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Wax – American English (Vinyl LP)

From 1987 and their second album from Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman (ex-10cc) All sparkerly production and with one eye on the American market this is your classic electronic/rock ala Go West etc…

Their biggest hit, “Bridge To Your Heart” was off this album and ,altogether, it’s a bit of a mixed bag, I love the Englishness, pastoral feel to “The Passion” tho but some of it is a bit cliched.


A1 American English 4:25
A2 In Some Other World 4:45
A3 Ready Or Not 3:31
A4 Call It Destiny 4:03
A5 Bridge To Your Heart 4:14
B1 Share The Glory 3:56
B2 Alright Tonight 4:14
B3 The Promise 3:14
B4 Heaven In Her Bed 4:36
B5 Bug In The Machine 4:21

The 45 King – The King Is Here (12″)


From 1988 and the one with THAT track on the B-side, “The 900 Number”. Personally, I quite like the other instrumental “Coolin’ with it’s simple bass and hip hop beat. The sample is Johnny Hammond from the “Shifting Gears” album. No swearing but immaculately delivered care of Markey Fresh (R.I.P.)

A The King Is Here
B1 The 900 Number
B2 Coolin’

Inner City feat Kevin Saunderson – Big Fun (12″)


Well it had to happen! The Classic 1988 House Track with Kevin Saunderson. It was actually used as a promotional single for the album “Techno! The New Dance Sound Of Detroit.” I enjoyed listening to the B side mix , “Juan’s Magic Remix” and all it’s reversed signs – thanks to Juan Atkins. The vocals of Paris Grey who was used to singing on Chicago House scene, hence you get this mixture of House and Techno.

A Big Fun

B Big Fun (Juan’s Magic Remix) 6:13

The F*cking Cheek!

If you’ve had something downloaded over 1000 times (see previous post!) you may of expected someone to say Thank-you!

Iggy Pop – Fire Girl (12″)


On my first blog (sniff!) Iggy Pop’s “Real Wild Child” was permanently at the top of the downloads. So this is a respectful nod (I’m not even sure it’s on here since migration to Posterous) The 1986 release and Bowie co-produced, very electronic but definitely Iggy. Love the live version of “Blah Blah Blah” with the freestyling sampler and Iggy’s rawer live vocals.


A Fire Girl (Remix)
B1 Fire Girl
B2 Blah-Blah-Blah (Live)

Peter Murphy – Final Solution (12″)

A Pere Ubu cover from 1985 from Mr Cheekbones , Peter Murphy. Co-Produced by 4AD founder IVO and engineered by John Fryer. The Latin Rascals even have a hand in the edit of the Club mix! B-side “The Answer Is Clear” is very electronic with a great bass synth. Must try and track down his debut album.

A Final Solution (Club Mix)

B1 Final Solution (Full Version) 4:45
B2 The Answer Is Clear (Version) 3:11

David Sylvian – A Little Girl Dreams Of Taking The Veil (12″)


…………To give it’s full title. More classic, quality 80’s stuff with the 12″ of “Taking The Veil” from 1986. Backed by a sort of “Super” group, Bill Nelson, Ian Maidman, Phil Palmer, Robert Fripp and Steve Jansen (I always wondered why Japan never reformed) Julian Mendelsohn provides quite a restrained remix for this and the 2 B-sides are purely ambient and very “Bill Nelson” in style.


A1 Taking The Veil (Remix) 6:36
A2 Taking The Veil (7″ Version) 4:39
B1 Answered Prayers 3:07
B2 A Bird Of Prey Vanishes Into A Bright Blue Cloudless Sky 3:16

Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain Again (12″)

From 1983 (I’m not sure about claims it was from 1984!) A true classic with added strings from the British Philharmonic Orchestra, arranged by the acclaimed, Michael Kamen. Melancholic and brooding it drips class. The full length version is included along with a quicker, live version of album track , “This City Never Sleeps” and the very synthy “Paint a Rumour” in it’s full version.

NEW LINK!!!!!!!!!!

  • A: “Here Comes the Rain Again” [full version]* 5’05
  • B1: “This City never sleeps” (live San Francisco 83) 5’30
  • B2: “Paint a rumour” [full version]* 8’00

Blue Rondo – Slipping Into Daylight (12″)


A slimmed down version of the band (from 7 to 3 members) and a smaller name (from Blue Rondo A La Turk) this came out in the UK in 1984 and is more in of your “Wham” style pop/funk than the Latin tinged earlier stuff. Legendary producer, Paul “Groucho” Smykle was drafted in to mix the “Crucial Cut” version, with extra funk.

NEW LINK 2017!!!!

A Slipping Into Daylight (Extended Version) 8:20
B Slipping Into Daylight (Crucial Cut) 7:54

Sophie & Peter Johnston – Happy Together

Some synthpop from 1986 with this brother/sister duo from the North East. Very Howard Jones sounding but totally self produced. Popular with John Peel, they recorded 2 Sessions for his radio show in the early 80’s. This was their only chart bothering single, here in it’s 5 track 12″ E.P. format. Very much into their technology (check out the equipment on the vid) Very Trevor Horn/Frankie on the “S.O.Y Dance” track.They have since re-surfaced here;

A1 Happy Together 3:30
A2 60 Second Blow 1:00
A3 Losing You 4:30
B1 Sold On You 4:30
B2 S.O.Y. Dance 4:30
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