Second Image ‎– Sing And Shout (US 12″)


Obscure but could be played tonight at the more discerning NYE Parties. Big 80’s bass and a meaty mix by John Potoker this was released in 1984, New York Power Disco from this UK, septet, funk group, Second Image. Frank Burke (vocals, trumpet), George Bromfield (percussion, vocals) , Hugh Bromfield (Bass) , Lloyd Dwyer (saxophones) , Mark Fisher (synths) (from Matt Bianco and who passed away in 2016) , Simon Eyre (guitar) and Weston Foster (drums, vocals)

Produced by Christopher Heaton (ex-member of Landscape)

The Instrumental acts well as a dub version, for kool 80’s heads and certainly not an instrumental as the label describes.


MCA Records ‎– MCA-23514second

A Sing And Shout (New Jersey Bridge Mix) 6:15
B Sing And Shout (Special Large Instrumental Size) 7:35

Bros ‎– I Owe You Nothing (Over 18 Mix) (12″)


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Dug this out for your NYE Parties. The 18 minute mix of their second release from June 1988. Produced by Nicky Graham and mixed by Ric Wake (who also plays guitar) and remixed by Shep Pettibone (who also adds some extra percussion)

A little trip through the sound files of a Synclavier, it starts off and finishes and starts off again, Maximum Bros!! (The bassline would nicely blend into TIffany’s ” Think We’re Alone Now” )

The B side contains literally nothing. There is a grove split into six bands of varying lengths but no audible sound! (I’ve not included it)


CBS ‎– ATOM QT4 brosssssed

A I Owe You Nothing (Over 18 Mix) 18:01
B Nothing



Paul Hardcastle ‎– Rain Forest + Forest Fire (US 12″ and UK 12″)


Electro funk from Paul Hardcastle with this ’84 classic, pre- “19” release.

A jazzy vibe with some pleasant chimes and whistles, quite inoffensive.

“Soundchaser” is a bit harder with vocoder lead and sounding a bit like Hardcastle’s “The Wizard” (used as Top Of The Pops Theme) which he released in 1986. Amazing what you can do with just and Prophet 5 and tr808.


Profile Records ‎– PRO-7059rain

A Rain Forest 5:12
B Sound Chaser 5:50

Mike B has supplied this UK version which has a different B-side. More leafy electro with “Forest Fire.” Re-released in ’85 the new track is far more electro, with a bit of scratching and more use of the sampler. You can tell it’s a later recording as it’s mastered much louder.

Bluebird – BRT 15

ARain Forest4:50
BForest Fire7:20

Re-Uppage 65 – (Matt Fretton, Wet Wet Wet, Bros (x3) )

A small, but perfectly formed, set of Pop requests and probably the last time I can type NEW LINK 2018 🙂

Matt Fretton – Dance It Up (12″) For Paul (Happy New Year!)









Wet Wet Wet – Wishing I Was Lucky (Metal Mix) (12″) For Mauricio (All the Best in the coming year!)


Bros – Chocolate Box (12″) All 3 for Nick (All The Best! – I do have bonus Bros 12″ I’ll post later!)


Bros – Drop The Boy (12″)


Bros – Are You Mine ? (12″)








Modern Romance ‎– That’s What Friends Are For (12″)

In the middle of an identity crisis and one of their last releases. They had transformed their sound from Pop Salsa to synth led Pop Rock for this 1984. The line-up was Michael J. Mullins – vocals, David Jaymes – bass guitar, Robbie Jaymes – synthesizer, Paul Gendler – guitar and Andy Kyriacou – drums..

Mixed by John Morales & Sergio Munzibai over the original production by Tony Visconti.

B-side “(Blame My) Jealousy” has funky synths, Simmons drums, guitar solo and even a vocoder section and was included on their last album, “Burn It!”


RCA ‎– RCAT 437SAM_9492

A That’s What Friends Are For (U.S. Re-Mix) 5:59
B1 That’s What Friends Are For (Dub Version) 4:52
B2 (Blame My) Jealousy 3:51

Baltimora ‎– Living In The Background (US Promo 12″ + German 12″)

The follow up to “Tarzan Boy” (Yes, he did stuff after that!) The musical enigma that is Baltimora released this in 1985 and it fell on deaf ears, well it didn’t get a UK release. Somewhere near to Limahl, Jimmy McShane was marketed as an Italo-Disco artist but was actually a trained actor and dancer who had previously tried to break into the West End scene and was originally from Northern Ireland! (He died of an AIDS-related illness in March 1995.)

