Grace Jones – Love Bites – The Mixes (Promo 12″)


Well an early Happy Hallow’een to all the followers!

Again not very obvious and from 1996 this 4 track 12″ had a good mix of tracks, a forgotten Grace Jones classic (even with her fake L’inglish accent!) Great fun and out on the Sci-Fi Channels own label, The song was released as a non-label promo-only single to promote the Sci-Fi Channel’s Vampire Week, which consisted of a series of vampire-themed films aired on the channel in early November 199. The mixes vary in quality, from the “Born Slippy” tempo of the “Dark Night Mix” to the plonky Euro-house of the “Deep Into The Night Mix”, my preferred mix is the full “Fright Night Mix” that builds up with a few, nice and creepy samples.



Not got any info on who did the mixes.



A1 Love Bites (12″ Fright Night Mix) 8:21
A2 Love Bites (7″ Fright Night Mix) 3:40
B1 Love Bites (12″ Dark Night Mix) 7:35
B2 Love Bites (12″ Deep Into The Night Mix) 6:40


Sisters Of Mercy – Walk Away (12″)

sistered As my annual visit to Whitby Goth Fest approaches I thought I’d go all Gothy over the next few posts.

It’s funny how Goth is now a label for anyone who is slightly off the mainstream , as much as Emo was 15 years ago. I’ve never been a Goth (not a fully paid up member anyway) but look in from the outside and enjoy the warm feeling of fraternity at Whitby in basically what is an extended fancy dress party. Yes, there are those that take it quite serious, especially the music, and like any subculture wish to protect it, but on the whole it’s a group of adults in full escapism mode who are as friendly and warm as any group I’ve met. I’ll just have to dust off my New Rocks and leather pants one more time.

30 years old this track!!

I know………. The classic line-up of Eldritch, Hussey, Adams and Marx with the ever present Doktor Avalanche. Influencing hundreds of bands (Clan Of Xymox, Rhombus the list is endless) Produced by David Allen (The Cure, Depeche Mode, Wire, The Human League) we have the signature guitars, driving bass and drum machine. “Poison Door”, written by Marx, echoes Bauhaus and sounds similar to later track ,” Heartland.” My fav is the haunting “On The Wire” with it’s atmospheric opening and poetic lyrics…”I don’t sleep, so I don’t dream, so I don’t wake up frightened. Everything is what it seems if you look deep enough tonight and see”


Merciful Release ‎– MR033T

A Walk Away 3:20
AA1 Poison Door 3:40
AA2 On The Wire 4:18

Spear Of Destiny – Never Take Me Alive/Land Of Shame (Double 12″ Gatefold)

spear3 So Dazz mentioned where was this epic, I thought it was already up here, I have that much vinyl ! It did make it’s debut back in 2010 in another of my blogs in a different blogosphere (blogger) way back then. So here it is in all it’s glory, a personal favourite totally extended by Zeus B Held. Also you get an extended “Land Of Shame” with it’s massive church organ and city name checking. “Pumpkin Man” is almost folk rock, a good old drinking song. “Embassy Song ” harks back to the swamp rock of Theatre Of Hate. Thanks for reminding me Dazz!


TENX 162

A Never Take Me Alive (Extended Version)
B Pumpkin Man
C Land Of Shame (12″ Version)
D Embassy Song

Spear Of Destiny – Strangers In Our Town (Double 12″ Gatefold)

From the Zeus B Held produced “Outland” album (1987) this was the Spear sound with added synths and drum machines. A cracking 12″ version that has the loudest and meanest guitar riff I’ve heard in a while it packs a punch even with the dancey production. Like a lot of the Spear stuff very rare and hard to track down,”Time Of Our Lives” has a much rawer , rockier sound. A stadium anthem produced by Kirk Brandon compared to the rather limp instrumental, “Dub” version by Mr Zeus. “Somewhere Out There” is an acoustic track with some great vocals, again a gem of a track hidden away for fans to find.


TENX 148 Spear Of Destiny - Strangers In Our Town (1987, Gatefold, Vinyl) | Discogs

A Strangers In Our Town (Extended Version) 7:08
B1 Somewhere Out There 3:25
B2 Time Of Our Lives (Original Version) 4:22
C Strangers In Our Town (Alternate Version) 4:15
D Time Of Our Lives (Dub Version) 4:55

The Dead Milkmen – Instant Club Hit (You’ll Dance To Anything) (12″)

deadedmilk Some more obscure (and Geeky) American stuff now with this offering from The Dead Milkman and a 6 track 12″ from 1987. Coming from the same camp as Devo and later Green Day, this is an anti-dance track bemoaning trendy clubs and the Euro/UK invasion of the American charts at the time. The main track has drum machines and loops with witty samples and a simple bassline but it’s the lyrics and references that make it a forgotten 80’s classic. The 7″ has a more conventional bass guitar sound whilst the Boner Beats are just that.”Ask Me To Dance” echoes Garage rock and the Ramones with dodgy harmonies. “Tugena” sounds like a rougher version of Emergency Broadcast Network using samples instead of vocals. “Vince Lombardi…” is another jangly, quick instrumental.

