Playgroup – Model Noise (US 12″)

More NYC New Wave from cult band, Playgroup.

Bass, Vocals – David Eskin, Drums, Vocals – Aaron Watson and Guitar, Vocals – Clifford Pemsler.

Weird sounds of coins being dropped in this quite sparse soundstage, scratchy guitars and plenty of ambience. Frank Heller helping on engineer duties.

“Wooden Soldier” is straight out of the Joy Division songbook. Funky New Wave with sparse production and weird sounds, needed a synth!

The “Hip Mix” does adds some interesting electronic percussion and a bit of synth and removes the vocals. Droppable in a trendy club.”).rar/file

Virgin – 600 564

A1Model Noise5:20
A2Wooden Soldier7:05
BModel Noise (Hip Mix)5:20

The Tubes – Tip Of My Tongue (US 12″)

Funk / Rock from legendary US band The Tubes.

Produced by David Foster this has plenty of brass flourishes. The late Maurice White from Earth Wind and Fire helped them put this together. Prairie Prince hits those drums and the bridge is worth the download alone.

The B-side is full of “Drums” , almost an early Hip Hop feel to it. Tribal chants and PP’s mesmerising drumming.”).rar/file

Capitol Records – 8560
ATip Of My Tongue (Dance Mix)3:59

ABC – The Look Of Love + Re-up (USA Remix – Dub Version) (US 12″)

The elusive “Look Of Love Part 3” and my final delve into ’82 (over a few weeks!!) but it’s all about the much maligned USA remix which really isn’t a dub mix.

Trevor Horn tickling it with a Fairlight and toughening up the bass and drums with some extra vocal manipulation (a bit Dalek-ey in places!) – Will Martin Fry ever do this version live !

So the shorter Part 3 is a little bit less experimental and certainly hits the spot as an alternative listen. I’ve included the normal 12″ refreshed underneath.

Mercury – MDS-4023

AThe Look Of Love (USA Remix – Dub Version)7:37
BThe Look Of Love (Part 3 – Dance Version)4:17

Re-Ups 1982 – (Duran Duran, Material, Spandau Ballet, Orange Juice x 2, Associates*LINK ADDED*, Haircut 100, ABC )

Some essential stuff from ’82 that has been freshly updated. Plus my favourite track from ’82 and in my Top 5 tracks of the 80’s ABC’s “All Of My Heart.”

Sunday Silly Song – 141 – Wham! Young Guns (Go For It) (US Promo 12″)

Not really that silly but the video is still is! A proper party tune with the instrumental “Going For It” going in the virtual DJ box, love the reverb over everything.

The A -side is worth a listen and what a debut ! Sounds amazing still today and written and produced by George Michael (with a little helper Steve Brown) proving he knew his way around a studio even at this early stage.

I bet if you played this out people would think it was an update but it’s forty years ago. Twelve inch mix of the month!!+-+Young+Guns+(Go+For+It)+-+US+12”+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1982.rar/file

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Columbia – 44-03501

AYoung Guns (Go For It)6:53
BGoing For It!4:49

Theme For Next Week (and probably the week after) – 1983.

Hurrah !! He’s doing the next bloody year ! How original ! Well as I’ve said before – THIS WILL BE THE LAST WEEK OF CHRONOLOGICAL MAYHEM. After ’83 it all starts to blur into one in terms of that 80’s Production sound.

Expect a Thursday Re-up (Requests are now avalanching in!) and also a 1993 Wednesday and the usual dusting off of some essential ’83 posts.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend I’m off to watch Bury FC take on the mighty Atherton LR

The Kinks – Come Dancing (12″)

The Kinks in the 80’s? Yes it was a bit unusual back then now comeback singles are to a penny.

Ballroom organ, a cheesy video and some dodgy vocals was how I remembered it and then I played my sisters old kinks records and thought , “was it the same band ?”

Extended for nearly 30 seconds IS not an extended version (quiet now Vim Baselink !) On listening to it now it is a weird mix of styles and reminds me a bit of Madness. It was taken from the LP, “State Of Confusion” – the line up for that album being; Rhythm Guitar, Synthesizer, Piano, Vocals – Ray Davies, Keyboards – Ian Gibbons, Lead Guitar, Vocals – Dave Davies, Drums – Mick Avory and Bass – Jim Rodford (Argent, The Zombies, The Animals)

“Noise” starts off like a sound effects record and then slips into some classic Kink sound signatures, yeh this was The Kinks I remember from the old Dansette. Extended and heaps better than the A – side.

So a deliberate nostalgia trip that put this classic band back in the charts but with a message behind it.” Apparently, Ray Davies admired his older sister, and she doted on him. Ray begged his sister to buy him one gift, his first guitar. She was older and employed, and she bought Ray a guitar. That very evening Ray’s sister went to a local dance, as she loved to frequently do, but this night she died on the dance floor. She had an undiagnosed hole in her heart, and she collapsed. She never regained consciousness.””+Vinyl+-+1982.rar/file

Arista – ARIST 12502
ACome Dancing (Extended Remix)4:27
BNoise (Extended Remix)5:08

Devo – Peek-A-Boo! (US 12″)

Quirky electro dance and again it sounds amazing. From the much dismissed LP, “Oh, No! It’s Devo”

Did I say there was a Dub ? Yes indeedy , how deep can that bass get!

Simple but effective and most of all fun, all the Devo boxes checked.

“Find Out” is an exclusive B-side, bass synths and organ get accompanied by a lead synth and with guitars sprinkled on top. A marvellous Devo pie!+-+US+12”+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1982.rar/file

Warner Bros. Records – 0-29906

APeek-A-Boo! (Dance Velocity)4:36
B1Peek-A-Boo! (Devo Dub)5:24
B2Find Out3:22

Donna Summer ‎– Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (US 12″)

Quincy Jones produced Electro Funk / Disco from Miss Summer and what nice load of synthetics. Bass synth and vocoder combine to give it a solid backbone.

Bruce Swedien and Craig Kostich were on the remix with Ernie Watts saxophone replacing Summer’s voice although the chorus is still there.

It drags a little but that’s why it’s on 12″ wax, thanks Mike B!”+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1982.rar/file

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Geffen Records – 9 29938-0 B

ALove Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (Dance Remix)7:03
BLove Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (Instrumental)7:03

Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue / Time Warp (US 12″)

Here in all it’s electronic glory and we never new it was as an anti-apartheid track !!!! A real punchy mix which makes it sound very fresh, more alternative extended version with dub effects and those motor cycle synth sounds even louder!

The B-side is a lovely bit of funk with a synth lead with a kissable deep bassline, no Grant on vocals so keeping that obscure coolness.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Portrait – 4R9-03574

AElectric Avenue (Special Extended Dub Mix)6:18
BTime Warp (Special 5:56 Domestic Mix)5:56