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Many moons ago I did a post featuring Aussie and New Zealand artists with contributions from Mike B (the first post was way back in March 2017 !!) It was an eye-opener as I admitted I only knew about Men At Work, Icehouse and had discovered that Electronic act , Severed Heads were from Down Under. So it became more of an education as I researched and curated these tracks from my Pommie , European, New Wave ears.

So we are returning, posting in clumps of certain parts of the 80’s and beyond. If you need any re-ups of Oz releated stuff I will fulfill your needs for this week only. Gulp! There is a lot to do! Thanks Mike B!

Texas ‎– I Don’t Want A Lover (CD SINGLE)

Bringing the late ’80’s theme to a close with this Classic.

From January 1989 and the breakthrough hit for Texas (via Glasgow, Scotland)

The line-up was Bass; – John McElhone (Altered Images, Hipsway, Drums – Stuart Kerr (Gun, Friends Again, Love And Money) Guitars – Ally McErlaine, Sharleen Spiteri (who also did lead vocals) So quite a lot of experience in the band.

Big, rocky production from Tim Palmer and lots of signature slide guitar. I forgot it has a bass synth line. This was from their debut album, “Southside”

The additional tracks include the acoustic “All In Vain” – which features more bluesy Slide guitar and the organ led, acoustic strum “Believe Me” – quality tracks.

Mercury ‎– 872 351-2

1I Don’t Want A Lover5:03
2Believe Me4:00
3All In Vain3:43

The Pasadenas ‎– Tribute (Euro CD SIngle 3″)

Vocal group, The Pasadenas established themselves with this release from ’88 and features the harmonies both on a couple of live tracks and an A Cappella version of “Enchanted Lady” Following on from the James Brown post who obviously inspired them. The whole Soul Funk sound superbly captured and given a late 80’s update and those name checks.

The Live versions don’t say where but uncover a tight funk band with a bit more metal guitar than expected. Were they “Live” studio versions ? Like the horns on “All Night Long.”

Three Links!!!

CBS ‎– 651594

1Tribute (Right On) (The Screaming Cat Mix)5:11
2I Believe (Live)4:52
3All Night Long (Live)6:16
4Enchanted Lady (A Cappella Version)3:45

James Brown ‎– The Payback Mix Part One (Netherlands 7″)

A 7″ from 1988. A mix by Ahead Of Our Time (Remix duo Matt Black and Jonathan Moore better known as Coldcut) it megamixes all his much loved tracks in just three and a half minutes! Did Mr. Brown have a say in this I wonder ?

It contains a mighty fine B-side “Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose” remixed by Tim Rogers, who doesn’t spoil it but gives it even more funky beats.

Polydor ‎– 887 519-7

AThe Payback Mix Part One3:31
BGive It Up Or Turnit A Loose (Remix)6:09

Bros ‎– When Will I Be Famous? (German MAxi CD)

It’s the late 80’s so time for a bit of Bros. Can’t believe this was from ’87 and that is so synthpop!

Both mixes are by Freddy Bastone with edits by Bruce Miller. Plenty of overdubs making both rare versions.

The Contender Dub is ace, full synth and with samples from the film, “On The Waterfront” and full vocals.

The B-side is just as good, medium paced with a solid bass from Craig Logan and Peter Glenister on guitar. It appeared on the “Push” album. Dee Lewis, Helena Springs and Shirley Lewis providing the backing vocals. Was that really Luke Goss on drums ??? Produced (with added Fairlight III from Andy Richards) by Nicky Graham

CBS ‎– 651270 2

1When Will I Be Famous?5:40
2When Will I Be Famous? (The Contender Dub Mix)8:16
3Love To Hate You4:40

Sunday Silly Song – 116 – Olivia Newton John & John Travolta – Grease – The Remix E.P. (Aussie CD Single)

Containing THE Greatest Party Megamix ever released…..”The Grease Megamix” (Originally released in `91) This CD Single was released in ’98 and only got a limited World Wide release.

