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Red Hot Chilli Peppers ‎– Fight Like A Brave (Not Our Mix) (US 12″)

Seeing that I mentioned them in the last post here is a very early release from RHCP ,in fact from 1987!!!

Given the Chep Nunez treatment regarding Edits on the main mix, it sounds very like The Beastie Boys, all beats and samples. (Theirs even a separate track of just the beats) The “Boner Mix” is more your traditional sounding Chilli’s with all the instruments back in the mix care off Michael Beinhorn. B-side , “Fire” is much more punk, weighing in at just 2 minutes long, a cover of a Jimi Hendrix song. I’ll dust off my air guitar!!!

EMI-Manhattan Records ‎– V-56076SAM_4838

A1 Fight Like A Brave (Not Our Mix) 5:24
A2 Fight Like A Brave (Boner Beats Mix) 3:36
B1 Fight Like A Brave (Mofo Mix) 5:24
B2 Fire 2:00

Fishbone ‎– When Problems Arise (US 12″)

I’m feeling the need for a bit of Rock!

This was released in 1986 and comes from American rock/ska band Fishbone.

Formed in L.A. in 1979 the band were famous for mixing up the styles. The line-up included Fish (Philip Fisher) on drums, Kendall Jones on guitar, John Norwood Fisher on bass, Christopher Dowd on keyboards, Angelo Moore on sax and vocals and Walter Kibby II on vocals and trumpet. Because they couldn’t be deftly fit into one musical category they didn’t sell well.

This was produced by David Kahne and remixed by François Kevorkian and would be appreciated by Red Hot Chilli Peppers fans for the rock/funk groove. I hint of Bad Brains in there too.

Columbia ‎– 44 05984SAM_3140

A1 When Problems Arise (Problematic Mix) 4:57
A2 When Problems Arise (Album Mix) 3:54
B When Problems Arise (Mix Is Risen) 4:55

Re-uppage 26 (Shriekback, Cabaret Voltaire, Kim Wilde, The Fatback Band, Bruce Hornsby And The Range, Alexei Sayle, Sigue Sigue Sputnik)

More dedications on this weekly re-hash.

Shriekback – The Twelve Inch Collections (Part 1 & 2) For JC Zefsconet

Part 1

Part 2


Cabaret Voltaire – Here To Go (Remix) For Mark


Kim Wilde – Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love (German 12″) For Neil








The Fatback Band – I Found Lovin’ (12″) For Neil (who was like a kid in a sweet shop 🙂 )









Bruce Hornsby And The Range – Every Little Kiss (12″) For Neil









Alexei Sayle – ‘Ullo John! Got A New Motor ? (12″) For Neil

Now had it’s M.O.T. (fixed innit!)


Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Retrospective Vol 2 (with links checked and re-upped) (For Neil – his last one for now!)

Sigue Sigue Sputnik & Degville, Martin & Kavanaugh, Chris & Neal




Hot House ‎– Don’t Come To Stay (12″)

Finishing off our trio of female vocalists today with this.

Heather Small’s first band and an early release from Deconstruction Records back in ’86. Joining Small was guitarist Mark Pringle and Martin Colyer. With bass from Mike Feat and keyboards from Robby Taylor and Londonbeat on backing vocals (Jimmy Helms, Jimmy Chambers, and George Chandler) Funk/Soul in abundance on this debut release,then. Produced by Jamie Lane (drummer for Sniff ‘n’ the Tears who also did the drums on this.)

Bonus track is from the album “South”, “Me And You”, just as soulful.

Deconstruction ‎– M6212house

A Don’t Come To Stay (Full Length Version)
B1 Me And You
B2 Don’t Come To Stay (7″ Edit Version)

Kim Carnes ‎– Crazy In The Night (Barking At Airplanes) (US 12″)

Kim Carnes (the Queen Of Rasp And Roll) goes fully synthpop with this from ’85. (From the album of the same name) Huge electronic drums and synth sounding like guitars and laddish backing vocals. (the guitar does come in for the solo)

Produced with Bill Cuomo and mixed by Rusty Garner the Dub mix is particularly fun. Waddy Wachtel (from the Stevie Nicks Band) and Russ Kunkel on guitars with Larry David on keyboards and Craig Krampf on drums.

