Paul Young ‎– Love Of The Common People (Extended Club Mix) / Come Back And Stay (Extended Club Mix) (US 12″)

Getting quite festive from 1984 and a double A-side of Covers from Paul Young. All synth-ed up and with plenty of Simmons drums and produced by Laurie Latham. I bet he hates the electronic arrangements now but it was done by his “Royal Family”.  It’s all quite etheral on “Common People” until that trombone comes in from Rico Rodriguez. Bass and keyboards were by Matt Irving and Ian Kewley.

“Come Back And Stay” features the distinct bass of Pino Palladino and some guitar by Young himself. A great 12″ with the Emulator working overtime.


Columbia ‎– 44 04999 paul

A Love Of The Common People (Extended Club Mix) 5:50
B Come Back And Stay (Extended Club Mix) 7:32

The Pretenders ‎– Hymn To Her (12″)

The comeback single (and it seems a homage to Mothers everywhere.) Embracing the developed technology and bringing in a Big name production team of  Bob Clearmountain and Jimmy Iovine.

The B-side is a cover of a Jimmy Hendrix track, given the Steve Lillywhite 12″ treatment. Expect a mix of sequencers and treated guitar over this 9 minute mix. Swirling guitars care of guest musician, The Edge. It does go a bit noodle towards the end.

I really need to pick this up as I’ve passed it up a few times.

Real Records ‎– YZ93T Pretend

A Hymn To Her
B Room Full Of Mirrors (Extended Version)

Lisa Stansfield ‎– All Around The World (US 12″)

The debut and HUGE hit from Lancashire’s Lisa Stansfield (from Rochdale in fact). Our Lisa had grounded out a career on the gig circuit as a member of Blue Zone after having originally been successful on TV’s “Search For A Star”, a precursor to Pop Idol.

Here it is given the Soul II Soul shuffle beat, a full “real” orchestra and a massive Number 1. Executive Producers, Big Life Records founder Jazz Summers and Tim Parry (from Blue Zoo) obviously knew they had a massive hit on their hands. Produced and arranged by Ian Devaney (Mr. Stansfield) and Andy Morris apparently in house, the vocals being recorded in the bathroom!

DJ Mark The 45 King gives the song a tougher , Street mix on the “US Club Version”

B-side “Affection” nearly has the same beat, more jazzy vibes, so soulful you could wear it as a shoe. The title track from the album.

Arista ‎– AD1-9929 allaround

A All Around The World (Long Version) 7:02
B1 All Around The World (American Club Remix) 11:48
B2 Affection 5:50


Duran Duran ‎– Burning The Ground / Decadance (US 12″)

When the band does their own Jive Bunny megamix before someone else does!

From 1989 and supporting the compilation album “Decade” but was not on the album.  It was created by producer John Jones, Christopher Marc Potter and sample master Dee Long mixing snippets of the band’s biggest hits from the previous decade into a new piece of music. What you get is a bit of a disjointed track.

“Decadance” is more of a mix collage done by Ben Chapman and Raine Shine. Giving it a Balearic makeover, using Save A Prayer  / Girls On Film as its base. Groans all over the extended version which adds some “Tour De France” into the mix. I bet the fans hated this release.

Capitol Records ‎– V-15546 dec

A1 Burning The Ground 4:00
B1 Decadance (Extended Mix) 7:57
B2 Decadance 3:29

Berlin ‎– No More Words / Dancing In Berlin (US 12″)

In the UK in the 80’s I was unfamiliar with Berlin, until the doomy “Take My Breath Away” This also appeared in a film, “Vision Quest.”

This, their biggest Hit,  was released in February 1984 was produced by Giorgio Moroder and Richard Zito and is very similar to Debbie Harry’s “Rush Rush” also on here and re-upped.

The remixes were both done by Moroder who synths the tracks up even more and brings in more dance beats.

Prefer the signature tune “Dancing In Berlin”, very quick with bass sequencers and a bit of a guitar and fretless bass.

Geffen Records ‎– 0-20195 nomore

A No More Words (Dance Remix) 5:44
B Dancing In Berlin (Dance Remix) 5:16

Madness ‎– Wings Of A Dove (12″)

Not too early Madness but a great Banger! From 1983 and featuring another great Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley production and a Steel Band and Gospel choir! It is certainly African influenced. Probably a little ambitious for the time and sung by Chas Smash, for  change on lead. It will certainly put a smile on your face.

