P.J. Proby – Love Will Tear Us Apart (12″)

Not for the faint-hearted is this 1985 cover of the Joy Division classic! There is some input from Peter Hook but this is entirely in the style of Rock N Roll legend P.J. Proby, as he dips into Elvis amongst synths and sample stabs.

The very RAW live version goes into loads of different styles, I love the Motown vibe he gives it on the live take.

An Oddity indeed. I’d play it!



Savoy Reich Records – PJS2

ALove Will Tear Us Apart (Studio Take)
BLove Will Tear Us Apart (Live Take)

Janet With Carly Simon – Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) (CDS)

Janet Jackson that is and also with Missy Eliot and P Diddy and produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. From 2001 and a big multi-million dollar collab/project.

Solid Hip Hop beats when it, House and Rock mixes as Carly Simon resurrects her song, like an albatross around her neck. Hope she had a good pay day.



Virgin – VUSCDF 232

1Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) (The Original Flyte Tyme Remix)4:13
2Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) (P. Diddy Remix)5:01
3Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) (Cottonbelly Remix)5:31
4Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) (Rock Remix)4:10
5Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) (Album Version)5:56

P.J. Proby – Tainted Love (12″)

The one we’ve been waiting for….From October ’85 and slightly deranged version of “Tainted Love”, slightly Rockyabilly and a psychedelic ending.

The maverick also did a cover of Heroes and Anarchy In The UK in the following years.

“Shake A Bum” is a more a “normal” , Rock N Roll track with just a cheeky chorus.



Savoy Humungus Records – PJS 1

ATainted Love
BShake A Bum

Mark Shaw Etc – Under Your Spell (12″)

After making no impact with his debut single and the album, “Almost” making almost no impression. His last single release was the rocky, Andy Taylor produced and played on “Under Your Spell” more guitar and solos listen to the ACDC inspired 12″version,

More Rawk with a mix of “Mrs. Wonderful” with full on harmonica. Co-written by B-Movies Paul Statham. It out does Billy Idol but with a slap bass, Mr. Beggs ??? The theme is anti – Margaret Thatcher!

  • An extra track from Fred – Led Zepplin’s “The Lemon Song” gets a “live” acoustic version with Shaw ushering the ghost of Robert Plant (but he is still now in rude health) Not a bad cover, bluesy woosey.



EMI – 12EM 188

AUnder Your Spell (Extended Version)
B1Under Your Spell
B2Mrs. Wonderful (Rock Mix)

Bruce Foxton – Freak (12″)

From 1983 and produced by Steve Lillywhite, I bet Foxton was furious when The Jam split and Weller went off to form The Style Council !

Sounding a bit like Killing Joke with the vocals and guitars but with brass added. Far removed from the sound of The Jam. It was the opening track from his LP “Touch Sensitive” which came out the following year. Here in an extended, funkier version.

Stan Shaw (The Hitmen) and guitarist Peter Glenister helped arrange it.

The B-side has a bit of The Police / The Fixx, mid-tempo AOR with a slight edge.



Arista – BFOX 121

BWriting’s On The Wall4:32

Mark Shaw Etc – Love So Bright (12″)

Yes, the “singing cheekbones” from Then Jericho did some solo stuff under his own name.

From 1990 and featuring an orchestra along with his distinct vocals. Listen carefully and you can hear Spanish guitar and castanets on the extended version. It was co-produced with LA engineer Mike Ging (Tina Turner)

The Bad Mood Mix (mixed with Andy Lovell (Toyah)) is more electronic adding some sax and ditching the strings and a middle section of soundbite samples.

“Song For Lorraine” goes into Simple Minds “Waterfront” territory – but didn’t Then Jericho always go there. It was co-written by Nick Beggs

As a bonus their is an additional, mellow acoustic mix of the title track “Passive Mood” by Owen Davies. Great voice btw.



EMI – 12EMP 161

ALove So Bright (The Bad Mood Mix)5:15
B1Love So Bright (Extended Mix)5:25
B2Song For Lorraine4:05

Low Noise – Jungle Line (12″)

From August 1981 and a “Project” from Thomas Dolby and his bandmates as they covered a Joni Mitchell song.

Featuring; Electronics – Matthew Seligman, Guitar – Kevin Armstrong, Percussion [Beat] – J.J. Johnson (Skids, Gardening By Moonlight) and Voice, Producer, Electronics – Thomas Dolby

I think I got my copy from a Bargain Bin for 20p from Blackshaws back in the day, shocked that it was actually a Dolby product!

Dirty synth bass and layers or precussion I didn’t really like it at first preferring the piano ballad “Urban Tribal” – which still brings a tear to the eye! Such as a beautiful song!



Happy Birthday Records – UR 5

AJungle Line3:52
B1Urban Tribal3:50
B2Jungle Line (Instrumental)3:40


Resurrecting the One -Off Project and here we have Roland working alongside band member Ian Stanley creating something from the down time (there was a lot!) from the “Songs From The Seeds Big Chair” sessions.

The song featured a lead vocalist named Eddie Thomas (credited as Eddie Jnr. on the single sleeve) who previously was one of the dancers in the ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ video.7

Quite funky but as you’d expect, programmed to perfection

The US 12″ is here re-upped and a Mike B rip. (He was all over it as usual)

Here it is in a large WAV folder



10 Records – 608 479

AFish For Life 12″7:36
B1Fish For Life 7″4:04
B2Fish For Life (Instrumental)4:22

Reluctant Stereotypes – The Label (LP)

This was released in 1980 and features Paul King on lead vocals on lead vocals and wrote most of the tracks. From the Coventry Ska scene from the time, The Specials being the famous outcome.

Reggae / Ska-lite but with quite unique (that clarinet) and altogether pretty harmless over the dozen tracks.It was produced by Roger Lomas with a Pop sheen over everything. WEA even released 4 singles from the album and the band got a Headline at the ’81 Reading Festival.

The line-up was ; Paul Sampson (guitars and who went on to be producer of The Primitives and Catatonia) Paul King, (vocals and keyboards) an early member was Martyn Bates, ( who was went on to be in Eyeless In Gaza) Colin Heanes, (drums) Steve Edgson (clarinet) and Tony Wall (bass) Wall, Paul King and Heanes formed Raw Screens later to become King, Heanes was sacked before King was successful.

I like the Post Punk feel of “Reluctant” as it explodes into Ska-ism’s and it goes in Art Rock territory of “Reverend Green” and the lazy reggae groove of “Visual Romance” featuring King’s powerful vocals.



WEA – K 58201

A1Factory Wit2:41
A2Side With Him2:32
A3Back To The Greek3:53
A4Plans For Today3:00
A5Sundays Tears3:13
B2Reverend Green2:12
B3Visual Romance4:38
B4Confused Action2:59
B6The Label2:55

Paul McCartney (AND STEVIE Wonder) – Ebony And Ivory (US 12″)

A final collaboration from the Theme Of The Week and this from 1982 and featuring 2 Superstars with Paul actually not mentioning Stevie Wonder on the sleeve….just a picture, strange decision.

It’s a strange message about tolerance but was a massive hit.

“Rainclouds” is an acoustic folk track written by Wings (and ex Moody Blues) member Denny Laine. There is some Gaelic uileann pipes played by Paddy Moloney from the Chieftains. Recorded at the time of John Lennon’s death (Dec 1980) and produced by George Martin.



Columbia – 44-02878

AEbony And Ivory3:41
B2Ebony And Ivory (Solo Version)3:41