Ten Tall Men – Nickelbrain (US 12″ E.P.)

Post Punk (with little bits of funk) from Berkeley, California. Their debut mini-LP from December ’86.

A trio of ; Bass, Vocals – The Lovely Miss Jane Guskin, Drums – Max Drukman and Vocals, Guitar, Balalaika – Grandmaster Winthrop Eliot Jordan III

In the style of Minutemen and Gang Of Four with a sprinkle of Captain Beefheart. All songs are under 3 minutes.



Not On Label – Ten Tall Men

A1Nowhere But Down
A3Hit The Road
B1What Are Friends For?
B2Your Time Will Come
B3We All Want Just What We Can’t Have

The Mission UK – Wasteland + Re-ups (US 12″)

An Epic bit of a guitar-ary from the Mish from ’97. Tim Palmer brings his sampled orchestra in to expand the massive production. Not sure about the E.Q-ed part of the main mix, nearly spoils it.

Sorry I did say about no Dance Mixes but there is one here. I’m treated it as just another mix and better than the A-side.

The B-side has appeared on here before, an cover-fest towards the end.



Mercury – 888 383-1

AWasteland (Anniversary Mix)7:34
B1Wasteland (Dance Mix)7:28
B2Shelter From The Storm (Live)7:20

GTR – The Hunter (US Promo 12″)

Prog Rock from supergroup GTR from ’86.

Bass, Backing Vocals – Phil Spalding (Original Mirrors, Toyah), Drums, Percussion – Jonathan Mover (Marillion), Guitars, Backing Vocals – Steve Hackett (Genesis) and Steve Howe (Asia, Yes) and Vocals – Max Bacon (Bronz , Nightwing)

Produced and written by Geoffrey Downes (Asia, Yes, Buggles) with 3 versions, take your pick but those lyrics will make your toes curl.

The 2 Steve’s get a chance to show off on their own short track, “Sketches In The Sun” and “Hackett To Pieces”, showing off their contrasting guitar styles.



Arista – ADP-9513

A1The Hunter (Single Version)4:02
A2The Hunter (Album Version)4:55
B1The Hunter (Special GTR Mix)5:05
B2Sketches In The Sun2:31
B3Hackett To Bits2:09

W.A.S.P. – Live…Animal (US 12″)

“We Are Sexual Perverts” make their debut on here.

Comprising of Drums – Steve Riley, Guitar, Vocals – Blackie Lawless, Guitar, Vocals- Chris Holmes and Guitar , Vocals, Randy Piper.

From 1987 and a three track E.P. featuring their debut hit “Animal (F**k Like A Beast)” Track A recorded live at the Long Beach Arena in March 1987 and track B1 recorded live at the Lyceum in London in September 1984. “Mississippi Queen” is a previously unreleased track, Blues Rock

Hair Rock at its finest with a touch of Spinal Tap.

Altogether now…..”F**k Like A Beast!”



Restless Records – 72235-0

AAnimal (F**k Like A Beast)
B2Mississippi Queen

Fantasy Ten – The Big Bang (German 12″)

More New Beat from 1987 and the weirdly hypnotic “Big Bang” – they must have listened to plenty of Yello. Mixed by Cay Hume and Holly Post.

Bright synth trumpets and that slower New Beat tempo. (116 bpm) Ronny David on the synths on this track with a New Age message.

The Wig-Wam-Bam mix is more rhythmic with no voice over.



ZYX Records – 5626

AThe Big Bang (Natting Tomorrow Mix)7:17
BThe Big Bang (Wig-Wam-Mix)6:42

Fun Fun – Mega Hit Mix + Re-up (Netherlands 12″)

From Alan, who has quite a bit of Euro Dance. A fine collection of everso cheesy Italo Disco. Fun Fun included Spagna and Francesca Merola.

The Hit-Mix was mixed by Martin de Boer, plenty of chopping and a cover of “Gimme Some Lovin’

The Fun’Apella is a weird instrumental, not sure of its purpose as it’s obviously played straight from a sampler.

A big Bonus is a remix by “Baila Bolero” remixed by Marc Hartman.



High Fashion Music – MS 306

A1.1Happy Station1:00
A1.2Colour My Love1:47
A1.3Baila Bolero1:33
A1.4Living In Japan0:54
A1.5Give Me Your Love2:09
A1.6Gimme Some Lovin’1:40
A2Fun’ Apella1:02
BBaila Bolero (Remix)7:00

Nöell Abedul – Get Up (Before The Night Is Over) (German 12″)

Not Technotronic but Discomagic Records who borrowed / covered the original soon after. Italo House in style with more of a precise groove and Abedul on vocals.

