The Shamen – Destination Eschaton ( US 2 x 12″)

Ultimately their last real hit and here on a staggering 11 mixes from Nov 1995.

Gospel House with a New Age slant. It does a bit dated for the year, maybe they were harking back to their classic early 90’s sound. The Beatmaster give The Shamen their classic sound with a touch of bubbling acid and swirly organs. Basement Boys give it 4 to the floor House groove, clipped organ and a sub bass and more weird lyrics. Their Dub starts off a lot more World then goes a bit repetitive , techno trance. The album version has the obligatory Mr C. rap, very cheesy.

Peter Lorimer and Richard Gonzalez provide 2 ravey House mixes. Piano leads on the Dome mix and the longer Acid mix has plenty of Acid, the hardest mix on here by far.

Hardfloor go quite deep acid in their mixes. Again the dub gives you a good acidic fix.

The Shamen’s own mixes are suitably dubby and stripped back.

Sounds Of Life complete the pack with some light drum and bass.

Epic ‎– ES 7308 SAM_0511

A1 Destination Eschaton (Beatmasters 12″ Vocal – Destination Meccaton) 7:40
A2 Destination Eschaton (Basement Boys 12″ Vocal – Destination Discoton) 6:45
A3 Destination Eschaton (Album Version) 3:55
B1 Destination Eschaton (Vission Lorimer Dome Mix) 4:16
B2 Destination Eschaton (Shamen Acid – Escacid) 5:53
B3 Destination Eschaton (Hardfloor 12″ Vocal – Destination Krefeldton) 7:25
C1 Destination Eschaton (Vission Lorimer Acid Mix) 7:59
C2 Destination Eschaton (Hardfloor 12″ Dub – Destination Komotion) 7:22
D1 Destination Eschaton (Basement Boys 12″ Dub – Destination Chant) 6:55
D2 Destination Eschaton (Shamen Deep Melodic Techno Mix – Destination Islington) 6:40
D3 Destination Eschaton (Sounds Of Life Vocal Mix) 6:47

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