Yazz And The Plastic Population ‎– The Only Way Is Up (The Bam Bam Remixes) Plus the Regular UK release (2 x12″)

Mike B has spoilt us by including a FLAC recording as well as an MP3 on some of his latest rips, I’ll be here all night if I started doing that (Sorry!)

A massive number 1 hit in 1988 this gets the Bam Bam treatment from American producer/artist Chris Westbrook. Cutting everything back and providing a harder, acid house vibe.



Big Life ‎– BLR 12128way

A The Only Way Is Up (The Bam Bam Remix) 7:24
B1 The Only Way Is Up (The Up Up Up Mix) 7:24
B2 Bad House Music

As usual for fans of the original and regular 12″, I did rip a copy a while back…. here to complete your collection. With a longer version of “Bad House Music.”



Big Life ‎– BLR 4Tyuzz

A The Only Way Is Up 6:44
B Bad House Music 7:07

Re-uppage 62 – (Danielle Dax, Lindy Layton, David Sylvian + Holger Czukay, Taffy, Kim Wilde, Specimen, Arcadia, Bronski Beat, Erasure, Yazoo, Dead Or Alive – All on one megamix! )

So a handful of stuff that has fallen off the web.

Danielle Dax ‎– Whistling For His Love (US Promo 12″) For Highrebel (who was itching for this but unfortunately it was recorded in MP3 and not FLAC)









Lindy Layton – Silly Games (Remix) (12″) For Nick (Enjoy !)










David Sylvian + Holger Czukay ‎– Plight & Premonition (Vinyl LP) For MATT (A demanding listen, very avante garde)



Taffy – I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio) (UK Mixes) For J D Hernandez (there you go Sir!)










Kim Wilde – You Came (Shep Pettibone Mix) (12″) For Mr Krawinkel (Not heard from him for a while, hope he is okay!!)










Specimen – Sharp Teeth (12″) For Mr. W (Hope I haven’t Offended Him?)



Arcadia – The Flame (US 12″) For Periwinkle (A Great 12″)



Erasure,Yazoo, Dead Or Alive – Megamixes (Bootleg 12″) For Mr. Claw (Megamixing it)



Bronski Beat – Hit That Perfect Beat (Metropolitan Version) (12″) For Mr Wink Wink (Bet they wont be singing this on their up-coming reunion tour!)









Sinéad O’Connor With M.C.Lyte ‎– I Want Your (Hands On Me) (US Promo 12″)

Ahead of its time (this was released in 1988!!) by mixing Rock, Hip-Hop and Dance. Female rapper collaborates with O’Connor on this track. It was produced by Audio Two (brothers Kirk Robinson and Nat Robinson) with Irish producer and engineer Kevin Moloney for the soundtrack of Nightmare On Elm Street 4. It has an electro groove and smacks bottom for something this old!

Calvin Caines and Cliff St.-Cyr funk up the Dance Mix, plenty of beats here. Toughening it up from the album version, “The Lion & The Cobra.”

“Just Call Me Joe” was taken from a Janice Long Radio session, rocky guitar chords, Sinead does grunge, very interesting.



Ensign ‎– VAS 1063SAM_7502

A1 I Want Your (Hands On Me) (Dance Mix) 4:50
A2 I Want Your (Hands On Me) (Street Mix) 4:20
B1 I Want Your (Hands On Me) 4:23
B2 Just Call Me Joe 5:17

Midnight Star (Featuring Ecstacy Of Whodini) ‎– Don’t Rock The Boat (US 12″)

Some gentle, funky beats from Midnight Star (featuring a rap by Ecstasy from Whodini) and released in 1988. Four DJ friendly mixes all done by the well-established band, originally from Kentucky. The band was minus the Calloway brothers (who were in the original line-up)

Safe and cheerful with a great bassline. A bit of a soul/funk 80’s Floor-filler.




Solar ‎– V-71166SAM_9007

A1 Don’t Rock The Boat (Extended Version) 7:12
A2 Don’t Rock The Boat (Bass-A-Pella Version) 2:31
B1 Don’t Rock The Boat (Radio Edit) 5:13
B2 Don’t Rock The Boat (Dub Version) 5:10

Fine Young Cannibals ‎– Ever Fallen In Love? (Club Senseless) (12″)

My Gosh the FYC’s are very popular! I’ve also got this but my copy is knackered so thanks for Mike B for sharing his mighty fine rip.

From 1987 !!!! (yes, that long ago) this was remixed by Arthur Baker who extends and alters the main mix to over 9 minutes. A cover of the Buzzcocks song. The other mix is over 11 mins and quite similar, being more of a dub version.

Warning there is a lot of s-s-stuttering in the mix that immediately ages it.

B-side is a bit of a “guess what he is singing” track, soulful and Motown influenced with backing vocals from Debbie Charles, from the band “Mint Juleps”.




