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Fra Lippo Lippi ‎– Tap Dance For Scientists (7″)


The debut 4 track E.P. from Norways, Fra Lippo Lippi, reveals an obsession with synths and soundtracks. At the time the band comprised of Morten Sjøberg – Drums,keyboards, Rune Kristoffersen – keyboards / guitar / bass and Bjørn Sorknes – keyboards / guitar / vocal.

All instrumentals and sounding like a video game in parts (it was recorded in 1980) it is has a D.I.Y. electronica sound, cheap beat box rhythms and a twangy electric guitar with some dub effects thrown in on the title track. The atmospheric drone of “Backdrops” reveals a more alternative, ambient side, breaking out the bass and guitar and the standout track, long and broody. So interesting and almost proggy in places these four tracks will be of interest to most retro synth geeks and minimalists.

Rare as Rocking Horse Shit so cheers WINX

Private Records ‎– 20180lipp

A1 Tap Dance For Scientists 2:48
A2 Do The Modern Pose 1:37
A3 Dolls On Parade 3:15
B1 Backdrops 7:37



Belouis Some – Let It Be With You (Extended Dance Mix) (UK 12″)

A Belouis Some retrospective ???

Moody with a blonde crew cut, old Neville Keighley from Sawth London, never looked that happy. Moody was so early 80’s but he maintained the persona even for this release from 1987. Most known for his hit “Imagination” (see below) and “Some People” (which I might post later) He was certainly a huge Star in Europe (and South Africa weirdly enough) where the New Wave funk sound was becoming popular. You can’t knock his writing and composition, catchy pop/funk with the help of Gary Langan and his studio fool of tricks. Great bass guitar on this and mixed by Phil Hammond. The “Dub Mix” is quite short and the B-side “Winds Of Change” a bit cringeworthy and over epic but has a bit of atmosphere to it.

More here, “Promo Mix” of this single with John Robie mixes..

A good remix of THAT tune…

Parlophone ‎– 12 R 6154letitbefrontcov

A Let It Be With You (Extended Dance Mix)
B1 Wind Of Change
B2 Let It Be With You (Dub Version)

Skyy ‎– Givin’ It (To You) (US 12″)

Why here ? Who are they ? Latin Rascals doing the mix ? Oh, go on then 🙂

So touching on the Jackson’s vibe Skyy were a disco-funk band based in Brooklyn,  New York City, who had a lot of success in the 70’s. Skyy learned a great deal from Randy Muller and his Brass Construction band. ‘Show Me The Way To Go’ was massive in the UK Jazz Funk and Soul charts as was ‘Let’s Celebrate.’

This was from the later part of their career, This is quite electro and tight for ’86 and was off the album, From the Left Side. Pure Soul Funk with a rather splendid dub mix.

Capitol Records ‎– V-15226skyyed

A Givin’ It (To You) (Special Mix) 6:03
B1 Givin’ It (To You) (Dub Vs.) 7:43
B2 Givin’ It (To You) 3:58



Landscape III – You Know You Hurt Me (12″)


After the luke-warm reception of “Manhattan Boogie-Woogie” Landscape trimmed themselves down to a trio and renamed themselves Landscape III, still being kept on the RCA label. (by the skin of their teeth)

You Know How To Hurt Me (12″)

With a more commercial sound and with female backing singers (Jaki Graham, Mo Birch and Ruby Turner) they wanted to regain some of their previous success. Burgess taking time out from producing Spandau Ballet. Pask from building up a reputation as a much sort after session bassist and Walters bringing his distinctive wind synth (the Lyricon) and computer programming.

A bit of a well-loved 12″, I’ve recorded it twice (raw and then treated) aware that Landscape fans would like to listen to the final stuff by the band. The main track is led by Pask’s slap bassline and there is a definite feel of Spandau/ABC about it over Burgess’ croon.

More bass (with synth bass) on the semi-instrumental “Feel So Right” and a little nod to the original Landscape jazz sound  with that Lyricon.

RCA ‎– RCAT 333hurtfrontcov

A You Know How To Hurt Me (Extended Version)
B Feel So Right (Extended Version)



Re-uppage 30 – (Lou Reed, INXS, Ché, Vic Reeves(?), Yello, Marc Almond, Red Box, Joyce Sims, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk & Yazoo (Bootleg Megamixes)

The NOW That’s What I Call A Re-Up Vol 30 and out every Thursday. (Updated – Now with added re-ups)

Lou Reed – No Money Down (US Promo 12″) For Chris (who is an Extended Fan)


Lou Reed – My Red Joystick (US Promo 12″) For Chris


INXS – Taste It / Not Enough Time (Promo 12″) For Stephen (who will hopefully have time to taste it 🙂 )










INXS – Disappear (US 12″) For Stephen (who won’t ever….hopefully)


INXS – Bitter Tears (US 12″) For Stephen (The Bitter Tears I weep when I can’t find neither the vinyl or the lost file)









INXS – Bitter Tears (LTD 12″) For Stephen (and the rest of the anorak completists)








Ché – Be My (Powerstation) (US Promo 12″) For MATT (an early sample-fest)


Vic Reeves – Abide With Me (12″) For Mark (Marky Mark Markety Mark)


Yello – Who’s Gone (Promo 12″) For Andreas (Nice Pick!)


