Simply Red ‎– Come To My Aid (12″)

A forgotten classic from Simply Red and from their early days, from 1985 and only their second single. Showing how tight and funky the band was and under the controls of Stewart Levine.

A cover of Bill Wither’s classic “Granma’s Hands” shows the bands soul roots and the funk continues on the mid-tempo of “Valentine”, rare but a quality B-side written by Hucknall.

Elektra ‎– EKR 19Taidfrontcov

A Come To My Aid 6:36
B1 Granma’s Hands 2:48
B2 Valentine 4:00

King ‎– Won’t You Hold My Hand Now (Youth Mix) (12″)

Mullet alert!

The debut single from New Wavers King (but with a hint of rock) . From 1985 but not remixed by Youth (as it implies) but produced by Liam Henshall and engineered by Jerry Boys

The B-side is a bit of gem, synth bass, guitar and 12″ effects. A rare track “Endlessly” and proves the group had a lot of songs waiting in the wings.

Old glamourpuss, Paul King, does a live version of piano ballad, “Fish”, from Strathclyde University as the bonus track. Just wished they edited the crowd noise.



CBS ‎– TA 6094holdfrontcov

A Won’t You Hold My Hand Now (Youth Mix) 5:22
B1 Endlessly 5:05
B2 Fish (Reprise) (Live) 4:14

New Edition – Candy Girl (12″)

From 1983 and the electro-tastic and youthful New Edition. Yes they had this sort of shit back then. The Jackson 5 on Aciiieeed. It eas actually produced and mixed by Arthur Baker and Maurice Starr with rapper Michael Jonzun.

New Edition was an R&B group formed in Boston in 1978, At the height of their early popularity in 1983, the group consisted of Ronnie DeVoe, Bobby Brown (yes, the notorious B Brown), Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ralph Tresvant.

A fun memory and I love the vocoder and squelchy synth bass but those vocals send a shiver down my spine! Thanks God there is a Singalong version!

London Records ‎– LONX 21newwed

A Candy Girl (Young & Strong Edition) 5:45
B1 Candy Girl (Long Version) 6:58
B2 Candy Girl (Singalong) 6:55

Martha And The Muffins (M+M) – Black Stations / White Stations (US 12″)

Canadian New Wavers with a track that is NOT “Echo Beach.” In 1983, lead vocalist Martha Johnson and guitarist Mark Gane pared the band down to a duo and briefly changed the name to M+M. Combining sonic textures and art funk in their dance single “Black Stations/White Stations”, the song reached 2 in Billboard’s Dance Chart in 1984.

Produced by Daniel Lanois it has a sophisticated funk sound and was taken from the M+M album , “Mystery Walk.” The topic stemming from the fact that only certain records would be played on Black or White Radio Stations even in 1984.  Mike Jones helps them with the remixes with some nice bass playing from Tinker Barfield and amazing drums from Yogi Horton.


RCA Victor ‎– PW-13802SAM_5096

A1 Black Stations / White Stations (Remix) 6:23
A2 Black Stations / White Stations 3:40
B1 Black Stations / White Stations (Instrumental) 4:55
B2 Black Stations / White Stations (LP Version) 5:06

Robbie Robertson ‎– Somewhere Down The Crazy River (12″)

Half spoken word with a touch of “Waiting For The Train” by Flash And The Pan. Robbie was guitarist in the legendary group, The Band. This is given a lush production by Daniel Lanois and mix Bob Clearmountain. There are more gravelly vocals on the Gabriel-esque “Broken Arrow.”

“Tailgate” was a bit of an unexpected synth fix with added guitar by Robertson. Very like Robert Palmer.


Geffen Records ‎– GEF 40Tbrokenfrontcov

A1 Somewhere Down The Crazy River (LP Version)
B1 Broken Arrow (LP Version)
B2 Tailgate

The Untouchables ‎– Agent Double O Soul (US 12″)

From 1989 and the last single from the well respected Ska and Soul band from the Silver Lake, Los Angeles. Produced by Zappa band member, Arthur Barrow, the main 12″ is a little bit too weak for a House track, although it does have plenty of Bond chords. The album version is far more funkier with the horn section,but not much cop with the vocal performance; not sure the original artist, Edwin Starr would have thought much of it either. The Bonus track, “Stripped To The Bone”  is definitively worth a listen, quick and groovy. Love the phased effects on the mix.

Twist Records ‎– 7 72341-0double

A Agent Double O Soul (Secret Agent Mix) 5:50
B1 Agent Double O Soul (Album Version) 4:41
B2 Stripped To The Bone (Bare Bones Mix) 7:04

Hanover Fist – Razor Garden (US 12″)


Another new 80’s band to me. Hanover Fist were a synth pop duo from Minneapolis, founded by Charles Erickson and James Harry and active in years 1985 – 1988. So the track has a bit of Goth edge to it, with some guitar accompanying the synths, and would please people after a bit of Coldwave. “Dubble Stubble” is another good example of the skills of editing by The Latin Rascals. They also do a find job on the 12″, definitely a grower although it does have a bit of Sisters Of Mercy vibe to it.



Capitol Records ‎– V-15268

A Razor Garden (12″) 8:06
B1 Razor Garden (7″) 3:47
B2 Razor Garden (Dubble Stubble) (Instrumental) 3:11