Wax – American English (Vinyl LP)

From 1987 and their second album from Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman (ex-10cc) All sparkerly production and with one eye on the American market this is your classic electronic/rock ala Go West etc…

Their biggest hit, “Bridge To Your Heart” was off this album and ,altogether, it’s a bit of a mixed bag, I love the Englishness, pastoral feel to “The Passion” tho but some of it is a bit cliched.



A1 American English 4:25
A2 In Some Other World 4:45
A3 Ready Or Not 3:31
A4 Call It Destiny 4:03
A5 Bridge To Your Heart 4:14
B1 Share The Glory 3:56
B2 Alright Tonight 4:14
B3 The Promise 3:14
B4 Heaven In Her Bed 4:36
B5 Bug In The Machine 4:21

Inner City feat Kevin Saunderson – Big Fun (12″)


Well it had to happen! The Classic 1988 House Track with Kevin Saunderson. It was actually used as a promotional single for the album “Techno! The New Dance Sound Of Detroit.” I enjoyed listening to the B side mix , “Juan’s Magic Remix” and all it’s reversed signs – thanks to Juan Atkins. The vocals of Paris Grey who was used to singing on Chicago House scene, hence you get this mixture of House and Techno.



A Big Fun


B Big Fun (Juan’s Magic Remix) 6:13

Iggy Pop – Fire Girl (12″)


On my first blog (sniff!) Iggy Pop’s “Real Wild Child” was permanently at the top of the downloads. So this is a respectful nod (I’m not even sure it’s on here since migration to Posterous) The 1986 release and Bowie co-produced, very electronic but definitely Iggy. Love the live version of “Blah Blah Blah” with the freestyling sampler and Iggy’s rawer live vocals.

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A Fire Girl (Remix)
B1 Fire Girl
B2 Blah-Blah-Blah (Live)

Peter Murphy – Final Solution (12″)

A Pere Ubu cover from 1985 from Mr Cheekbones , Peter Murphy. Co-Produced by 4AD founder IVO and engineered by John Fryer. The Latin Rascals even have a hand in the edit of the Club mix! B-side “The Answer Is Clear” is very electronic with a great bass synth. Must try and track down his debut album.


A Final Solution (Club Mix)

B1 Final Solution (Full Version) 4:45
B2 The Answer Is Clear (Version) 3:11

David Sylvian – A Little Girl Dreams Of Taking The Veil (12″)


…………To give it’s full title. More classic, quality 80’s stuff with the 12″ of “Taking The Veil” from 1986. Backed by a sort of “Super” group, Bill Nelson, Ian Maidman, Phil Palmer, Robert Fripp and Steve Jansen (I always wondered why Japan never reformed) Julian Mendelsohn provides quite a restrained remix for this and the 2 B-sides are purely ambient and very “Bill Nelson” in style.



A1 Taking The Veil (Remix) 6:36
A2 Taking The Veil (7″ Version) 4:39
B1 Answered Prayers 3:07
B2 A Bird Of Prey Vanishes Into A Bright Blue Cloudless Sky 3:16

Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain Again (12″)

From 1983 (I’m not sure about claims it was from 1984!) A true classic with added strings from the British Philharmonic Orchestra, arranged by the acclaimed, Michael Kamen. Melancholic and brooding it drips class. The full length version is included along with a quicker, live version of album track , “This City Never Sleeps” and the very synthy “Paint a Rumour” in it’s full version.

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  • A: “Here Comes the Rain Again” [full version]* 5’05
  • B1: “This City never sleeps” (live San Francisco 83) 5’30
  • B2: “Paint a rumour” [full version]* 8’00

Blue Rondo – Slipping Into Daylight (12″)


A slimmed down version of the band (from 7 to 3 members) and a smaller name (from Blue Rondo A La Turk) this came out in the UK in 1984 and is more in of your “Wham” style pop/funk than the Latin tinged earlier stuff. Legendary producer, Paul “Groucho” Smykle was drafted in to mix the “Crucial Cut” version, with extra funk.



A Slipping Into Daylight (Extended Version) 8:20
B Slipping Into Daylight (Crucial Cut) 7:54

Sophie & Peter Johnston – Happy Together

Some synthpop from 1986 with this brother/sister duo from the North East. Very Howard Jones sounding but totally self produced. Popular with John Peel, they recorded 2 Sessions for his radio show in the early 80’s. This was their only chart bothering single, here in it’s 5 track 12″ E.P. format. Very much into their technology (check out the equipment on the vid) Very Trevor Horn/Frankie on the “S.O.Y Dance” track.They have since re-surfaced here;



A1 Happy Together 3:30
A2 60 Second Blow 1:00
A3 Losing You 4:30
B1 Sold On You 4:30
B2 S.O.Y. Dance 4:30