The Cars meets Laura Brannigan.

EMI America ‎– V-7857crazy

A – Crazy In The Night (Barking At Airplanes) (Dance Mix) – 5:10

B – Barking At Airplanes (Part II) (Dub Mix) – 4:59

Kim Wilde – Love Blonde (12″)

A change of style from Miss Wilde from the New Romantic sound of here earlier stuff and the first release from her 1983 album, “Catch As Catch Can.” Featuring 80’s Sax legend, Gary Barnacle, as well as brother Bill on trumpet and Kenny Perk on trombone.  A Stray Cat Stomp about the sound, with plenty of finger clicking moments, swing it Kim.

This was her first 12″ mix, with a nice interplay between bass and guitar and some 12″ effects thrown in by producer dad, Marty.

Album track “Can You Hear It” is included as a bonus track, the return of the 80’s synths and a bit of a gem.

RAK ‎– 12 RAK 360wildeed

A Love Blonde
B1 Love Blonde (7″)
B2 Can You Hear It

Wendy & Lisa 2 x 12’s

“Honeymoon Express” & “Are You My Baby ?”

Mike sent this over but it was already on here so I’ve re-upped it…

The other one is from ages back now re-upped…

We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It! ‎– Pink Sunshine (12″)

And the 7″ was simply titled by Fuzzbox!

With a nod to Frankie Goes To Hollywood / ZTT in terms of production the once grungy/indie all girl band released very shiny piece of rock/pop in 1989. Produced by Andy Richards and mixed by Nick Davis (Marillion, Genesis, XTC) it was written by the band. Jo Dunne, (Guitarist – R.I.P.) Maggie Dunn and Vickie Perks. It suitably space age sounding with sampled horns and 12″ tricks.

B-sides include a version of a “What’s The Point” from their first album “Bostin’ Steve Austin” given a remix by Steve Short. Much more like their old sound. A bonus is a suitably trashy version of “Spirit In The Sky” done in their unmistakable style.

A1 – Pink Sunshine (The High Octane Mix) – 5:24pinky

B1 – What’s The Point (The Bostinous One) – 3:59

B2 – Spirit In The Sky – 3:06

U2 – All I Want Is You (12″)

A rare appearance on her for U2 who could be considered at their peak of World Domination with this their 4th and last single from the album “Rattle And Hum.” It’s mainly included on here because of the two cover versions on the B-side (I love a good cover version and these are quite interesting)

Released in 1989 and produced by Jimmy Iovine this is quite a heartfelt love song with lyrics credited to Bono and orchestra arranged by Van Dyke Parks.

So to the two covers with the more U2 flavoured “Unchained Melody” with plenty of signature Edge guitar. Bono gives it the full vocal performance and it does send a tingle down the spine. “Everlasting Love” starts with a guitar strum then rocks out. Proving you can’t murder a classic.

Island Records ‎– 12 IS 422allfrontcov

A All I Want Is You 6:30
B1 Unchained Melody 4:52
B2 Everlasting Love 3:20

Ledernacken And Band ‎– Amok! (12″)

Crazy freak beat stuff and the debut release from Ledernacken (Folke Jensen) from 1983 on the Blast First! label this combines guitars, drum machine, funky bass, church bells with broken glass and wood sawing! A underground dance hit in the US, this was new to my earholes. “Shake Your Booty Shake!”

“Galle” is more Europop with some nice retro synth sounds going on.

Rhythmus Rausch” is even more funky and is still sung, or grunted, mostly in German.

Some more Ledernacken over here with the ’88 single “Let Yourself Go”

Strike Back Records ‎– SBR 2Tamok

A1 Amok!
A2 Galle
B1 Amok (Extended Version)!
B2 Rhythmus Rausch
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