Martha And The Muffins ‎– Was Ezo (7″)


The follow up to “Echo Beach” and with a more guitar / indie sound by Canadian band Martha And The Muffins. From November 1980 and released in the UK on Dindisc. Again Mike Howlett is on production duty. It was from their second album “Trance Dance” (which on the B-side in slightly edited version)

The line-up was; Bass – Carl Finkle, Drums – Tim Gane, Guitar – Mark Gane ,  Saxophone – Andy Hass and Keyboards / vocals – Martha Johnson and Martha Ladly (never knew there were 2 Martha’s!)

“Trance And Dance” is more New Wave with rhythm boxes and phasing synths.

Dindisc ‎– DIN 27SAM_4401

A Was Ezo
B Trance And Dance


Lene Lovich ‎– It’s You, Only You (Mein Schmerz) (US 12″)

Thomas Dolby’s synth sounds are all over this Lovich track from 1982 (although it is credited to Les Chappell !, remixed by the formidable trio of  Bob Clearmountain, Dick Wingate and Jane Brinton and not the same as the UK version. More commercial sounding although it does still has that weird “operatic” ending.

The “Version” is more a dub mix, with plenty of synths. You can really hear the arrangement, that drum machine! I just wish they didn’t have corny, “Cowboy Western” synth hook.

Mein Schmerz = My pain

Stiff-Epic ‎– 49-03342folder

A It’s You, Only You (Mein Schmerz) (Extended Dance Mix) 5:38
B It’s You, Only You (Mein Schmerz) (Version) 5:50

Godley & Creme ‎– Cry (Extended Version) (12″)

From 1985 and with a Nigel Grey extended mix “Cry” still sounds lush and emotional even today thanks to help from Trevor Horn with the initial production.

The B-side is  starts with tribal drums  and goes on a percussive journey Yello would be proud of. Weird and eccentric just like its authors.

Polydor ‎– POSPX 732gccry

A Cry (Extended Version) 6:30
B Love Bombs 4:54

Tunes From Oz and Beyond – Part 15 (Early 80’s)

Last series was back in February and Mike B has kindly provided a large batch of Aussie stuff for me to curate and expose to you guys. Starting with early 80’s stuff (up to 1983) – most of the bands have appeared on here already so I’m bracing myself for a load of re–up requests from folk curious to listen to more. They maybe on Spotify (spits) but maybe not.

Flash And The Pan ‎– Media Man (US Promo 12″)

Harry Vanda and George Young, both former members of The Easybeats, had been putting out stuff since 1978. This was a bit of a break through single from 1980. New Wave theme written all over it, synths v rock. Touches of Roxy Music with some nice keyboard sounds, I better they didn’t know they would be writing about President Trump all those years ago.

As you’d expect the “Club Version” is slightly extended but not too dissimilar to the 7″ version , also included.

Backed by a couple of tracks from the album “Lights In The Night.” “Restless” feels a lot like Blancmange’s “Living On The Ceiling” in its exotic arrangement with the driving bass of Les Karski. There is also an edited, 7″ version of “Welcome To The Universe” with more of the conventional Rock elements with lead piano by Warren Morgan.

Epic ‎– AS 761media

A1 Media Man (Club Version)
A2 Media Man
B1 Welcome To The Universe
B2 Restless

Machinations – Jumping The Gap (Aussie 12″)

Moody synths and a Goth edge start this 1982/3 track before swerving towards Duran Duran / Simple Minds territory in a good way. Getting a Steve Thompson mix gives the mix a polished edge. That great bass from Nick Swan is really brought out in the Dub Mix.

“Average Inadequacy” is a hidden gem B-side, quiet but menacing with a good riff. Less generic than the A-side with some nice synth. It was a previous single from 1980 given an update in a “club version”

White Label Records ‎– X 13128folder

A Jumping The Gap (Extended Mix) 5:00
B1 Jumping The Gap (Dub Mix) 4:10
B2 Average Inadequacy (Club Mix) 5:20

Skyhooks ‎– Women In Uniform (Aussie LTD 12″)

Back to 1978 and this punky rock anthem from Melbourne’s Skyhooks. From their ‘Guilty Until Proven Insane’ and covered by Iron Maiden. ‘Shirley’ Strachan on Lead Vocal,Bass – Gregory John Macainsh , Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals – Fred Strauks, Guitars – Bob Starkie, Guitars – Bob Spencer.

It certainly has a Meatloaf vibe to it with those “high” vocals, great Rock N Roll!

Fun, Country Rock track “Don’t Take Your Lurex To The Laundromat” sits on the B-side with “Do The Hook” a basic bluesy rock and roll, with good interplay between guitars.

Mushroom ‎– X 11810folder

A Women In Uniform 4:21
B1 Don’t Take Your Lurex To The Laundromat 3:19
B2 Do The Hook 2:17

The Dugites ‎– Cut The Talking (Aussie 12″)

All styles catered for in this series. Back to synthpop with HUGE electronic drums mixed in with a sampled brass section. A later release (Nov 1983) from Perth’s female fronted band, Lynda Nutter and the lads.

