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David Christie – Saddle Up (12″)

Hee! Hee! With the politically incorrect video this slice of cheesy disco from 1982 is worth a listen in the 12″ version because about half way through it goes all space synth funk on ya bootie! Not the most appealing vocalist to these ears, apparently he was French, this was a massive hit in the UK. Play next to “Oops Upside Your Head” you’ll get the general idea why quite a few people hate the 80’s. B-side “The Signals” is more Euro Disco with terrible lyrics.

A Saddle Up 5:45
B The Signals 3:28



Roxy Music – Take A Chance With Me (12″)

Some classic Roxy Music from 1982 and off the Avalon album. A very short A-side is made up with the long “The Main Thing (Dance Mix)” which is superb, cool, rhythmic and very 80’s


A Take A Chance With Me 3:45
B The Main Thing – Dance Mix 7:43


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Bryan Ferry – Limbo (12″)

A bit of an overlooked track by Mr. Ferry , especially with regards these 2 excellent mixes. From 1988, exotic and smooth just like him, totally Euro Chick. The Pascal Gabriel mix has a killer bass, whilst the dub mix still has all the vocals left on it over a more electronic backing. Shake that Booty!


A Limbo (Latin Mix)

B1 Bete Noire (Instrumental)

B2 Limbo (Brooklyn Dub Mix)



Bourgeois Tagg – I Don’t Mind At All (12″)

American electronic/synth Power Pop from 1987 and their debut hit from Brent Bourgeois and Larry Tagg. Off their second album “Yoyo” which was produced by Todd Rundgren and sounding more Beatles than Oasis.4 strong tracks all tinged with a bit of Synclavier.


1 I Don’t Mind At All 2:33
2 Pencil & Paper 4:03
3 Dying To Be Free 5:02
4 Heart Of Darkness 3:36

The Kane Gang – Respect Yourself (12″)

A creditable cover version of the Staple Singers song from 1984. All quite synthy and of its time with a good dubby mix called the “Dutch Mix”. B-side “Amusement Park” is more a guitar orientated, funky track.

A Respect Yourself 5:43
B1 Respect Yourself (Dutch Mix) 5:03
B2 Amusement Park 5:04

The Colourfield – Thinking Of You (12″)

Definitely a once heard never forgotten tune. A summery sounding, Terry Hall and Katrina Phillips sung track from 1985. As with most stuff the B-side is worth a listening to, uptempo with guitars and drum machines. A nice contrast just wish the sun would show itself.


A1 Thinking Of You 3:27
A2 Thinking Of You (Singalong Version) 3:27
B My Wild Flame (Extended Version) 5:52

Nik Kershaw – Human Racing (12″)

From 1984 and not the album but the 12″ single which has a marmite mix on it (hate/love it) because of those big, electronic drums added to it. Album track “Faces” makes an appearance in remixed form on the flipside (all added samples and vocoder), which does improve on the original. Electronic and quirky, classic Kershaw.

A Human Racing (Re-mix By Simon Boswell) 5:30
B Faces (Re-mix By Simon Boswell) 4:40

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The Christians – “Fingers Point” (The Accusation Mix)

A great remix version of this forgotten gem from 1987. I had completely forgotten about this one ! Backed by a near Accapella track, “A Farewell Kiss”, this band of Liverpudlian brothers had superb voices and I regret missing them touring only last year. V. Rare!

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A When The Fingers Point
B A Farewell Kiss

Zuzu Sharks – Eyes Of The World (12″)


1984 and some New Wave pop from the weirdly titled ZuZu Sharks ,which included Richard Darbyshire (before he fronted Living In A Box) and Gary Tubbs from Adam And The Ants. A funky little number that did bugger all in the charts, nice extended version too!

A Eyes Of The World (Extended Version) 5:40
B1 Eyes Of The World (Single Version) 3:40
B2 After The Ship’s Gone Down 3:00
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