The Weathermen ‎– Bang! (German 12″)

From 1989 and those crazy Belgium’s , nope some of them were certified American’s. Tongue firmly wedged in cheek, offering up some New Beat / Industrial-lite. By this time when this came out, the group had slimmed down to ‘Chuck’ and ‘Jimmy-Joe Snark III’; who was actually mild-mannered producer and keyboardist Jean-Marc Lederman, who had worked with the likes of Fad Gadget, The The and Kid Montana.

This was attempt to match “Poison’s” success but didn’t quite make it even though it even had a chorus!


Play It Again Sam Records ‎– BIAS 127bangfrontcov

A Bang! 4:33
B Bang! (Lichtenstein Version) 4:33

‘Til Tuesday ‎– Voices Carry (Netherlands 12″)

A very rare twelve from Boston New Waver’s, ‘Til Tuesday. From their debut album of the same name and released in 1985, it was produced by Mike Thorne.

‘Til Tuesday features the vocals of Aimee Mann who also played bass. (She had a quite a successful solo career in the 90’s)

Epic ‎– EPCA 12.6120voicesfrontcov

A Voices Carry 4:19
B1 Are You Serious? 3:15
B2 Sleep 3:40

Re-uppage 18 (ABC, Real Life, Robert Palmer & UB40, Systems Of Romance, Malcolm Mclaren)

ABC – One Better World (12″) For Rick



Real Life – Face To Face (Promo 12″) For Dennis


Robert Palmer & UB40 – I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (12″) For MATT


Systems Of Romance – Dare To Dance (E.P.) For Doug


Malcolm McLaren’s World Famous Supreme Team Show – Operra House (Rap) (12″) For surrealised



Radio Heart Featuring Gary Numan ‎– Radio Heart (12″)

I was never sure how Gary Numan got involved in this synth rock monstrosity (it even has cowbell for godsakes!) Released in 1987 when his career was in the doldrums.

So this was written and produced by Hugh and David Nicholson who were in the 70’s Scottish  rock band Blue. Plenty of synths here over the epic rock riffs. (It sounds very similar to the Psychedelic Furs “Heart Break Beat”)

Many fans might of “forgotten” about this. Still can’t believe Elton John added some keys on this!


GFM Records ‎– GFMT 109Primary

A Radio Heart Featuring Gary Numan Radio Heart (Extended Mix) 6:00
B Radio Heart Radio Heart (Instrumental) 3:40

M ‎– Moonlight And Muzak (12″)

From 1979 and some early synthpop from Robin Scott’s M. This came out after the massive hit that was “Pop Muzak” (also on here) and has elements of glam (Roxy Music) with synth horns (like Thomas Dolby the keyboards were by Wally Badarou) and even a bit of sax. Only him and Trevor Horn’s Buggles were doing stuff this advanced.

From Wiki

“The track was written as a result of his experiences in the U.S. where he came into contact with the music company called the Muzak Organisation. “He described it as “a very weird experience. There were all these white collar workers conscientiously putting together music with the precision of chemists. Way before Brian Eno was doing it, these guys were doing it for real. They were pre-occupied with the pace of workers in factories, and how to maximise their efficiency.”

The B-side is equally hard to pigeon hole. Elements of disco and space pop but far too short. (For fans of Air)

MCA Recordsmoonlightfrontcov ‎– MCAT 541

A Moonlight And Muzak (Full Length Version) 5:26
B Woman Make Man 2:11


Altered Images – Don’t Talk To Me About Love (12″)

Another duplicate (already had the 12″) coupled with a jar-drop that there was no Altered Images on this blog!! (I’ve re-ripped it as this vinyl copy was in better nick)

Starting with one their later releases from 1983 and the Mike Chapman produced track from their 3rd album, “Bite”. Both tracks recorded back in Oct/december 1982 although the single was released in March ’83. Still classic Altered Images, guitar jangle with a return to their old sound.

B-side “The Last Goodbye” has wonky organ and trumpets, did they know?

Here is the un-edited , 8 min 30 extended version, a bit of an epic and a nod to Blondie, Chapman had produced Blondie’s “Parallel Lines.”

More Altered Images soon.

Epic ‎– EPC A13 3083talkfrontcov

A Don’t Talk To Me About Love (Extended Version) 8:30
B Last Goodbye 3:16

Phil Collins And Marilyn Martin ‎– Separate Lives (Love Theme From White Nights) (12″)

Ah, the 80’s a time where a good film tune would nominate the charts for weeks. Who the hell remembers “White Nights” ? (a Dance film staring Gregory Hines and Mikhail Baryshinikov)

This heartfelt ballad features American Pop singer, Marilyn Martin who did have a music career but it failed to match the success of this No 1 hit in the US charts and No 4 hit in the UK. Expertly produced by long time Genesis studio producer, Hugh Padgeham and was written by Stephen Bishop. Daryl Stuermer adds a bit of guitar.

Of main interest to me is the John “Tokes” Potoker remix of the “No Jacket Required” album track, “Only You Know And I Know” full of stuttering vocals and overdubbed drums.

Virgin ‎– VS 818-12separatefrontcov

A Phil Collins And Marilyn Martin Separate Lives
B Phil Collins Only You Know And I Know (Extended Remix)

Wax ‎– Right Between The Eyes (Extended Mix) (12″)


From 1986 and a release by Graham Gouldman and Andrew Gold pop/rock with a bit of technology put in there too. Produced by Phil Thornalley and mixed by the duo it’s quite light an in offensive.

The B-side is a slower, ballad. An album track from their debut, “Magnetic Heaven”

All WAX releases have been re-upped on here

RCA ‎– PT40510rightfrontcov

A Right Between The Eyes (Extended Mix)
B Only A Visitor

Have a Great Christmas……Mel & Kim – Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree (12″)


From 1987 and released for Comic Relief this features the late, great Mel Smith and Kim Wilde, with added extra’s from his comedy partner Griff Rhys Jones on the 12″ version.

A homage to the original with quiffs and guitar solo’s.

The B-side features Mel and a full choir who after an argument leave him on his own, hardly comedy gold but worth a listen.


10 Records ‎– TEN 212SAM_3716

A1 Mel & Kim Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree (The Ultra Merry Magimix)
B1 The Mel Smith Yuletide Choir Deck The Blooming Halls

Swayzak ‎– Speak Easy (12″)


Just finishing off with a few bits and bobs before I return to warm, nostalgic comfort of the 80’s!

So this London duo of James S. Taylor and David Brown first worked together as Language Lab back in 1993. Swayzak was formed in ’97 and is still putting out stuff although only by Brown.

Specialising in the tech-house genre this is more electroclash in style, with sampled guitars and vocals from Richard Davies (a member of Berlin band, Dominique) and a catchy whistle sample. Sleazy, strip club music!

The “Harder Mix” was done by Christian Harder and turns everything up a notch.

A quite repetitive mix of another track by German production duo, Alter Ego finishes off the 12″, which came out in 2004! (Shhhhhhh!)

The name Swayzak comes from “związek” which means “union” in Polish.

Studio !K7 ‎– !K7174EPspeakfrontcov

A1 Speak Easy (Extended Version) 5:50
A2 Speak Easy (Harder Mix) 5:50
B Keep It Coming (Alter Ego Remix) 6:35