The band’s name refers to the brown venomous snake, the dugite, common to Western Australia.
Plenty of funk influence on this making it sound like early Madonna via ABC, produced and mixed by Carey Taylor.
B-side is more drum heavy but has some nice guitar, it was from their final album “Cut The Talking”

Mercury ‎– 814 690-1folder

A Cut The Talking (Extended Play)
B1 Michael And Rodney Go Boating
B2 Cut The Talking

Men At Work ‎– It’s A Mistake (US 12″)

Good old Men At Work , opened many Western eye’s to the fact that Oz had a music scene. Here with a 1983 track from “Cargo” and not extended but re-mastered!!

“It’s A Mistake” is a mid-tempo, anti Cold War song, catchy – and new to me!!!! (schooled by Mike B!)

B-sides are both killer tracks “Who Can It Be Now” (my personal favourite by them) and the New Wave dance track “F-19” an obscure instrumental proving their high musicianship, love the sax solo at the end.

Columbia ‎– 44-03977folder

A It’s A Mistake 4:33
B1 Who Can It Be Now? 3:21
B2 F 19 3:49

Icehouse ‎– Hey Little Girl (US 12″)

Their breakthrough hit from early 1983 and here in the 2 track US release. One I have definitely heard (and loved) before. Mixed by Nick Martinelli & David Todd it still has that haunting, timeless tone but is different to the version most are familiar with. More space between the instruments, less muddled, solo’s and a different vocal take.

Chrysalis ‎– 4V9 42731folder

A Hey Little Girl 6:11
B Hey Little Girl (Dub Version) 6:14

The The – Infected (US 12″)

I remember trying to dance to this back in 1986 and couldn’t. Still admire the mix of electronics and real sounds. The Dan Brown bass and pounding Dave Palmer drums make it such a strong rhythm section. The Guy Barker trumpet solo is great, he also provided one for “Sometimes” by Erasure.

All the mixes are gathered together on this US 12″ version with Roli ‘Stoli’ Mosimann extending the main version. The “Skull Crusher Mix” is much less cluttered and is good alternative listen even with the weird vocals effects halfway through, probably the version I’d DJ out to (To an empty dance floor!)

Still never keen on the thankfully short “Energy Mix” , it just doesn’t go anywhere. Big , deep bass tho’.

Epic ‎– 49 05982SAM_4548

A Infected (Extended Mix) 6:10
B1 Infected (Skull Crusher Mix) 5:32
B2 Infected (Energy Mix) 3:29

Re-uppage 84 – (The Style Council x 2, Talk Talk, Heaven 17, Wet Wet Wet x 2, It Bites x 2, David Stewart, The Human League, Teena Marie )

I can’t believe I’ve had to post 84 times so that re-up requests are approved. New links are up, but only one link to choose from. Oh and if I forget you’re shout up!

The Style Council – Promised Land (US Promo 12″) For Jeffrey (a fresh fresh link!)









The Style Council – Long Hot Summer ’89 (12″) For Jeffrey (I hope so!)








Talk Talk – Living In Another World ’91 (US Promo 12″) For Grbage Colle (Now in Lurk Mode!)







Heaven 17 – We Blame Love (German 12″) For MATT (this flies off the server!)









Wet Wet Wet – Angel Eyes (Home And Away) (12″) For Manuel









Wet Wet Wet – Sweet Little Mystery (US 12″) For Manuel (must be a fan!)









It Bites – Still Too Young To Remember (12″) For Manuel


It Bites – Kiss Like Judas (12″) For Manuel (Doubling Up!)


Dave A. Stewart Feat. Candy Dulfer – Lily Was Here (12″) For Grbage Colle (Hope it’s not the same rip!)









The Human League – Open Your Heart/Non-Stop (12″) For Alan (Ready for you again!)


Teena Marie ‎– Bad Boy (US Promo 12″) For S. (who requested this 10 minutes ago!)





Three O’Clock ‎– Warm Aspirations (12″)

ever after

A 1986 release from the L.A. quartet. The Line-up was Michael Quercio – vocals and bass (ex-member of the early 80’s band The Salvation Army) , Steven Altenberg-  guitars, Mike Mariano – keyboards and Danny Benair – drums. The band came about from the “Paisley Underground”, a name to describe a subset of the 1980’s L.A. music scene which included bands such as Dream Syndicate, Rain Parade, Green on Red, the Long Ryders and the Bangles.

Synth strings and a strong indie vibe. Ian Broudie produced and sounding ever so much like “Lightning Seeds.”

“Regina Caeli” is a traditional hymn sung in the Latin with a sparse synth backing. Very Weird!

Why on here?

William Orbit remixes the last track , an extended mix of the opening track from their album “Ever After”. Weird organ sounds start it off then it kicks into a indie, synthpop dance track. Lots of echoing effects and a great 12″ Mix.

I.R.S. Records ‎– IRMT 127SAM_4612

A Warm Aspirations
B1 Regina Caeli
B2 Suzie’s On The Ball Now (Extended)