Less cheesy and a good alternative version to drop. I wonder who bought this version by mistake ?



ZYX Records – ZYX 6276-12
AGet Up (Before The Night Is Over) (Remix)5:00
BGet Up (Before The Night Is Over) (Original Mix)4:50

Beathoven – Call The Cops (Belgium 12″)

Sunday Euro Dance.

Luc Devriese and Jean-Pierre H. Bulté raid the archives for this New Beat classic.

Clearing samples with the original artists was not much of a thing in ’88 – ’99 so what you got was a mash up of classic sounds from other people’s records.

Jet samples are the only real discerning difference. The piano riff everyone will know.



Target Records – TR. 11022/12

ACall The Cops (Boeing 747 Mix)5:09
B1Call The Cops (Concorde Mix)5:09
B2Call The Cops (Red Baron Mix)3:05

DM – Honouring Fletch

Did I just read that correctly ?

My first thought when the news broke via a Friends post on Facebook.

No, they band were making or planning a new album, it can’t be true.

It was and it felt weird. Fletch was the glue that stuck the band together. The business brain, the negotiator, the diplomat and the one who never took himself so seriously.

Me and Woody would go and stand on the Fletch side if we had a few tickets for the same Mode tour and be surrounded by Fletch lookalikes in sunglasses and women with banners. Every gesticulation from him was greeted with a cheer and mutterings of “What does he do ?” , “Is he really playing that ?” All good banter down the Fletch side and he lapped it up, the sunglasses surgically implanted since…..I don’t know.

Rest In Peace Fletch, always the constant and never too far from his Basildon roots.

Mike B was on it like a shot and literally an hour ago dispatched some rare DM vinyl gems. So here they are, in no particular order.

Behind The Wheel (Extended Remix) (US Promo 12″)

From ’87 and the rare US Promo. Including the Beatmasters rather thin sounding mix (answer the bloody phone!) and the rare Dub. Shep Pettibone, Steve Peck and Gail King all involved.



Sire – PRO-A-2952

A1Behind The Wheel (Extended Remix)5:50
A2Behind The Wheel (Dub)6:00
B1Behind The Wheel (Beatmasters Mix)8:00
B2Behind The Wheel (7″ DJ Remix)3:48

Live (Hammersmith Odeon London November 3, 1984) (Unofficial Vinyl LP)

Mike B doesn’t really do CD’s , he always likes a vinyl. Never knew this existed and was released this year! Gathering together similar live tracks that appeared on the limited 12″ pack of “Love In Itself”, recorded a year earlier.

A BBC Live broadcast that has cheeky false start, luring the crowd in. I just love the rawness of it. Always loved the drum machine over the live drums. Great to here some of the earlier songs in their live form.




A1London BBC Richard Skinner Intro
A2Something To Do
A4If You Want
A5People Are People
A6Leave In Silence
B1Ice Machine
B2Lie To Me
B3Master And Servant
B5Everything Counts
B6See You

Gone To The U.S.A. (Red Vinyl Compilation – Bootleg)

With Mode there has been always a raft of unofficial remixes. Here is a vinyl collection from 2019. God knows how Mike B acquired it. All bloody good mixes, some rare some bootleg.

It start with a very different, long and mellow mix of “Never Let Me Down Again (Wave Your Hands In The Air Mix)” (4) from Abstructure (Rotem Nimkovsky) who also lends his hand to “Personal Jesus” (4)

The legendary Robert Margouleff (Stevie Wonder’s synth programmer) remixes “But Not Tonight” (4) Joseph Watt improves on the official remixes of “It’s Called Heart”(5) – improving this neglected single.

Justin Strauss immediately dates “Nothing” (3) with his Street Beats. While Phil Harding really goes for the dancefloor but it always sounded a bit contrived (3) Ivan Ivan provides the final megamix adding new beats to “Behind The Wheel / Route 66”

An interesting collection of mixes neatly brought together.



KODAK Digital Still Camera

Bedroom Productions – 12BED66

A1Never Let Me Down Again (Wave Your Hands In The Air Mix)10:10
A2But Not Tonight (Extended US Mix)6:17
A3It’s Called Heart (Emotion Remix)6:48
B1Personal Jesus (Lift Up Mix)7:00
B2Nothing (Zip Hop 7″ Mix)3:59
B3Strangelove (Pain 7″ Mix)3:34
B4Behind The Wheel / Route 66 (Megamix)8:00