Rick Springfield ‎– Human Touch (US Promo 12″)

Seems to be turning into a bit of John Luongo week. (But it’s the early 80’s so no remixes allowed right?)

With a name like Rick Springfield you’d expect a checked shirt American Rocker. Nope you get an Aussie synth head who played a bit of guitar.

From 1983 and so full of technology it still sounds immense. Produced with L.A’s Bill Drescher Luongo goes for a very quiet build up until the riff kicks in.

The “Instrumental” is just as good and quite rare. You can hear in the arrangement there was a lot going on.

Loved it back then and love it now!



RCA ‎– JD-13617 SAM_8287

A Human Touch (Extended Mix) 7:17
B Human Touch (Instrumental) 5:01

Big Country – Harvest Home (12″)

Released exactly 37 years ago!!! The debut release from Big Country.

Making guitar sound unlike anything before. This was an early recording with the classic line-up of Bass, Vocals – Tony Butler, Drums, Vocals – Mark Brzezicki, Guitar, Vocals – Bruce Watson and Lead Vocals, Guitar – Stuart Adamson (R.I.P.) Produced by Chris Thomas it still sounds a bit different with the melodic bass and octopus drumming , almost XTC in it’s pastoral lyrical content, a protest of wealth disparity (Did you hear the synth whistle?)

B-sides definitely reveal a quirky New Wave sound. “Balcony” is a brooding track about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. It is very different almost like a track from Adamson’s previous band The Skids. It managed to get played in the film “Against All Odds”

Synths are lurking under the guitars and also some electronic drums – and mad laughter!! The Horror!!!

And here they are! On the final B-side “Flag Of Nations” – sequencers and synths share the room with Butler’s bass and chorused guitars. Very Joy Division / New Order – pure krautrock.



Phonogram ‎– COUNT 12SAM_8370

A Harvest Home 3:47
B1 Balcony 4:00
B2 Flag Of Nations (Swimming) 4:38


Various – Alternative Hits Of The 80’s (CD)


Don’t let the typical , overused title put you off, this is an unusual compilation with some previously unheard mixes by some not very “Alternative” 80’s Stars. Are they re-recordings ? Bootlegs ? Unreleased mixes. I’m not sure but it should be called “An Alternative Listen To Some 80’s Hits.”

Here’s a track rundown. There are no licensing detail or info on the various tracks and they are all quite short.

Opening with a HoJo’s “No One Is To Blame” – sounding like a modern, semi-acoustic, live sounding re-recording, Robin Bolt playing his guitar next to the tight harmonies and the fab piano.

Animotion are next with quite a short “Club Mix” of “Obsession” – it maybe the 7″ or an edit. Love the mix of Rock and guitar and the duet vocals.

Bow Wow Wow’s “I Want Candy” is a definite modern remix, thrashy guitars, rave synths and hard, industrial beats over the familiar lyric. Having Shazammed it, it turns out to be Razed In Black’s industrial reinterpretation.

Next up is Missing Persons “Destination Unknown” the TV Mania Mix. From 1999 album, “Remixed Hits” TV Mania turns out to be Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo , so that’s why it is a quality mix!!

Berlin are here with a Trip Hop remix of “Take My Breath Away” by……….roll the drums…..The Mission (or Mission UK) gnarling old Goth’s do a splendid job, well Wayne Hussey did. From the 2000 album, Greatest Hits Remixed, another great track.

The very “Alternative” Kajagoogoo’s “Too Shy” gets what I think is a re-record, hard to tell. Any Limahl fans out there ?

Go West’s “King Of Wishful Thinking” is a live version, proving Mr. Cox is and can still belt it out. Good Brass section too!

Shazam again to find out that it was Industrialists, Die Krupps that dabble in Flock Of Seagull’s classic “I Ran” – off one of those numerous Cleopatra Records remix compilation from the late 90’s. So throbbing electro industrial beats and another good effort!!

Gary Numan’s “Car” is a live version, so sounds a little bit fresher and different, especially with Pino’s Palladino bass.

Howard Jones closes proceedings with “Everlasting Love” is a definite re-recording, probably off the same album as the opening track. Re-recording probably because of licensing issues.





Naked Eyes ‎– (What) In The Name Of Love (US 12″)

Your Weekly Arthur Baker fix!!!

Some later stuff by Naked Eyes and the very Thompson Twins sounding “(What) In The Name Of Love” mmmm, it is very similar to “In The Name Of Love” , especially on the 7″ version. It makes for an uncomfortable listen.

Drum sticks at the ready to hit those Octopads. Plenty of Edits by The Latin Rascals on track 2. Made In England for the Clubs of New York.



EMI America ‎– V-7832 nakeddd

A (What) In The Name Of Love (Extended Version) 6:03
B1 (What) In The Name Of Love (Instrumental) 6:00
B2 (What) In The Name Of Love (Single Version) 3:50

Sunday Silly Song – 49 – Until December – Call Me (US 12″)


From 1986 and already featured earlier on in the week we get quite a decent cover of the Blondie Classic- faithfully reproduced, the guitar is just as good and I like the added synths and the Doctor Who bassline, both mixes by Joseph Watts.

“Free Again – Live Hooker Mix” is a heavier guitar track with a sprinkle of synths and a Killing Joke bassline. A little Faith No More, a little grunge. The other mix features the legendary Sylvester on guest vocals. More percussive and with female backing singers, I like the mix of styles. Both produced by Ken Kessie.



Columbia ‎– 44-06768 SAM_1501

Dis Side
A1 Call Me (12″ Version) 4:47
A2 Call Me (13″ Version) 5:23
Daddy Side
B1 Free Again (“My Sin” – Sylvester Mix) 5:01
B2 Free Again (“Touch Me” – Live Hooker Mix) 4:15

Depeche Mode ‎– Strangelove (Promo 12″)


The famous DANCE BONG 13 for your perusal in both MP3 and FLAC, from Mike B who managed to get a copy but does not own the vinyl which can demand a three figure sum!!

It weird with all the reissues and box sets that stuff can still get left off. The reason this was not included was not because of Daniel Miller’s excellent “Blind Mix” but because of Phil Harding’s “The Fresh Ground Mix” which samples Cameo’s “Word Up” and never got clearance.

The Blind Mix uses slightly different percussion and has a harder edge to it, especially the start.

The Harding mix is slightly different using layered beats and a duel bass sound. Cameo rap over the top of Martin’s guitar riff in places, (well for a few seconds) more annoying than innovative.

It’s over 500 meg’s – a reason I try not to do much FLAC uploads!!

MP3 here


FLAC here


Mute ‎– DANCE BONG 13 side-A

A Strangelove (Blind Mix) 6:37
B Strangelove (The Fresh Ground Mix) 8:07