Hall + Oates ‎– Family Man (12″)

Just the standard UK 12″ that I picked up the other day, recorded au naturale and proves that when they were speaking to each other Hall and Oates were a formidable Hit machine.

This was a cover of a Mike Oldfield track from his 1982 album, “Five Miles Out” and does keep faithful to the original.

B-side is the slower “Open All Night”, from the “H20” album, about a two timing girlfriend. Quite blunt.

A classic duo.



RCA ‎– RCAT 323 familyfrontcov

A Family Man
B Open All Night

Marshall, Hain ‎– Coming Home (Promo 7″)

As promised the 1978 single from Julian Marshall (keyboards) and Kit Hain (bass and vocals) the follow up to the successful “Dancing in the City.”

Containing strings and fretless bass it a well arranged track in a Judie Tzuke style. Soothing.

The gem is the B-side a jazzy funk with electric piano, a cool groove with some nice heavy guitar threading.



Harvest ‎– HAR 5168 homefrontcov

A Coming Home (Edited Version)
B Different Point

Manufacture ‎– As The End Draws Near / Passion For The Future (Extended Remixes) (Canadian 12″)

Second single from Canadian synth duo Brian Bothwell and Perry Geyer – who originally formed as a soundtrack company in 1984, here with the added vocals of Sarah McLachlan on their debut ’88 release.

A classic of the late 80’s Electronic music with some Winston Churchill soundbites amongst others. Enjoy the 12 inch loveliness.

B-side “Passion For Future” shows a Belgium Industrial influence, random samples.

Both tracks were from the album “Terrorvision.”



Nettwerk ‎– W1-3022


A1 As The End Draws Near (12″ Mix) 5:33
A2 As The End Draws Near (7″ Radio Mix) 3:39
AA Passion For The Future (12″ Mix) 5:05

The KLF Featuring The Children Of The Revolution ‎– What Time Is Love? (Live At Trancentral) (US 12″)

Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond got a US distribution from Wax Trax! on this their seminal release from 1990. The legendary duo manipulated labels, media and the listening public through various marketing stunts. God love em!

Their finest cut! (No different to the UK 12″ that I’ve got and might be on here)

The “Techno Gate Mix” is a stripped back track featuring the some guitar (Hendrix sampled) and some NASA samples. Lingers around but fails to take off, shame.



Wax Trax! Records ‎– WAX 9157


A What Time Is Love? (Live At Trancentral) 5:24
B What Time Is Love? (Techno Gate Mix) 4:43

Waterlillies ‎– Tempted (CD Maxi)

Ethereal New York Synth duo Ray Carroll and Sandra Jill Alikas released this in ’94. Carroll did a fair few Depeche Mode remixes under the moniker of Headcleanr.

Bobby D’Ambrosio gives it a Commercial House feel on the “Inner City Club Mix” and the “Radio Mix”. The “Alternative Bass”, done by Carroll, has a more IDM feel to it.

Bonus track is “Supersonic” another progressive dance track, slower and more beat led instrumental, need to check out the album of the same name.

Spooky (Charlie May and Duncan Forbes) contributes 2 mixes (tracks 5 and 6) giving it more a Techno / Trance vibe. Very Moby-like too! The “Forbidden Instrumental” adds some atmospheric piano to the mix, lovely!

In FLAC so quite a big file. Someone contributed this as well and I can’t think who, thank you – you know who you are!



Sire ‎– 9 41612-2


1 Tempted (Album Version) 4:41
2 Tempted (Inner City Club Mix) 6:39
3 Tempted (Alternative Bass Mix) 4:42
4 Supersonic (Album Version) 4:55
5 Tempted (Apple Crumble Mix) 8:30
6 Tempted (Forbidden Instrumental) 8:39
7 Tempted (Radio Remix) 3:46

Sparks ‎– Progress (US Promo 12″)

Another US only release from 1984 and the classic duo of Ron and Russel Mael. Produced by Ian Little (long time Duran Duran producer) and from “Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat.”

Yes, this is very New Wave from Sparks, almost like an early relative of the Pet Shop Boys.

