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Peter Godwin – Dance Emotions + Re-ups (Netherlands Mini Vinyl LP)

Peter Godwin (singer) - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

Like yesterdays mini LP from Robert Hazard this is a clever bringing together of Godwin’s output being released in 1982.

Linn Drum dominated, Midge Ure adds his signature production skills to track 2.

“Cruel Heart” seems the odd one out, with cheesy brass with the theme continuing on the closing track but with a better song, funky as…..

What a great year 1982 was for electronic music !

Five refreshed Godwin posts below.

Polydor – 2478 169

A1Emotional Disguise (Extended Version)4:15
A2Torch Songs (Extended Version)5:35
A3French Emotions2:30
B1Images Of Heaven (Dance Mix)5:00
B2Cruel Heart3:12
B3Luxury (Extended Version)5:26

Rod Stewart – Passion + Re-ups (12″)

From 1980 and a bit of Rod !!!

More Disco and some funky arrangement, I like the piano flourishes and nods to Blondie and Bowie. Impressive from a non-Rod Stewart fan.

The B-side is a hark back to the olden days with some quite dodgy, misogynist lyrics. Very cringeworthy,

Warner Bros. Records – WBN 26.162

APassion (Long Version)7:40
BFoolish Behaviour4:26

Silly Sunday Song – 138 – Baltimora – Tarzan Boy + Re-up (US 12″)

Not on here until now!!!

James McShane (from Londonderry, Northern Ireland) does the cheesiest Italo Disco and a Worldwide Hit from 1984 and manufactured by Maurizio Bassi.

This only made it to the States a year later (lucky them) with mixes from Hans-Jürgen Koppers.

God it is bloody awful and I even hate the dub! (That guitar sounds so out of place)

Here is more from Baltimora (good B-side!)

Manhattan Records – V 56011

ATarzan Boy (Extended Dance Version)6:16
B1Tarzan Boy (Single Version)3:49
B2Tarzan Boy (Extended Dub Version)5:10

Herbie Hancock – Vibe Alive + Re-ups (US 12″)

From 1988 and Hancock gets sample crazy. Beat Dis drums and Bill Laswell on production and remix

A definite P-Funk arrangement and the full 12″ is great (and long!) getting quite electro with keyboard player Michael Beinhorn, Bootsy Collins, Mico Wave (Michael Lane) and Leroy “Sugarfoot” Bonner (Ohio Players) who does the vocals.

Three Re-ups down below but no Rock-It

Columbia – 44 07804
AVibe Alive (Extended Dance Mix)8:16
B1Vibe Alive (Edited Version)3:20
B2Vibe Alive (Bonus Beats)4:48

Paul Hardcastle – King Tut (Remix) + Re-ups (US Promo 12″)

A US only release from ’85. Typical, pristine Hardcastle, same drums and bass but this time with an Egyptian flute lead. At least you know what you getting !!

The Remix has is an improvement with a stronger lead and wider soundstage. Some overdubbed samples and a ochestra stabs, like the added marimba. Electo jazz funk at its finest.

ALL 11 Hardcastle links below (not 19!)

Profile Records – PRO-7070-DJ

AKing Tut (Remix)5:20
BKing Tut4:38

Robert Hazard – Robert Hazard + Re-up (US Mini Vinyl LP)

With Goth overtones this opening track came late to my ears. Released in 1982 this 5 tracker gathered earlier singles which get a remix from UK Producer
Neil Kernon.

A chance meeting between a journalist from Rolling Stone and Hazard propelled him and his band, The Heroes to a bit of media coverage. All songs were written and produced by Hazard with the bad comprising of Jerry Weindel (keyboards), John Lilley (guitar and The Hooters), Ken Bernard (drums), Michael Pilla (guitar) and Rob Miller (bass and The Hooters.

The lead off track is definitely more synthy as it settles into a more Pop oriented New Wave sound, a bit generic really. “Hang Around With You” is almost Rock n Roll as is “Out Of The Blue” but has some New Wave keyboards in there.

The uptempo cover of Dylan’s of “Blowing In The Wind” is on my Monday cover list. Interesting !

