Linx ‎– Throw Away The Key (12″)

All genres catered for in this look at the early 80’s and the late 70’s.

Linx had a massive hit with debut album and single “Institution” in ’81. Previously David Grant and Sketch Martin had been part of a larger band but slimmed down to a duo. Most of the band still play on this with Andy Duncan on drums, Canute Edwards on guitar and Bob Carter on keys.

The main song motors along on an ace bassline with little bit of synth scattered around, I love a forgotten gem.

Apparently Roland Orzabol (Tears for Fears )mentions this song was his inspiration for “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”!!!

B-sides include the laid back funk of “The Ice Is Melting” (which ends quickly as it cuts into the other B-side) Almost a bit like Level 42. “Together…” has duelling synth bass and electric bass and quickens everything up, I think it was re-titled as the US Remix.

Chrysalis ‎– CHS 12 2519keyfrontcov

A Throw Away The Key 5:43
B1 The Ice Is Melting 6:04
B2 Together We Can Shine (Version) 5:46

Sham 69 ‎– Hersham Boys (12″)

A toe into 1979 and the first proper Punk record on here. (I think!) Jimmy Pursey’s Sham 69 had weathered most of the punk explosion and came out survivors with a loyal , if dwindling, following. This was from their third LP “Adventures Of The Hersham  Boys” and saw them once again get on Top Of The Pops, much to Pursey’s delight!

Produced by Pursey with Pete Wilson it is actually a longer version, with the band seemingly having to jam out an extra few minutes of the song…very entertaining.

Backed by 4 live tracks from a February gig back in 1978 at the Roundhouse in London. I’ve kept the tracks altogether as one mp3, to keep the flow of the gig and to hear Pursey stopping a crowd fight when chants of “we hate punks” could be heard. Proper rawkus punk songs, innit?

Polydor ‎– POSPX 64hershamfrontcov

A Hersham Boys (Long Version)
B1 I Don’t Wanna (Live)
B2 Rip Off (Live)
B3 I’m A Man, I’m A Boy (Live)
B4 Tell Us The Truth (Live)

David Bowie – Fashion (12″)

Not so much a wow! this is an amazing 12″ version but a celebration of a classic and for me a very influential song.  Following the success of “Ashes To Ashes” this really got me into Bowie – who I thought was a bit of a relic from the 70’s and nobody looked back at that time in 1980.

Tony Visconti on production with Robert Fripp’s angry guitar howling all over it. Biographer David Buckley believed the song “poked fun at the banality of the dance-floor and the style fascists” of the New Romantic movement. What ever the songs interpretation it’s a belter. The 12″ has the full version with album track “Scream Like A Baby” which returns to a more glam rock stomp.

RCA ‎– BOW T 7fashionfrontcov

A Fashion 4:46
B Scream Like A Baby 3:35

The Romantics ‎– One In A Million (US 12″)

Power Pop from Michigan’s The Romantics with the catchy “One In A Million” from 1983. They also did “Talking In Your Sleep” – not on here and “Mystified” link updated here..

Bits of synth and bass that seems has been processed by a sampler, it seems. Produced by Peter Solley and remixed by John “Jellybean” Benitez it only had a limited release so didn’t make it to these shores. But very , very catchy….you have been warned!

Nemperor Records ‎– 4Z9-04967million

A One In A Million (Dance Mix) 5:28
B One In A Million (Instrumental) 3:36

Section 25 ‎– Girls Don’t Count (7″)


A very rare Factory release from July 1980 (38 years ago), the debut, 3 -track 7″ from Section 25. Edition of 3,000 in a tracing paper sleeve that was assembled in a workshop for the deaf ! (Mike must have loads of money to afford this!!!) Contemporaries of Joy Division this was produced by Rob Gretton (Joy Division’s manager) and Ian Curtis.

