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Barbara Mason – Another Man (12″)


Classic soul/funk with an electro flavour, from 1983. A weird message about a girl chasing a guy who runs off with another man !

A1 Another Man (Vocal) 6:56
A2 Another Man (Short Version) 3:47
B1 Another Man (Instrumental) 5:49 (jumps a bit in first min)
B2 Another Man (Rap) 4:46

Joceyln Brown – Somebody Else’s Guy (Remix) (12″)


Playing this I was amazed it was from 1984, probably because of all the re-releases it has had. The production qualities are amazing thanks to super remixes from John Morales & Sergio Munzibai (from M&M Productions)


A Somebody Else’s Guy (Remix) 8:21
B1 Somebody Else’s Guy (Dub) 6:03
B2 Somebody Else’s Guy (A’Capella) 5:49

Genesis – Mama (12″)


A bit of Prog Rock now from 1983, well, with plenty of keyboards! Everyone will remember the scary video to this and it is quite a dark song and I have to admit I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Genesis, in all their bombast glory.

Apparently the inspiration for Collins’s laugh came from rap music pioneer Grandmaster Flash’s song “The Message”.

Here with the Full , as intended version alongside the equally good “It’s Gonna Get Better (Long Version)” which improves on the album version. Love the bass synth on this.

Clan Of Xymox – A Day/Stranger (12″)


Is this the best 12″ of the 80’s, well I would put it up there! From 1985 and remixed by label boss of 4AD , Ivo, this certainly delivers in terms of electronics and guitars.”A Day” is the better mix with some studio trickery ,almost New Order like as the song goes on a journey of its own ! The flipside is a remix of “Stranger” with its intense chord changes. Enjoy!!

Vitamin Z – Circus Ring (We Scream About) (12″)


From 1985 and sounding very Tears For Fears with the production skills of Ross Cullum. A long forgotten 80’s band this was my favourite track by them with it’s “double” chorus. The 12″ has extra bangs and whistles but improves the quality of this timeless song. The B-side is nice addition, very catchy but a bit too light and airy! (Sounds like a quilt)

A Circus Ring (We Scream About)(Remix) 7:00

A. Circus Ring (We Scream About) (7″)4:40
B. Don’t Stop (To Listen To His Music) 3:55

Black – Now you’re Gone (12″)


The final piece to the Black jigsaw. For all the fans of the original 80’s Vinyl Gems this completes my Vinyl collection. From 1988 and a great little ballad , created all with synths and samplers this was from Colin’s second album, “Comedy”. The “Mardi Gras” version is fully Latino, very evocative and different from the original. “Brother O` Mine” is an acoustic song that Colin excels in , he has done stuff like this ever since.

Belinda Carlisle – (We Want) The Same Thing (12″)


One of her last successful singles from 1989/1990. (doesn’t start a bit like Manson’s Fight Song?)This mix was radically different from the album version with bigger drums and is much more power pop. (I know it’s nearly the end of the weekend!) At least the B-side is remixed by William Orbit in a kind of weird, experimental megamix.

  1. “(We Want) The Same Thing” (extended summer remix) — 5:13
  2. “Circle in the Sand” (sandblast multi-mix)

Billy Ocean – When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going (12″)


Another Wedding Reception favourite and a song tied into the film “Jewel In The Crown” (the site of Danny Devito in the white tuxedo from the vid will trigger a few memories!)

The Robert “Mutt” Lange production is the key , all bells and whistles with that driving bass.

Sorry no club mix on this UK 12″- Boooo!!

1 “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going” (extended version) – 5:43
2 “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going” (7″ version) – 4:04
3 “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going” (instrumental) – 5:12

James Ingram with Michael McDonald – Yah Mo B There (Jellybean Remix) (12″)

New Link never turned so bought it again a re-ripped!

An early R&B track from 1983 with Jellybean Benitez here on remix duties. It was written by Ingram, McDonald, Rod Temperton, and producer Quincy Jones and is definitely one of those songs that you know by sound, not by title.

B-side is about the march of the machines with synths tickling everyone. A soulful vibe.

Qwest Records ‎– 920 288-0yahmofrontcov

A Yah Mo B There (Jellybean Club Remix) 6:40
B1 Yah Mo B There (Jellybean Dub Mix) 5:34
B2 Come A Da Machine (To Take A My Place) 2:56



Ashford & Simpson – Solid (12″)


The classic with the special club mix from 1984 by François Kevorkian and Ron St. Germain which gives it a distinct 80’s feel. The Dub Mix works really well and is an interesting, alternative listen to the famous track.

“Street Corner” has some great piano and horns.

R.I.P. Nick Ashford you gave us some great songs!

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