Republica – Bloke (12″)

repubHaving a rest from all that Trance action now and a return to some normal synth-based Indie stuff. An early Republica release from 1994, before the success of ready to go. I liked them at the time , saw them live a few times and saw singer Saffron as a bit of a cockney Vamp. I liked their brand of “Cyber rock” with help¬†from a duo of keyboards, Andy Todd and Tim Dorney (who was in Flowered Up). This track does benefit from a meatier “Extended Mix” , a swirly “Blame It On The Vodka Mix” and a vocal free, hard techno version , “Jack Daniels Mix” It is not as rocky as the one on the album but much more synthy in a good way ūüėČ

Good to see them still doing stuff, check out their E.P. “Christiana Obey”


Deconstruction ‚Äé‚Äď 74321 25154 1

A Bloke (Extended Mix)
B1 Bloke (Blame It On The Vodka Mix)
B2 Bloke (Jack Daniels Mix)

Delerium feat Rani – Underwater (2 X DJ Promo 12″)

Can’t leave Bill out….

deleriumvid So more Canadian New Age Trance from Delerium with this set of mixes from 2001.  Featuring Australian singer Rani Kamal these mixes came out on the Nettwerk label.

Above & Beyond, Rank 1, Hydrogen Rockers (AKA Dirty Vegas) and Mauve all join in the party. It’s all Trance and uplifting, hands in the air stuff. The Mauve mix is my favourite , slightly tougher and darker.

Nettwerk ‚Äé‚Äď P333141-1

A Underwater (Above And Beyond’s 21st Century Mix) 8:17
B Underwater (Hydrogen Rockers Vocal Mix) 8:15

Yris – 009

A Underwater (RANK 1 Remix) 9:16
AA Underwater (MaUVe’s Dark Vocal Mix) 8:32


Conjure One feat. Poe – Centre Of The Sun (Promo 12″)

conjuredcovA solo¬†side project from Frontline Assembly’s Rhys Fulber from 2003. Him and fellow collaborator Bill Leeb have produced a whole blogs worth of stuff if you consider their Delerium project and all the releases FLA have had over the years.

This was from 2003 and beefs up the original in a couple of trance remixes. Anne “Annie” Decatur Danielewski (POE) has an excellent voice however it does get a little extra studio¬†treatment and fans of the original will hate it. The “29 Palms” mix is my favourite slightly synth pop. The “Junkie XL” cuts out¬†most of the verses and works as progressive house track, keeping the atmospheric guitars.

P 33203-1

 A Centre Of The Sun (Pete Lorimer Р29 Palms Remix) 9:05
AA Centre Of The Sun (Junkie XL Remix) 9:40

The Beloved – Hello (12″)


From 1990 and the name checking, pre rave loveliness of The Beloved. All whispery vocals and indie dance backing (sounding like EMF ripped them off on “Unbelievable”) Jon Marsh¬†and Steve Waddington brought out the wonderful “Happiness” album from which this was the lead single. Wiki has a great article here about the single and all its numerous and topical¬†references.

Here with the dancier “Honky Tonk” mix and the synthier “Uncle Arthur” mix


YZ 426Thellofrontcov

A Hello (Honky Tonk) 6:12
B1 Hello 4:17
B2 Hello (Uncle Arthur) 6:23





System 7 – 7:7 Expansion (12″)

systemsystemGoing back to the Youth connection here is a classic from 1992 with¬† Steve Hillage (he was in Genesis y’know) and Miquette Giraudy (Gong) giving it¬†tribal trance with guitars. Very long and very beard scratching, there is a lot going on here¬†and reminds me of “Digeridoo” by Aphex Twin. Youth does the “Conspiracy Mixes.”¬† The “Double Edged” Greg Hunter mix is a very deep slice of Ambient Tribal Techno. Recorded this without Amplification , so as it is on a pristine piece of vinyl.


A1 7:7 Expansion (Conspiracy Mix)
A2 7:7 Expansion (Conspiracy Edit
B1 7:7 Expansion (Nutritious Mix)
B2 7:7 Expansion (Double Edged Sword Mix)


Bizarre Inc – Such A Feeling (12″)


From 1991 and a bit of an old raver from Bizarre Inc. Dean Meredith¬†, Carl Turner and Andrew Meecham released this before “Playing With Knives.” A similar style, basic synth hooks and breaks and a signature sample. “Such A Feeling” takes the¬†vocal from Aurra -” Such A Feeling” whilst B-side “Raise Me” features¬†vocals from Siedah Garrett – “K.I.S.S.I.N.G.”¬† as a break from the¬†big synth. “Frenzy” is was it says on the tin!

A Such A Feeling 5:41
B1 Raise Me (Maximum Height Mix) 4:44
B2 Frenzy (Recorded Live In Brighton) 3:09

Secret Life – As Always (12″)

The British group Secret Life began as producer/pianist Andy Throup and producer/guitarist Jim Di Salvo. They released the instrumental dance single “Spanish Lullabye” in 1991 on their own label. They soon added two more members, producer Charlton Antenbring and vocalist Paul Bryant. Together in 1992 they released the single “As Always” on indie Cowboy Records, a house remake of the Stevie Wonder classic……….And it aint that bad. Soulful and piano led.

There are a couple of mixes by Farley and Heller (Boy’s Own)¬†but I prefer the others keeping more faithful to the original, although their dub mix does stand the test of time. All tracks suffer a bit¬†from DJ crackle.



A1 As Always (Gospel Mix)
A2 As Always (Secret Life Mix)
AA1 As Always (Junior Style Remix)
AA2 As Always (Junior Style Dub)

Blue Pearl – Naked In The Rain (12″)

nakedsingerAgain from 1990 and going into a bit of dance stuff now. On the Alex Peterson and Youth label , Wau! Mr Modo, this was the debut release from Youth (Martin Glover)¬†and American singer, Durga McBroom. A slice of Tribal house with heavy use of sequencers and live¬†percussion¬†it became a hit. Produced¬†with Graham Massey (808 State)¬†Massey provides a harder sounding remix , the “Jazz Mix.” Like a lot of early 1990’s stuff it seems a lot slower than I remembered it but it still packs a punch with those amazing vocals.



A Naked In The Rain (12″ Extended Mix)
B1 Naked In The Rain (Massey’s 808 Jazz Mix)
B2 Naked In The Rain (Instrumental Mix)




They Might Be Giants – Birdhouse In Your Soul (12″)

theybegiantFrom 1990 and a band that had to wait several years before breaking through with this bit of quirky, Americano indie. Formed back in 1982 by John Linnell and John Flansburgh and still going. This was produced, again, by Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley and is a 4 track 12″ which was a good taster for the band, being off the album¬† “Flood”. A quirky song with an obscure meaning written from the point of view of a canary-shaped nightlight ?! Short, extra tracks keep the obscure lyrics and themes, using weird sounds and sampled noises. “Ant” involves the fear of stuff happening when you’re are asleep. The reggae-lite of “Hearing Aid” with the immortal line “The electric chair’s not good enough… for King Lazy Bones like myself.” Finally, it’s the weird swing beat of “Hot Cha” with sampled horn.



A1 Birdhouse In Your Soul 3:16
A2 Hot Cha 1:32
B1 Hearing Aid 2:46
B2 Ant 0:41