Originally from Poulton-Le-Fylde near Blackpool consisting of brothers Larry Cassidy (bass, vocals) and Vincent Cassidy (drums) and on this release Paul Wiggin on guitar. They were a Factory staple, almost becoming a bit of a house band for the label changing their sound to more electronica as the 80’s progressed.

On the main track shouty lyrics over a bleak guitar soundscape with a metro-nomic bassline and whip crack percussion, a bit like Bauhaus. “Knew Noise” is more dancey in a Post Punk kinda way, P.I.L. via Wire. Final track “Up To You” has even more buzz saw guitar with the repetitive lyrics over a psycho funk beat.

Factory ‎– FAC 18section25

A Girls Don’t Count 4:16
B1 Knew Noise 4:30
B2 Up To You 4:00

Kim Carnes ‎– You Make My Heart Beat Faster (And That’s All That Matters) (US 12″)

From early ’84 and when Kim was into here synths and from the EMI America album “Cafe Racers”- so the track was actually from 1983 . Sounding a bit like early Madonna via The Pointer Sisters, helped by a Rusty Garner / Paul Sabu mix it bounds along with some heavier guitar overdubbed provided by Steve Lukather from Toto. The B-side is more a dub version and I’m liking the way the guitar has been messed around on this.

An All-time high impact aerobics classic!!  🙂


EMI America ‎– V-7819heart

A You Make My Heart Beat Faster (And That’s All That Matters) (Dance Mix) 6:04
B You Make My Heart Beat Faster (And That’s All That Matters) (Instrumental Version) 4:15

Berlin – Young Warrior (Canadian LP)

Back in the Room….

Early 80’s (and dipping into the late 70’s!!!) all this week with a mixture of New Wave and experimental stuff.

Kicking off is this Canadian band Berlin (Not the synthy American ones which amazingly after fighting for naming rights bankrupted them!)

Released in 1982 this was their only album with plenty the rocky guitars it is more Power Pop with some New Wave elements to my old ears. The band comprised of Steve Marian, Scott Anderson, Julian Bernas and Scott Shelson.

Quite a variety of rock based tunes even getting quite grungy in places. Produced with Terry McKeown and engineered by Dee Long it’s so obscure I’ve got no info at all on the band.

Highlights are the rock-reggae of “All For One” and synths make an appearance on “My World Is Empty Without You”

Obscure New Wave… wouldn’t expect anymore from this blog.

Freedom Records ‎– FR-012SAM_9713

A1 Nervous
A2 There’s Always A Danger
A3 Young Warrior
A4 Walking With The Shadows
A5 All For One
B1 Strange Love
B2 My World Is Empty Without You
B3 I Don’t Want To Think About It
B4 Waiting For Night
B5 Real Love


King ‎– Alone Without You (Scorcher Mix) (12″)

August 1985 and King released this little Scorcher. At the height of their popularity and completing and attracting top producers and remixers. Paul “Groucho” Smykle adds a bit of sparkle to the track whilst a big bonus was Richard James Burgess USA Summer Remix of their breakthrough track “Love And Pride.” King always had a Rock edge to them which can be heard on the bizarrely titled, ” I Kissed The Spikey Fridge”


CBS ‎– TA 6308king

A Alone Without You (Scorcher Mix) 4:30
B1 Love & Pride (USA Summer Mix) 6:17
B2 I Kissed The Spikey Fridge (Rock Hard Mix) 4:02

Shriekback ‎– Nemesis (Extended) (2×12″)


More Mutant funk from Shriekback and the Majestic “Nemesis” plus 3 live tracks taken from a BBC session. The remix was done by Gavin MacKillop and I prefer it to the “Deviant Mix” All top stuff from 1985.

Here is the other 12″‘s re-upped just for you.

So the full set……only on this blog,  completist heaven!

Arista ‎– shrk 123nemfrontcov

A Nemesis (Extended) 5:49
B Suck (Live) 4:50
C Mothloop (Live) 2:55
D Feelers (Live) 5:42