Then Jericho – Fault (12″)

faultinnercovFrom 1985 and an early release from Then Jericho , produced by Martin Rushent and remixed by New York producer, John Luongo. More synth than their later Stadium Rock epics. This included a couple of decent Club mixes, “The Big Sweep” is more rockier with the big 80’s drum sound and was their debut release.

The main track is a classic bit of Rushent production, one of my all time favourite producer’s. The extra tinkering by Luongo does not distract from what is a classic piece of Rock/Dance.

The Youtube clip is a great insight into a young band getting to grips with the technology at the time and getting advice from an experienced, master producer and assistant Neil O’Connor. The bit where they sample David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” drum sounds and reaarange them on a Billy Mackenzie release is fascinating, even if the Synclavier showed some morals beforehand 🙂



A Fault (Club Mix) 6:44
B1 Fault (7″) 3:32
B2 The Big Sweep (Club Mix) 4:53

Mr Mister – Healing Waters (12″)

misteredAnyone for some Soft Rock ? That’s an oxymoron if I’ve heard it. Mr Mister who did “Kyrie” and “Broken Wings” epitomized the sound of the mid 80’s. Could distinguish between these and Cutting Crew ? Only for fans. This has slightly religious overtones and Richard Page’s vocals are immense. Mr Mister always had an eye for the latest tech and this was off the universally ignored 3rd album , “Go On.” Pure Faith Rock! Two quality B-sides with the rare and bassy “Bare My Soul”


A Healing Waters (Remix) 4:54
B1 Control 4:17
B2 Bare My Soul 4:31

Billy Ocean – Suddenly (12″)

billyoceanedA reader request prompts the old saying , ask and you shall receive ! So here you are Tim!

(Still need to dig out the ZTT Sampler album and the 12″ copy of “Enter The Angel” by John Foxx to fulfil some more longstanding requests….found the ZTT sampler!!)

The main track is a Wedding song standard (isn’t most of Billy Ocean’s stuff!) and in a previous life I was a DJ for many a social at Barrow Golf Club and Billy was a firm favourite can’t say I’ve listened to most of his stuff since. “Lucky Man” is quite a nice slice of synth funk and I would of loved those 2 Megamixes, suitably messed around with like all good 80’s twelves, not very s-s-sss-subtle! Amazing production for 1984! The Dance Mix was by Martin McSweeney of the Music Factory and is over 9 minutes long. The Sanny Mix sounding like something from ZTT a splendid find, thanks Tim!



Jive T90

A-Side: 1. Suddenly 2. Lucky Man

B-Side: 1. Dance Mix 2. Sanny X Mix

Squeeze – Hourglass (12″)

At last to accompany the other Squeeze release I put up a few weeks ago, “Hourglass” from 1987 and I can share the amazing video to go with it, a great tribute to Rene Magritte the surrealist painter. (Directed by Ade Edmondson)

Hopefully a forgotten gem for many. Accompanied by 2 quality B-sides, both short and to the point. “Splitting Into Three” is very Beatles sounding, whimsical lyrics. “Wedding Bells” is slightly rockier celebrating getting married!!



A Hourglass 3:16
B1 Splitting Into Three 3:33
B2 Wedding Bells 2:22

Floy Joy – Operator (Promo 12″)

When you are gripped by the vinyl fever it’s hard to let go. I’m a sucker for a promo but have probably got this already, single -sided as well! From 1985 and one of Sheffield’s finest this had a great mix of influences with the superb lead vocals of Desi Williams. Slap bass and crystal piano this is another definite 80’s track written by the Ward brothers and produced by the legendary Don Was. It is all about the brass! Alison Moyet later covered it!


NEW LINK 2006!

VS 744 – 12DJ

A Operator (12″ Version)

Poppy Factory – Stars (Promo 12″)

poppyfactorySecond outing from Bradford’s Poppy Factory and a quality tune forgotten in the mists of Britpop. Quality song writing blended in with a some technology that was available at the time,1991. A chilled out groove with bold synths it was of it’s time. Before their time.

Think The Beloved with a nod to 80’s New Wave!