His partnership with Italian producer and musician Maurizio Bassi, spawned the monster that was “Tarzan Boy” , all the vocals were done by Bassi (allegedly). Here the style is similar euro dance, written by Bassi and Naimy Hackett and given a club mix by John Luongo. Catchy Pop Fluff but with some added weight with the remix.


Manhattan Records ‎– SPRO-9636SAM_9847

A Living In The Background (Club Mix) 6:57
B1 Living In The Background (Single Version) 3:57
B2 Living In The Background (Instrumental) 6:04

For completists everywhere here is the full German 12″ with a bonus extra track! It’s more gentle synthpop in the vein of Erasure via Moroder but that bloody heavy metal guitar is still there!

EMI – 1C K 060-11 8735 6

ALiving In The Background (Extended Version)6:05
B1Running For Your Love (Extended Version)5:50
B2Living In The Background (Instrumental Mix)4:24

Hubert Kah ‎– Military Drums (US Promo 12″)

German Synthpop from 1987 and the trio Hubert Kah (Hubert Kemmler, Markus Löhr, Klaus Hirschburger) give us an anti-war message. Produced by Armand Volker and Michael Cretu. (who also co-wrote it) Hubert Kemmler’s wife Sandra Kemmler. provides the backing vocals

The first 2 mixes are by Boris Granich and Christer Modig (DJ Swedish Chris) giving it more of a club feel. The LP Edit is more like the regular single. The Dance Edit by Ali Lexa is the pick of the mixes


Curb Records ‎– L33-10251SAM_8730

A1 Military Drums (Crossover Radio Edit) 3:50
A2 Military Drums (Powermix) 5:20
B1 Military Drums (LP Edit Version) 3:14
B2 Military Drums (Dance Edit By Ali Lexa) 6:50

Roxette ‎– Dangerous (US 12″)

Sweden Pop Rockers Roxette get turned into Synth-ette on these mixes from Daniel Abraham on this 1989 release. The Dub was definitively aimed at the dance floor.

Album track “I Could…” from “Look Sharp!” is the B-side with lead vocals from Per Gessle and some nice Spanish guitar.


EMI USA ‎– V-56159dangerous

A1 Dangerous (Power Mix-Long Version) 7:02
A2 Dangerous (Power Mix-Short Version) 3:39
B1 Dangerous (Dub) 7:15
B2 I Could Never Give You Up (LP Version) 3:49

Fish – Big Wedge (12″)

Anti-American, anti-capitalist comment from former Marillion front man Fish (Derek William Dick). Off his debut album , “Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors.” given a full on production by Jon Kelly, with James Bond overtones.

Prog Rock with some nice keyboards on this full 8 minute version. Featuring Carol Kenyon and Tessa Niles on backing vocals,  Mark Brzezicki on drums, John Giblin on bass, The Kick Horns on brass, Hal Lindes (ex Dire Straits) and Frank Usher on guitars and Mickey Simmonds (ex Camel) on keys, who also co-wrote and arranged it.

“Your credit rating’s good for a Madonna or a Bardot a Dali or a Picasso for his wall.”

B-side “Jack And Jill” is a Power Ballad and one of those hidden gems tucked away as a B-side and is very Genesis (that keyboard interlude!)

A powerful cover of Alex Harvey’s, “Faith Healer” recorded live from the ’89 Tour is the bonus track, nice synth solo on here too.


EMI ‎– 12EM 125wedge

A Big Wedge
B1 Jack And Jill
B2 Faith Healer (Live)


Ritchie Valens ‎– La Bamba ’87 (US 12″)

Still Partying !?!

Ricardo Esteban Valenzuela Reyes to give him his full name had posthumous success with “La Bamba” (originally a hit in 1958 and resuscitated by Los Lobos in 1987 off the film of the same name.)

So apart from the vocals this was a completely re-recorded version that was put out at a similar time to Los Lobos’s effort by one of the films producers, Paul Politi. When I saw the ’87 tagged on the end I feared it might be a dreadful House remake but it isn’t, quite a faithful update with even more horns, arranged by Lon Norman, an American jazz trombonist. Taavi Mote and Bob Keane are responsible for the 4 remixes.


Del-Fi Records ‎– DF-1287labam

A1 La Bamba ’87 (Long Version) 5:14
A2 La Bamba ’87 (Una Vez Mas) 3:20
B1 La Bamba ’87 (Latino Power Mix) 4:29
B2 La Bamba ’87 (Hi Tone Rock-Box Mix) 4:39