RHA Records – MXL-1-8500

A1Escalator Of Life4:41
A2Change Reaction3:55
B1Hang Around With You3:05
B2Out Of The Blue3:47
B3Blowin’ In The Wind4:27

Thomas Leer – A Collection

Scottish Maverick and One Man Band, Thomas Leer was, for me, the posy bloke and also part of ZTT’s Act, with Claudia Bruken.

I was aware he had embraced the Fairlight and I’d bought a few twelves and his solo album, “The Scale Of Ten” when he was on Arista. I didn’t know he was a heavy influence on Matt Johnson (The The)

Here is his Wiki entry

Private Plane / International (7″)

Let’s start at the very beginning with this DIY release from 1979. The haunting “Private Plane” with Dr Who sounds and rhythm box clatter.

I snaffled this from somewhere else, the shame of it! Sorry it also at 192 kps! More shame!

“International” see’s a guitar welded in Post Punk angst with some analogue synth duetting. Not sure about the vocals.

Bonus track is the original version of “All About You” from Cherry Red compilation, “Pillows And Prayers.”

Oblique Records – ER101

APrivate Plane

All About You (12″)

From 1982 on Cherry Red Records this showcased that rich , crooning voice (he found it!) and quite a complex synth arrangement. Not the version mentioned above.

“Saving Grace” again has some involving synthwork on this instrumental. Italo Disco in style, almost Afro Funk. The flute synth give it that extra stamp of quality.

Cherry Red – 12 CHERRY 52

AAll About You5:10
BSaving Grace5:26

International (12″)

First release on Arista and going into full Emulator / Fairlight mode. Jet Setting and wheeling and dealing, a heroin trafficker . A gentle tempo that unfortunately drags on the 12″ mix. Quite Prefab Sprout-like

“Easy Way” is much better, more experimental and funkier. Work that sampler!

Arista – LEER 121

AInternational (Global Mix)7:05
BEasy Way5:09

Here is the re-upped page for his next single, again another great B-side.

No. 1 (Extended Version)

From May ’85 and going down the coffee table jazz movement. Smoother production, real bass (Graham Edwards – Nick Heyward, Go West) saxophone (Andy Hamilton), female backing vox, drums (Blair Cunningham – Haircut 100) and Anne Dudley arranging the strings.

That piano outro pre-empts the stuff he did with ACT.

Two qualities B-sides. “Chasing The Dragon” goes for Oriental sounds and Y.M.O. influences, it could be Bill Nelson!

“Trust Me” is a remix by Dave Allen. Sampled and treated guitar and bass and it goes into AON territory. That mad trumpet / Fairlight solo !

Arista – LEER 123

ANo. 1 (Extended Version)7:43
B1Chasing The Dragon3:40
B2Trust Me6:02

Phil Saatchi – Wheel Of Fortune (US 12″)

More AOR with a sprinkle of synths. Phil Saatchi, a UK guitarist / singer and another One Man Band it seems. He was in Bill Bruford’s band, “Absolute Elsewhere” in the mid 70’s.

In the style of Steve Winwood the main mix is by Bruce Forrest with additional keyboards by David Cole, giving it a Proto-house vibe. Great Dub btw.

A&M Records – SP-12245

AWheel Of Fortune (Club Mix)7:29
B1Wheel Of Fortune (Dub)7:17
B2Wheel Of Fortune (Radio Edit)3:44

Robert Plant – Little By Little (Remix Long Version) + Re-up (12″)

More Hair Rock with a dollop of prog from Robert Plant.

Released in June ’85 when he was having a bit of a renaissance. The synths shimmer, it was written by keyboard player Jezz Woodroffe.

Track 2 was recorded live in Dallas on 24th June 1985, can’t fault the quality of the backing band, going into “Whole Lotta Love” territory on the extended album track.

“Doo Doo A Do Do” is a weird bit of rock / funk, with weird elastic bass from Paul Martinez, also from the LP, “Shaken ‘N’ Stirred” Toni Halliday (Curve) provides the backing vocals.

Es Paranza Records – B 9621T
ALittle By Little (Remix Long Version)
B1Easily Lead (Live)
B2Doo Doo A Do Do