A Stars (7″ Version)
B Stars (Flying Touchdown Mix)

The Farm – Mind (12″)

farmland Pow Cow Pow ! A very brief update. Farm overrated, baggie messiah’s or did they just got lucky. So who remembers their album “Spartacus” ??? There was a distinct  sound but the overplay of “Altogether Now” probably killed the band. On here you do get a superb mix of their Monkee’s cover, “Steppin’ Stone” care of Matrix.

The main track has be electronically enhanced and is ain’t half bad, the Stone Roses of Liverpool ??? Two sorts of trendy mixes are okay but I actually like the 7 ” (see vid) Additional track “Over Again” proves they were a proper band with tunes.


A1 Mind (Midnight Sun Mix) 6:30
A2 Stepping Stone (Matrix Remix) 3:12
B1 Mind (Contorted Face Mix) 4:39
B2 Over Again (Live Demo) 4:12

Video filmed at Speke airport, like!

The Blow Monkeys – Don’t Be Scared Of Me / Superfly (12″)

blowapes A bit of an obscure track from The Blow Monkeys , seeing them go into realms of synth pop rather than the usual jazz-lite. It still has the standard saxophone but is definite change of direction. The extended version has all the studio tricks being mixed by Justin Strauss and Murray Elias. The 1986 tracked failed to make the top 40, getting to 77!!  Backed up by a very acceptable cover of the Curtis Mayfield classic “Superfly” , very classy!


A Don’t Be Scared Of Me (Extended)
B1 Superfly
B2 Don’t Be Scared Of Me

Galliano – Prince Of Peace (Remix) (12″)

From 1992 and the underrated and cruelly forgotten Galliano; main artists on the ground breaking  Talkin Loud, Acid Jazz label.(Many thanks to my mate Tony Shep for reminding me of them!)

Flute-tastic and groovy helped by the warm vocals of Valerie Etienne. The main track is remixed by Ceri Evans who later went on to do Garage stuff as Sunship, a bit too uptempo for me. The rare, full 12″ version is here enough for any heads to nod. The tougher drums on both Revenge mixes give it an almost Big Beat vibe. Utter class.


A1 Prince Of Peace (Regal Mix)
A2 Prince Of Peace (12″ Mix)
B1 Prince Of Peace (Revenge Mix)
B2 Prince Of Peace (Revenge Instrumental)

Various Artists – Upfront 6,The Cat’s Whiskers (Vinyl LP)


Wow this took ages to record and clean up!

From 1987 and right at the birth of house music this was from Serious Records, a label which gathered together all the club white labels at the time to bring them over to the mainstream on a series of compilation albums, sometimes including rare mixes. As it is on a 10 track album I wouldn’t imagine any DJ playing these in their set because they are just too quiet! Thanks to modern technology I’ve amped up the tracks for your listening pleasure.

What have we got that makes it “The Cat’s Whisker’s?”

Well! Sybil gives us a soulful slice of house with jazzy overtones. Millie Scott brings the tempo down for some more soulful stuff. Full House goes deeper with the bass and hi-hat. Eleanore Mills give more of a latino vibe with some spikey sax and the vocals that have been sampled by others to death. T.C. Curtis gives a sneaky nod to Cameo in a more R & B tempo. More vocal house thanks to Marshall Jefferson as “On The House”. Pete Waterman does quite a different remix of the Mel & Kim classic, a lot tougher and less commercial. “Can U Dance” still has that menacing synth bassline and kicks like a classic should. Zushii has more of a lazy Med vibe, new jack swing beat. Finishing with the great voice of Keni Stephens. They don’t make them like they use to, phew, thanks!


Full Tracklist.

A1 Sybil Let Youself Go (Extended Dance Mix) (7:53), A2 Millie Scott Let’s Talk It Over (Album Cut) (4:50), A3 Full House Communicate (Sprint Appella Mix) (6:34), A4 Eleanore Mills Mr.Right (Club Mix) (5:58), A5 T.C. Curtis Love’s Got Me On A Merry-Go-Round (Fairground Dance Mix) (5:55), B1 On The House Give Me Back The Love (Club Mix) (7:27), B2 Mel&Kim Respectable (Tabloid Mix) (6:55), B3 Kenny `Jammin` Jason & `Fast` Eddie Smith Can U Dance (Club Mix) (6:04), B4 ZUSHii Surprise Surprise (Re-Mix) (6:30), B5 Keni Stevens Cannot Live Without Your Love (Original Album Mix) (3:30),