Two new mixes by mysterious UK producer, Martian with an additional funky bass from Jon Henson. Given an update with added horns and beats. “Summer Nights” gets a Latin theme, with Spanish guitar and works really well.

Phil Harding & Ian Curnow work their magic in the Megamix which was originally released by PWL and has been a staple Party DJ track ever since.

Also there are the original versions of “Summer Nights” and “You’re The One That I Want”

Polydor ‎– 567031-2

1You’re The One That I Want (Martian Mix)3:26
2Summer Nights (Martian Mix)3:36
3Grease Megamix (1991 PWL Version)4:48
4You’re The One That I Want (Original Version)2:49
5Summer Nights (Original Version)3:34

Queen ‎– Scandal (CD Single)

From October ’89 and the last of the Queen batch of more obscure late 80’s releases. Again from LP “The Miracle.,” the fourth single.

The 12″ is harder edged and more aggressive with the anti-press message. It has added guitar parts that were not on the album. The actual keyboards and guitars were recorded in one take by May. Mercury’s vocal was also done in one take.

It contains the unedited and very poignant track, “My Life Has Been Saved” More guitar and a different bass, than the “Made In Heaven” version

“Today the headlines, tomorrow hard times!”

Parlophone ‎– CD QUEEN 14

1Scandal (12″ Version)6:38
2My Life Has Been Saved3:18
3Scandal (7″ Version)4:41

Queen Vs The Miami Project ‎– Another One Bites The Dust (12″)

Another trio of 21st Century remixes that don’t ruin one of Queen’s funkiest efforts. From November 2006 and it’s get a funky House treatment.

French DJ Cedric Gervais and Montreal Duo Antoine Toupin & Adam Cavaluzi. Give it the full Club re-rub. It still survives underneath all the beats.

Oliver Koletzki does a decent Tech House job. Making the bass as deep as you can get.

My pick is the track 3, it includes all the gimmicks of early noughties dance. Short and not too offensive. Adam Mills does a fine job !


Positiva ‎– 12TIV 250

AAnother One Bites The Dust (Cedric Gervais & Second Sun Vocal Mix)7:17
AA1Another One Bites The Dust (Oliver Koletzki Remix)6:12
AA2Another One Bites The Dust (A Skillz Remix)5:32

Queen ‎– We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions (CD SINgle)

With the mix name “Ruined by Rick Rubin” it does fore warn you that there maybe trouble ahead!

Yes Def Jam Head Honcho and music fan Rick Rubin has a go at mixing these 2 classics in a 90’s Street Style. Rick’s goal was actually to ruin this to make a point of remixing classic songs. He thought the original was perfect as is and used this as a statement.

Guesting are 2 Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s band members, Flea adding some bass and Chad Smith on drums (as well as plenty of loops by Danny James Phillips and David Klein ) Zulu DJ Afrika Islam (Charles Andre Glenn) on the turntables.

The remix is that weird people thought they had bought a faulty CD !


Hollywood BASIC – HB-66573-2

We Will Rock You (Ruined By Rick Rubin)5:01
We Will Rock You (Ruined Instrumental)2:12
We Are The Champions (Ruined By Rick Rubin)3:27
We Will Rock You (Big Beat A Cappella)1:56
We Will Rock You (Zulu Scratch A Cappella)1:25

Queen ‎– Breakthru (CD Maxi SIngle)

Today is Queen Day (Late 80’s and remixes)

First of a bunch of Queen releases and a personal favourite, love the video and it contains all the necessary Queen elements (choral effects, piano intro and plenty of rock guitar) Released June 1989 it cemented their reputation as Rock leaders over 2 decades.

The 12″ is a proper alternative mix, very different and great through headphones. Extra guitars and vocals. Produced by David Richards.

“Stealin'” is a bluesy B-side. Freddie having fun with the lyrics. A rare rhythm and blues track with Freddie involved in most of the composition.


Parlophone ‎– 560-20 3421 2

1Breakthru (12″ Version)5:47
3Breakthru (Single Version)4:09