London Records ‎– LONXR 121SAM_7877 (1)

A Ever Fallen In Love (Club Senseless) 9:23
B1 Falling In Love (The Rare Groove Bootleg) 11:12
B2 Couldn’t Care More 3:28

Patrick Cowley / Yaz ‎– Remix By Patrick Cowley / Remix By Situation Yaz (Bootleg 12″)


From 1982 and a couple of very early mega-mixes; one featuring the work of Patrick Cowley, the father of Hi NRG and Disco, Patrick Cowley. The other using “Situation” as a starting point.

The first was a tribute megamix by Tom Moulton (?) and features tracks by Sylvester, Megatron Man amongst others over 15 mins.

Yazoo starts with a the sound of a cockerel crowing !! A very nice, rare mix of their classic dance classic. Using the “boomerang” technique off it uses the Yazoo track as the basis and carries on for a 12 minutes, mixing in half a dozen disco/funk tunes, some successfully other not.



Down Beat Records ‎– LP 109-10situ

A Patrick Cowley … Remix By Patrick Cowley
B Yaz … Remix By Situation De Yaz

Scritti Politti ‎– Hypnotize + Turntable Mix & Regular UK 12″(Both 12″)

Wind back to 1984 and the trio of David Gamson, Fred Maher and Green Gartside were pioneering not only the use of the samplers but the art of pure synthpop. Nothing sounded anything near at the time. Credit must also given to Gary Langan and Engineer Ray Bardani. With a little extra guitar from Nick Moroch.

This includes the longer version and a short version of the single and a special megamix (featuring Hypnotize/Wood Beez/Absolute)with some extra overdubs by Mastermind Wizard Of The Turntable, Herbie Laidley, sound bites of Aretha Franklin for Woodbeez no lees.




Virgin ‎– VS 725-13SAM_8927

A-1 Hypnotize (Long) – 4:24

A-2 Hypnotize (Version) – 3:33

Scritti Politti Turntable Mix – 6:30




Here is the version I have with the proper 6 and half minute “version” version




Virgin ‎– VS 725-12hypnoproperbackcov

A1 Hypnotize (Long)
A2 Hypnotize (Short)
B Hypnotize (Version)

Fiction Factory ‎– Ghost Of Love (Special Dance Mix) (12″)

When the “Special Dance Mix” ruins the song (also see Ultravox’s “One Day” amongst many others!)

Fiction Factory’s second release being as New Wave sounding as you can possibly be, but by ’83 they were missing the boat. Funky bass and guitars, semi-operatic vocals and synths are all here, however you need to wait till the song kicks in. Produced by Pete Wilson ( The Blow Monkeys, The Style Council and The Comsat Angels et al)

The 2 B-sides reveal a band confident with their sound, loose bass and plenty of synths. “Old Blue Blue Fame” reminds me of Kajagoogoo.

Should have got the regular 12″

The other 2 Fiction Factory twelves are combined (with New Links) over here including “Feels Like Heaven”….Enjoy!







CBS ‎– TA 3819ghostfrontcover

A Ghost Of Love (Special Dance Mix)
B1 The Other Side Of Grey
B2 Old Game Blue Flame

Silly Sunday Song 23 – Divine ‎– Hard Magic (12″)

Was struggling for a Silly Sunday Song this week with a Divine 12″ I had bought a few weeks ago in contention, the video sealed the deal!!

By 1985 Harris Glenn Milstead had encamped in London, releasing his last album ,”Maid In England” in 1988.

Typical Hi-NRG beats and bassline but with live sounding drums and some guitar shredding. It does have a bit of a Hallowe’en atmosphere to it with howling wolves and screeching cats.

It was produced by Nick Titchener and Pete Ware and contains the superior “Magic Mix” as well as an instrumental if you are too traumatized by the “vocals.”

But heh,the video…..




Proto ‎– ENAT 131hardfrontcov

A Hard Magic
B1 Hard Magic (Magic Mix)
B2 Hard Magic (Instrumental Mix)

Visage ‎– Love Glove (12″)

Steve Strange passed away back in 2015 on the back of a resurgence in his band Visage. This single was off the 3rd Album, 1984’s “Beat Boy” and with it’s bass sequencer sounds very like Ultravox, but unfortunately being released at the end of the New Romantic period and the walk out of most of the band (Formula, Ure, Currie) it failed to make a dent in the charts. I’m liking the B-side ,”She’s A Machine”, more dancier and reflecting the influence of the Barnacle brothers on bass and saxophone. Andy Barnett does a very good impression of Midge Ure on guitar.

Not sure back then and even now what a Love Glove was/is ?




Polydor ‎– POSPX 691lovefrontcov

A Love Glove (Full Version) 6:38
B1 Love Glove (Instrumental) 3:24
B2 She’s A Machine 4:50