Marc Almond – Jacky (12″) For Joe


Marc Almond – Tears Run Rings (US 12″) For Joe (another gem reupped)



Marc And The Mamba’s – Black Heart (12″) For Joe (Another cracker!)


Marc Almond – Stained E.P. (12″) For Joe


Red Box – For America / Lean On Me (10″ + 7″) For Neal (Yodellllling )


Red Box – Chenko (Tenka-io) (12″) For Neal (who gave me the heads up about the missing re-up)









Joyce Sims – Lifetime Love (12″) For Neal (Still got some requests left!)









Kraftwerk – Depeche Mode / Yazoo (Megamixes) (US 12″ Bootleg) For Neal












Peter Godwin – Emotional Disguise (12″)

A bit of Club Cruncher back in the day in your more discerning Nite Club (e.g. The Funhouse in NYC). From 1982 and covered in Linn Drum this exotic sounding New Wave track comes in both RAW and treated versions with the extended mix having extra synth percussion in the breaks. Produced by European synth wiz, Georg Kajanus (who was in DATA) Enjoy some classic synth!

The B-side is a variation of the A- side naturally sung in French

All other Godwin re-upped!

“Cruel Heart” here

“Art Of Love” here

And “Torch Song For A Heroine” (still upped!) here

This link…

Polydor ‎– POSPX 406emotionalfrontcov

A Emotional Disguise (Extended Version)
B French Emotions


Ten Ten – Walk On (US Vinyl LP)

An albums worth from this band who certainly gave good Power Pop with a Stadium Rock Edge.

A quartet from Richmond, Virginia. comprised of , amongst the Hairspray and guyliner, Don Ruzek, (keyboards and guitars) Lee Johnson (Drums), Mark Lewis (Guitar, vocals and Ex Single Gun Theory) and Peter Bell (Bass) this was there second album released in 1986.

Produced by Stephen Street it does have a British sound but with a synth edge. Top tunes from start to finish.

Chrysalis ‎– BFV 41532tenten

A1 When It Rains 4:55
A2 There Goes Everything 3:21
A3 Rags 4:03
A4 The One In You 4:36
A5 Where The Flowers Grow 4:35
B1 One Life 5:49
B2 Beyond Me 4:22
B3 Walk On 4:05
B4 Million Miles Away 3:50
B5 Silver Heaven 2:09



Nitzer Ebb – Basic Pain Procedure (Cassette)

So kindly provided for us by Winx….many thanks!

The very ever first stuff from Nitzer Ebb, recorded onto cassette (a budget TDK D-46!!!) and released in August 1983.

It’s just a basic sequencer and drums and percussion effects. Some interesting lyrics with obvious influences from Suicide, DAF and Fad Gadget. I’m liking the punky “Star” with the swearing (!) and the disco ‘First Step To Heaven’ There are even synths on the Gothy “Pass” and a raw version of “Crane” which was the only track I’d heard before as it appeared on a later release. “The Book” is almost Bauhaus!!


A1 Faded Smiles 3:26
A2 Tradition 3:43
A3 The Home 2:22
A4 Star 2:24
B1 The Passage 3:50
B2 The Book 3:30
B3 Crane 2:22
B4 Trust Ran In Colours 2:21

The Alan Parsons Project ‎– Don’t Answer Me (12″)

As a way of an introduction to this band which I’m not that familiar with, you get a bit of a mini “Best Of” on this 4 track 12″ from 1984.

From the album “Ammonia Avenue” you get the Phil Spector styled with a bit of E.L.O. in there. A bit of a timeless classic.

So as a Bonus you get a smattering of their back catalogue. The more New Wave sounding “You Don’t Believe” featuring Lenny Zakatek. The dramatic ballad of “Old And Wise” featuring Zombies vocalist Colin Blunstone and another classic track “Games People Play” from 1980 and featuring Zakatek again on vocals, this having a disco feel to it.

Arista ‎– 601 170answerfrontcov

A Don’t Answer Me 4:09
B1 You Don’t Believe 4:23
B2 Old And Wise 4:04
B3 Games People Play 4:14

Mike Oldfield – Tricks Of The Light (12″)

An ’84 release from Oldfield which still has Maggie Reilly on vocals this time duet-ting with Barry Palmer.

This was produced with Simon Phillips (who was once drummer with Toto) and as you would expect it’s a pristine sound job. An instrumental is also here so you can here the complex arrangement a bit better. Great bass from Phil Spalding and the shortest guitar solo ever.

B-side “Afghan” was also from the  “Discovery” LP sessions. Bagpipes a-plenty in a typical Oldfield short but powerful instrumental.

Virgin ‎– VS 707-12trickfrontcov

A Tricks Of The Light
B1 Tricks Of The Light (Instrumental)
B2 Afghan
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