Climie Fisher ‎– It’s Not Supposed To Be That Way (12″)

The Curse of the Charity Shop Vinyl.

After The Communards post has a bit of vinyl noise to contend with Climie Fisher’s final release also suffers from a bit of a worn groove. (As much as just the first few minutes) I’ve offered the tracks au naturale and “treated” on this 1989/90 release. Mmmm still think if Mike has a better copy I’d replace it with his.

With additional production and remix from Phil Harding and Ian Curnow, this was their farewell. It uses the Funky Drummer loop and sounds Pop Fresh with a PWL sheen compared to the slower LP version.

On the B-side is a 10 minute Megamix of previous highlights. Mixed By Def On A Rival for Music Factory Productions. Shame it all fizzled out for the boys.

EMI ‎– 12EM 139 climiefrontcov

A It’s Not Supposed To Be That Way (12″ Version) 6:40
B.1 Rise To The Occasion
B.2 This Is Me
B.3 Don’t Mess Around
B.4 It’s Not Supposed To Be That Wa
B.5 Love Changes Everything
B.6 Love Like A River

D•Mob Featuring L•R•S• & D•C•Sarome ‎– It Is Time To Get Funky (CD Single)

One from WINX and the pioneering track from ’89 from D.Mob who did “We Call It Acieed” back in 1988. A total contrast in style and he even slags off the genre! Now exploring Hip-House Danny Poku adds a rap ( by L.R.S. , London Rhyme Syndicate) and vocals (D.C. Sarome, Charlie Scarlett) to this successful crossover track. The bassline is very familiar.

Marius de Vries (Blow Monkeys) and Phil Bodger help out in the studio. The last part of the 12″ mix is great getting a bit more experimental and musical.

“Trance Dance” featuring Gary Haisman on vocals is more your old skool classic House. Mixed by Timothy Regisford (Special-T) it has a cheesy charm about it. “Love Can’t Turn Around.”


FFRR ‎– FCD 107 funky

1 D-Mob Featuring L.R.S. It Is Time To Get Funky (7″) 3:32
2 D-Mob Featuring L.R.S. It Is Time To Get Funky (12″) 7:23
3 D-Mob Featuring Gary Haisman Trance Dance (12″ Jersey Mix) 8:24

The Communards ‎– You Are My World ’87 (12″)

The curse of buying vinyl is the condition. This one is fair to middling.

A re-rub of their first single from 1985 and done by the original producer Mike Thorne. It’s Show-Tune synth with that hint of Gospel, Classical and Richard Coles showing off his piano skills. With the intro from Vet TV Series “All Creatures Great And Small!” Like a lot of their extended versions it does tend to drag on.

B-sides include the political Gospel of that starts off like a jazz piece, “Judgement Day” and a live, classical piece “Czardas” recorded in Oxford.

London Records ‎– LONX 123 youfrontcov

A You Are My World (’87) 7:57
B1 Judgement Day 5:14
B2 Czardas (Live) 3:46

Animotion – Obsession (Erek McQueen Remix) (MP3)


A 2012 update of the late 80’s classic adopts a retro feel over the 4 to the floor beats. McQueen is a Quebec DJ who seems to enjoy remixing the classics

More info on his blog bit it’s not been updated since 2013.

The download links are still working, worth a look

Found it impossible to find on Discogs but it’s on his own label EMQ.

*Update* Just found out that Erek had passed away. Sadly, I didn’t know. Thanks freakq for the update.

A vocal side and a semi-vocal side and it works (in places)



Cactus Rain ‎– Mystery Train (12″)

An unusual, obscure band from 1990. Featuring the talents of Annie Hogan on vocals who was a long time collaborator with Marc Almond. Also in the band were Frances Adie and Mark Edwards (producer and session keyboardist for Aztec Camera and Paul Weller)

Additional intrigue is that it was produced by Eric Radcliffe at Blackwing Studios so the synth (although more 90’s digital) are everywhere. Plenty of dream pop influences but with more synth and Hogan’s vocals hold it together.

The B-sides “Hopes & Dreams” predates Trip Hop with it’s sampled Orchestra and lazy beats over a room shuddering bass.

Need to find the William Orbit remix on the other 12″ now!

10 Records ‎– TENX 331 cactifrontcov

A1 Mystery Train (Raindance Mix)
A2 Hopes & Dreams (Poodle Mix)
B Mystery Train (Cactus Rave Mix)

*UPDATED The Creatures ‎– Fury Eyes (Remix) (US and UK 12″)

A release from 1990 from The Creatures from the previous years album “Boomerang”, given a Pascal Gabriel over the Mike Hedges original production.

As usual with their tracks their kept short (3 minutes at the most) so the 20/20 Mix is kept to just over 5 minutes. Stripped down for Club consumption, which suits their sparse arrangements.

Wonderland ‎– shex 18 furyfrontcov

A Fury Eyes (20/20 Mix)
B1 Fury Eyes (Dub Mix)
B2 Fury Eyes (Remix)

Soooooo…..I knew Mike B had sent some Creatures over and it turns out to be the US 12″, which as we know will be different and have extra tracks. It does! Three buggers including their longest ever mix! (10 Mins)

“Abstinence” is an atmospheric instrumental, rhythmic drums and tuned precussion. “Divided” with chanted half lyrics and tribal flute. Appeared as an added track on “Standing There” so it’s from 1989. Finally we get “Showing There” remixed by Mike Hedges. Typical Creatures, kitsch disco turning it into a synth dance track. An unexpected treat.

Geffen Records ‎– PRO-A-3972 SAM_6702

A1 Fury Eyes (7″ Mix) 3:03
A2 Fury Eyes (20/20 Mix) 5:30
A3 Fury Eyes (Dub Mix) 3:37
B1 Abstinence 3:44
B2 Standing There (Andalucian Mix) 10:08
B3 Divided 2:49



Alison Moyet ‎– Ode To Boy (US Promo 12″)

Not mine – I think it’s a WINX rip.

From 1994 and the Promo 12″ of this Yazoo cover. Produced with Peter Gelenister these remixes were done by Junior Vasquez.

Bouncing bass and drum loops on the sparse N.Y. – L.A. mixes.

Synth strings can be heard on the very uplifting but slower Factory Mixes; welcoming back the Vasquez wonky organ. Still have to wait 3 mins for the vocals to kick in.


A1 Ode To Boy (N.Y.- L.A. Mix) 5:59
A2 Ode To Boy (Factory Mix) 9:56
B1 Ode To Boy (N.Y.- L.A. Dub) 3:12
B2 Ode To Boy (Factory Dub 1) 3:52
B3 Ode To Boy (Factory Dub 2) 4:40