Very synthpop on the instrumental “Sparks In The Dark”, as on most of these tracks the gear was probably the Roland Jp-8, Yamaha Dx-7 and Fairlight. (Dx-7 being in the vid)

Another album track, the slower “With All My Might” gets an extended version. A bit more organic sounding with some guitar from Bob Haag and bass from Leslie Bohem. A really good song from the duo.

“You’re so young, so alive. You’re so 1-9-8-5”



Atlantic ‎– 0-86939 SAM_2384

A1 Progress (Vocal/Extended Club Mix) 5:28
A2 Sparks In The Dark (Instrumental/Extended Club Mix) 3:52
B With All My Might (Vocal/Extended Club Mix) 6:38

Nu Shooz ‎– Are You Lookin’ For Somebody Nu (US Promo 12″)


Sounding very much like a Madonna track husband and wife group Nu Shooz (John Smith & Valerie Day) go heavy on the synthpop with this track from 1988. Mixed by Taavi Mote over the production of Jeff Lorber and Rick Waritz.

The Acid Shooz is suitably deep bass with a great sound for ’88.



Atlantic ‎– DMD 1226 SAM_3156

A1 Are You Lookin’ For Somebody Nu (Club Mix) 8:50
A2 Are You Lookin’ For Somebody Nu (Club Mix Edit) 3:57
B Are You Lookin’ For Somebody Nu (Acid Shooz Mix) 9:28

The Flying Lizards ‎– Dizzy Miss Lizzie (12″)

The duo of Dave Cunningham and the received pronunciation of Sally Peterson (the original female voice was Deborah Evans-Stickland) and the typical weird arrangement and production. From their album “Top Ten” (wishful thinking)

Post Modern Rock N Roll.

Another Cover version with Bar Piano from Julian Marshall (more from his previous Marshall Hain later this week!)

“Dizzy” is a the instrumental without the piano but plenty of manipulated drums. Quite simple but effective.

Now for the weirdest track of the week, “Gyrostatics” is a sample and loop heaven, pioneering sounds for the time, predating 90’s Glitch music, almost Process music as it winds at ten and a half minute, very interesting – reminded me of Andrew Poppy in places and Colourbox in others.



Statik Records ‎– TAK 25/12 SAM_1441

A1 Dizzy Miss Lizzie 2:03
A2 Dizzy 3:28
B Gyrostatics 10:44


Blancmange ‎– The Day Before You Came (German 12″ and UK 12″)

The rare extended version of the Abba cover.

A slightly different arrangement, sparser with the bassline given more prominence. I much prefer this one, even though it leaves out the Coronation Street trumpet for copyright reasons.  I like the quieter breakdown and the extra tablas from Pandit Dinesh and Sandoor from Deepak Khazanchi ,but I miss the whistling at the end.

Bonus tracks include a long, live version of “Feel Me” recorded at Hammersmith Palais · 24 May 1984. Bolstered by the additional guitar or David Rhodes and extra percussion by Pandit Dinesh and the two female backing vocalists. Looking at the performance on Youtube it does remind me of Talking Heads.

There is also a very alternative version of album track, “All Things Are Nice”  with a spoken word poem delivered by Arthur (in a very thick Blackburn accent) over the synth backing.



London Records ‎– 6.20 365 SAM_2977

A The Day Before You Came 7:56
B1 Feel Me (Live Version) 6:22
B2 All Things Are Nice (Version) 4:16

Here is my old rip from ages back of the UK 12″ – are they different ? Definite in terms of quality of recording, for the anoraks.



Annie Lennox ‎– No More “I Love Youʼs” (Remix) (US Promo 12″)

Bringing Solo week to a close is this weird set of mixes from Ann Griselda Lennox’s hit from ’95, “No More “I Love Youʼsˮ , originally by The Lover Speaks.

Junior Vasquez Houses up the b.p.m’s and manage to make some acceptable “Dance Remixes” – the spacey “Sound Factory mix is an epic 11 and a half minutes long! Could to see he uses the full vocals too.



Arista ‎– ADP-2863 SAM_3019

A1 No More “I Love Youʼs” (Junior’s Club Mix) 7:34
A2 No More “I Love Youʼs” (Junior’s Club Dub) 6:14
B1 No More “I Love Youʼs” (Soundfactory Mix) 11:42
B2 No More “I Love Youʼs” (Tribal Mix) 8:18