Mix) 3:58
B2 Silver Bullet (Instrumental) 4:03

Language ‎– We’re Celebrating (12″)

…..Well some will be when we return to the 90’s on Tuesday.

Getting stuff out of the way now and this debut release by Steven Hale under the moniker of Language. Released on the Stiff Records label in 1983. Hale was a Glaswegian producer, writer and synth player and probably a mate of fellow crooner and synth player Paul Haig and in the same style.

Funky New Wave Pop produced by Alan Shacklock. Joining him was Debbie King from their previous band Flying Club with  Eddi Reader and Nassim Khalifa also on backing vocals. James Lee providing the funky guitar.  The B-side is more of instrumental version, not really sure he played everything on it. Recorded twice as I have seemed to have acquired a lot of vinyl that had been cleaned by sandpaper!

Stiff Records ‎– BUYIT 175languagefrontcov2

A We’re Celebrating (Boys And Girls Come Out To Play) (12″ Remixed Version)
B Version

Silly Sunday Song 4 – Spitting Image ‎– The Chicken Song (12″)

A spoof on novelty holiday records that became a Number 1, taking the piss out of Black Lace et al. Released in 1986 the 12 Hour Version is simply the 7″ repeated twice!! The video is the funniest bit but has been blocked by Channel 4 so the one above is the video played backwards!

The pick of the tracks is a Phil Collins spoof “Hello, You Must Be Going” proving he wasn’t much liked even back then! The classic “(I’ve Never Met) A Nice South African” is a two finger salute to Apartheid and “We’re Scared Of Bob” is a parody charity record about being scared when Bob Geldof phones you up to appear on a… record. 

And here are the videos….



Virgin ‎– SPIT 112chickenfrontcov

A The Chicken Song (12 Hour Version)
B1 (I’ve Never Met) A Nice South African
B2 Hello, You Must Be Going
B3 We’re Scared Of Bob

Inspiral Carpets ‎– Trainsurfing (12″)

The second release by Oldham’s Inspiral Carpets. Released on their own label, Cow Records and featuring founder member Stephen Holt on vocals with guitarist Graham Lambert, Clint Boon (organ) and David Swift (bass) and the late Craig Gill on drums.

Four short, punchy tracks of perfect pop with the ever present swirling, distinctive channelled, Farfisa of Boon. Sounding raw and hungry, I love the punk element of “Greek Wedding Song.” A sneaky peek at a young band who would become massive in the 90’s. Holt left the band soon after to be replaced by Tom Hingley on vocals.

Cow ‎– MOO 2inspfrontcov

A1 Butterfly
A2 Causeway
B1 You Can’t Take The Truth
B2 Greek Wedding Song

Time U.K. – You Won’t Stop (12″)


Presumably the added UK so they didn’t clash with the US funk band of the same name. Time U.K. are another of those band that only released a few singles and then disappeared into obscurity. Probably the only place on the Web to find them. The Line-up included Fletcher Christian, (guitars/vocals) Rick Buckler, (former Jam Drummer) Jimmy Edwards, (Sham 69) Nick South (Sniff N’ The Tears) and Ray Simone

This has a definite feel of The Jam / Style Council to it, produced by Nigel Gray, (producer of the first three Police albums) there is a political message here but it suffers from gimmicky stutter effects on the “dance mix” which is shorter than labelled Nice brass section tho’!

The B-side still has more serious messages but is very Bowie influenced. Nice E-bow guitar and a stirring chorus but a tad short.


Arista ‎– ARIST 12637stopfrontcov

A You Won’t Stop (Extended Version) 6:37
B Things We Love The Best 2:40

The Jeremy Days – Brand New Toy (12″)


German pop band from Hamburg, The Jeremy Days, brought a more rockier edge to their brand of light guitar pop.. The line-up of Dirk Darmstaedter – Vocals, Jörn-Christof Heilbut – Guitars, Vocals, Louis Christian Oberländer – Keyboards, Vocals, Christoph Maria Kaiser – Bass, Vocals and Stefan Rager – Drums, Vocals. Did not really set the UK Charts alight. This second single came with a sparkly Langer and Winstanley production job on this 1988 release, Mark Saunders (Bomb The Bass) adds some much needed synths and sequencers on the Dance remix. It’s all too clean, clean as pig’s whistle.

The B-side is a “Live” version (probably a studio rehearsal) of “Raintree Country” with the guitars rather ramped up to rawk level

Polydor ‎– PZ 45jeremyfrontcov

A Brand New Toy (Dance Mix) 6:05
B1 Raintree Country (Live Version) 5:28
B2 Brand New Toy (Full Length) 3:59


The Woodentops ‎– Plenty (12″)


Debut release from Londoners The Woodentops with pristine recording (Yeah!) from 1984. Pre-C86 Indie jangle produced by David Balfe. (important mover and shaker on the early 80’s Liverpool music scene)

The Line-up was Rolo McGinty (vocals, guitar, formerly of The Wild Swans and The Jazz Butcher), Simon Mawby (guitar), Alice Thompson (keyboards), Frank DeFreitas (bass guitar), and Paul Hookham (drums).The band also included Anne Stephenson on violin who joined Marc & The Mambas soon after.

This did not make it onto their debut album although at the time it was championed by Morrissey, he was quoted as saying

“Anyone sane living in this world will realise on hearing ‘Plenty’ that The Woodentops bring with them a new age of enlightenment”

There was a certain Smiths feel over these three tracks, plenty has a bit of keyboard in the lead. The superior “Have You Seen The Lights” rattles along with bits of violin reeling through the clattering drums and the quiet/loud contrast of “Everybody.”

More Woodentops (in fact loads of..) here



And here!!!


Food ‎– SNAK 2plentyfrontcov

A Plenty
B1 Have You Seen The Lights
B2 Everybody

Immaculate Fools – Tragic Comedy (12″)

They went under my listening radar back in the 80’s but after hearing this I’ll be picking up some more of their stuff. Melodic and with some rock elements, they were an Indie pop band formed in 1984 in Kent, England. This was released in 1987 and off their second album, “Dumb Poet”. An extensive line-up including founder Kevin Weatherill,(Vocals, guitar, harmonica, mandolin) brother Paul Weatherill, (Bass, vocals) Brian Betts (Guitar, organ, mandolin) Peter Ross (Drums) and his brother Andy Ross (Guitar)

“Tragic Comedy” comes across like a cross between Psychedelic Furs and World Party. “Dumb Poet” is quite epic and nails that 80’s guitar sound. “All Fall Down” rocks away, chugging to reveal a quality B-side. Previous single “Immaculate Fools” with it’s synth riff is faithfully reproduced.

Massive in Europe it seems.


A&M Records ‎– AMY 377tragic

01 Tragic Comedy
02 Dumb Poet (Live)
03 All Fall Down
04 Immaculate Fools (Live)