Prepare your ears….their is a synthpop track, “One’s Second Thoughtlessness”, Madness did synthpop ??? 

“Behind The…” is an instrumental dedicated to the pleasures of playing Pool, a film noir soundtrack. (With a bit of synth and drum machine)


Stiff Records ‎– BUYIT 181 wings

A Wings Of A Dove (Blue Train Mix) 6:05
B1 Behind The 8 Ball 3:03
B2 One’s Second Thoughtlessness 3:28


The Stranglers ‎– All Day And All Of The Night (Jeff Remix) (UK & US Promo 12″)

Doubling up again with this cover by The Stranglers from 1987, released in order to promote a “Best Of” and dare I say surpassing The Kinks original.

The “Jeff Mix” is short but noticeably different. Bass player JJ Burnel mixed and adds extra drums and reverb and tweeks his backing vocals higher up the mix.

Couple of quality B-sides. “¡Viva Vlad!” from a continuing trilogy of songs, mad but brilliant, about their friend at the time, TV Chef Keith Floyd.

“Who Wants The World” appears, recorded Live at The Reading Festival on the 30th of August 1987. The classic line-up.

Epic ‎– VICE T1 night

A All Day And All Of The Night (Jeff Remix)
B1 ¡Viva Vlad!
B2 Who Wants The World?

Mike B posted over the American Promo 12″ no real difference, the recording is probably far superior to my early rip from years ago! You do get the very short 7″ version to compare and contrast.

Epic ‎– EAS 1022 SAM_2937

A All Day And All Of The Night 2:30
B All Day And All Of The Night (Jeff Remix) 4:31

Kim Wilde ‎– The Second Time (12″)

More 80’s icons and a forgotten Banger! From 1984 and seeing Kim Wilde going full on synthpop. Produced by brother Ricki Wilde with Nigel Mills from the album “Teases And Dares.” It was called “Go For It” on the US release.

Kim had gone for almost a Toyah, cyber punk image. Post Apocalyptic Doom with a sampled bass.

“Lovers On a Beach” is a little bit New Romantic, a bit Super-nature and Euro Disco. I prefer it to the A-side a great example of an extended version not an extended mix.


MCA Records ‎– KIMT 1  kim

A The Second Time (Extended Version) 6:30
B Lovers On A Beach (Extended Version) 7:45

Alison Moyet ‎– Love Resurrection x 2 (Love Injected Remix and Long Mix) (12″)

Not a massive Banger and a bit late too!

From 1984 and her breakthrough hit (after leaving Yazoo), here with the longer UK remixed version by Tony Swain & Steve Jolley. It takes about two minutes to get going but is much longer than the “Long Version” and has some groovy synth parts, the definite mix of the two.

B-side, is in the Swing / Jazz style that her voice suits so well.


CBS ‎– TA 4497 SAM_7561

A Love Resurrection (Love Injected Remix) 8:48
B Baby I Do 3:08

Here is a link to the standard 12″ to complete the full set 🙂


CBS ‎– TA 4497 lovedd

A Love Resurrection (Long Version) 5:33
B Baby I Do 3:08

T’Pau ‎– Heart And Soul (2 x US 12″)

From 1987, Pop Rock and the BIG hit from Carol Decker and T’Pau. More synth than I remembered with powerful production by legendary English producer, Roy Thomas Baker- he even does his own remixes. The “Dance Mix” seems to be using very similar gear to mid 80’s Queen.

Both US twelves are here. One has 4 different versions – probably to make sure the ear worm is well inbedded. All slightly different than the normal 12″. The weird thing is it has a Rap going through it and there is also a whole track dedicated to the cheesiness of it.

I never want to hear it again!!!

Virgin ‎– 0-96779 heart

A Heart And Soul (Dance Mix) 5:04
B1 On The Wing 3:48
B2 Heart And Soul (7″ Version) 3:40


Virgin ‎– 0-96779 heart2

A1 Heart And Soul (4 Twelve Mix) 6:45
A2 Heart And Soul (Radio Edit) 3:51
B1 Heart And Soul (Beats And Rap) 3:58
B2 Heart And Soul (Dub Mix) 4:15