Birdland – Paradise (12″)

ImagePeroxide blonde brothers Lee and Robert Vincent, along with Syd Rogers (bass) and Gene Kale (drums) were around from 1988 to 93 and were firm favourites of John Peel. Fast, short, punk rock would best descibe their second release, the “Paradise” E.P. from 1989. A raw, garage sound underproduced by the Primitives, Paul Sampson. Kind of reminds me off the Ramones.

A   Paradise    
B1   White    


Bronski Beat – Hundreds & Thousands (Vinyl LP)

ImageFrom 1985 and I’m glad a came across this remix album. Mike Thorne did the same sort of thing with Soft Cell on “Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing” probably a direct responce to Human League’s remix album, “Love And Dancing” This is obviously a lot later but Harvey Goldberg (Who did work with Modern English and Hue and Cry) along with American producer Dominick Meita (who remixed “Run For Love”) showed off their studio skills and only managing to ruin “Why ?” From the dance class sampled swing of “Heatwave” to very Soft Cell sounding “Junk” with spoken dialogue by Wendy Wild, you get some good, long remixes that keep plenty of the vocals , I actually prefer this version of “Smalltown Boy” to the normal 12″ mix. Their last output with Jimmy.


A1 Heatwave 5:44
A2 Why? 6:17
A3 Run From Love 8:14
B1 Hard Rain 7:52
B2 Smalltown Boy 5:54
B3 Junk 6:14

Diesel Park West – When The Hoodoo Comes (12″)

ImageLeicester finest indie guitar janglers. From 1987 a bit of an anthemic call to arms in a Stones sort of style. Their first release has an amusing critique of Leicester on the back describing it as thus

” This is no urban wasteland with twisted romantic associations, it’s not Detroit or the Bronx, it’s not even Liverpool or Glasgow. It’s Nowhersville, halfway on th eroad to every destination, a point on the M1 where accelerator pedals are depressed an extra degree or two”

3 strong tracks all self produced and “born fully grown”……..Enjoy!

Should of been a lot bigger than they were.

A1 When The Hoodoo Comes
B1 Above These Things
B2 The Girl With The Name

Hunters And Collectors – Talking To A Stranger (12″)

ImageKeeping my Antipodean fans happy (just don’t mention the cricket!) This was released back in 1982 from the seminal Aussie band , Hunters And Collectors. New Wave guitar, excellent bassline,  tribal chanted vocals and krautrock influences (they were named after a CAN song apparently.)It was produced by MIke Howlett who was producing Flock Of Seagulls at the time. B-side is “Run Run Run” just as strong a track with some more great bass from John Archer. Both songs are the extended versions.

Swans Way – When The Wild Calls (12″)


More well known for their haunting “Soul Train” (which I posted ages ago when I was a blogger not a presser!) This more obscure, unusual, melancholic pop song from 1984 was driven by the double bass of  Rick P Jones and helped by Mike Thorne’s precise production, it even has a trombone solo! B-side “Hangover” is glockenspiel led dance track with some great, treated Double Bass (very Whale-like in places) with those unique Robert Shaw vocals.