Enigma Records ‎– V-75506

A1 Instant Club Hit (You’ll Dance To Anything) (Hung Like A Horse Mix) 5:17
A2 Instant Club Hit (You’ll Dance To Anything) (Radio Edit) 3:36
A3 Instant Club Hit (You’ll Dance To Anything) (Boner Beats) 2:50
B1 Ask Me To Dance 3:02
B2 Tugena 5:27
B3 Vince Lombardi Service Center 2:41

Oriental Spas – Street Lines (12″)


Obscure Band Of The Month

From Michigan and a female fronted “Industrial” rock band with their debut release. It’s basically rock with added synths and a drum machine. From 1988 and self produced I know absolutely squat about the group but liked the cover! A little Internet digging reveals they were a trio, a couple of “sisters”, Jade and Laura Santodonato,  and Mary – Stuart Santos, who all shared the same hairspray.

Overture Records ‎– OV 214

A Street Lines 5:03
B Concubine 3:56


The Railway Children – Somewhere South (12″)

railwayedA much forgotten North West band and hailing from Wigan , The Railway Children, were bigged up as the new Smiths back in the late 80’s. You do get the indie guitar jangle and melancholy in spades but they were their own band. Led by Gary Newby,naming the band after a children’s book by Edith Nesbit published in 1905, Newby, Hull & co. began gigging in and around Manchester and quickly built a devoted following due to their unique “gentle” sound, which culminated in a recording contract with the legendary Manchester independent, Factory Records. After just the one album Virgin snapped them up and stardom awaited them.  This was off their second album “Recurrence” from 1988 and their first for Virgin and came bundled with a couple of quality B-side recorded back in 1986 and engineered by long time James studio man , Nick Gardside.


Virgin ‎– VS 1084

A Somewhere South
B1 Listen On
B2 Darkness And Colour

Poppy Factory – 7×7 (12″)

Dreaming indie synth pop and very obscure. From 1991 and from Bradford band, Poppy Factory, this failed to dent the charts and the subsequent debut album , “Good Time” was shelved, by major label , Chrysalis. There was definitely something there, this track and B-side “Little Princes” giving an incite into a band bursting with ideas on how to mix technology and song craft. The refrain is “Call Me Charlie Bubbles”, weird pre-empts the certain hippyness  of Brit Pop and very Big Pink! Produced by the Blancmange producer John Williams and Cud collaborator , Dave Creffield both  Jock Cotton (later played in Radio 5) and Mickey Dale (Cud, Embrace) went on to bigger things so this was a great debut. The much sort after “Drug House” is here too, where Indie meets the E!


Chrysalis ‎– POPPYX2

Little Princes
Drug House (24 Hour Mix)
7×7 (Kitchen Mix)

The Stranglers – 96 Tears (12″)


From 1990 and with the swirl of the organ you would be forgiven it was Inspiral Carpets or something from the 60’s , before the BIG SPLIT this tickled the upper reaches of the chart. It was a cover version of a sixties song by the Question Mark & The Mysterons (?!) The 12″ version is not that noticeably different if a little longer, got to love the precise drumming. “Instead Of This” comes over all late Roxy Music via Iggy Pop, husky vocals from JJ. Other , quality B-side , “Poisonality” is a classic with Hugh Cornwell , asking us to “Gather Round.”

 Epic ‎– TEARS T1
A 96 Tears (The Tearaway Mix)
B1 Instead Of This
B2 Poisonality

Big Audio Dynamite – V. Thirteen / Hollywood Boulevard (12″)

Bad87!Again from 1987 and Mick Jones with Big Audio Dynamite. Sounding more like The Clash than the previous excursions (Medicine Show, E=MC2) “Sodom and Gomorrah let the dj play” the song is apparently about gang culture. Tuneful and with the signature spoken samples it’s a good reminder of how ahead of their time B.A.D. were. Credit must be given to Don Letts for being on the pulse because the B-side , “Hollywood Boulevard ” was a pseudo house track with indie vocals (long before The Beloved) the “Dub Mix” has all the necessary grooves.




A V. Thirteen (Extended Remix) 9:45
B1 Hollywood Boulevard (Club Mix) 5:46
B2 Hollywood Boulevard (Dub Mix) 7:01