Yazz -Stand Up For Your Love Rights (The Remixes) and Normal 12″

The other big hit for Yazz from 1988 with The Beatmasters still on the desk. Coldcut do the long A-side mix here, breaking and rebuilding the track up, taking nearly 4 minutes before the vocals to come in ! It does go on a bit!!

The Beatmasters do the other mix, “She’s Crazy” sample comes from Boney M’s “Daddy Cool” which I’m guessing inspired the track. Acid bubbles and not much vocals, a lot harder.



Big Life ‎– BLR 5R SAM_3298

A Stand Up For Your Love Rights (The Stadium Disco Mix) 8:55
B Stand Up For Your Love Rights (She’s Crazy Mix) 7:50

I had a search in my files and have the normal 12″ so here it is. Probably not as good a recording but still a banger!!

The “Y’Azzid Mix” is very similar to the “She’s Crazy” mix, without that sample and it’s a bit shorter



Big Life ‎– BLR 5T yazz

A Stand Up For Your Love Rights
B Stand Up For Your Love Rights (Y’Azzid Mix!)


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