Was (Not Was) – Papa Was A Rolling Stone (12″)

waaazzz So we now take an excursion into early 90’s dance.

Arguably the best cover of this song, this was released in 1990 with a rap added by G Love E care of Young MC. It does have that typical 90’s drum sound and it all kinda works. A Funky riff and a modern sound, even with a few samples thrown in at the start.

The B-side is classic Frank Zappa, weird and screwed around, an insane track!


Love the live version as part of Farm Aid (?!) back in the day, shame about the vocal mix!

A Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone
B1 Ballad Of You
B2 Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone (Instrumental)

The Christians – Words (12″)

christians Before I go off on a bit of an old skool dance dance tangent.

From 1989 and the wonderful but not often played “Words” by Liverpool band, The Christians. Based largely on the traditional Irish folk song, Mná na hÉireann (Women of Ireland) by Sean O Riada, this had massive success in Europe, particularly in France. The production is superb with a little hint of Gaelic pipes and swooping strings, definitely a wee small hours song. Two strong B-side tracks, the jazzy, keyboard-led, “Long Gone” and the acoustic swing of “Funny Money.” showcasing those fantastic harmonies.

NEW LINK 2016!


This video was filmed in Port Isaac, Cornwall (of Doc Martin fame) and features the stunning Doyden Castle (accessed via Port Quinn)

12 IS 450

A Words 7:17
B1 Long Gone 3:22
B2 Funny Money 3:35

The House Of Love – Beatles & The Stones (12″)

housedloveSo what was really happening in 1990 was a lot of this stuff, psychedelic guitars and baggy beats, yup Madchester! Guy Chadwick and Terry Bickers had already had some success with “Shine On” and “Christine” and not to miss out put this nostalgic anthem, slightly remixed by Dave Bascombe from their “Butterfly” album. Some of the lyrics are a bit twee (suck the marrow out of bone?)and with the brushed drums and laidback vibe this was the sound of the London, Camberwell scene. Two B-sides, the instrumental “Love IV” with some soaring guitar work and the very dreamy almost country & western sounding, “Soft As Fire” from 1989 and a little cracker.




Fontana HOL 412

A Beatles And The Stones 3:52
B1 Love IV 3:05
B2 Soft As Fire 4:00

The Edsel Auctioneer – Gutted E.P.


From 1990 and Grunge had passed me by but coming across this E.P. from Leeds quartet , The Edsel Auctioneer, makes me want to revaluate the genre. All fuzz and raw power, this is a good introduction to the band and was their second release. Comparisons with Ride, Dinosaur JR., My Bloody Valentine and The Lemonheads are all valid. Engineered by Iain Burgess from the 80’s Chicago punk scene (Big Black et al) they were championed by John Peel but never really made it big. My favourite off the E.P. is the soaring, guitar epic,  “Bed Table, Chair”




A1 Unbroken Line
A2 Necessary Disease
B1 Bed, Table, Chair
B2 Stickleback

Killing Joke ‎– Money Is Not Our God (Import 12″)

From 1991 and before they went all grungey. The only single released from the much neglected album , “Extremities, Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions” album. It was released only in Germany on 3 January 1991 by the Aggressive Rockproduktionen label and see’s the band going back to the original blueprint sound with some great, chugging guitar by Geordie Walker.

” Mine, the best things in life are free
Mine, I own the beach and the blazing sunset
Mine, I own the waves and the fresh air
Mine, I drink the milk of the stars in this beautiful moment


Superb and poignant lyrics spat out by Coleman. The B-side is another epic , wall of guitars and keyboards and the scrapping sound, eeek ! Powerful stuff.



AG 054-6

A Money Is Not Our God 5:12
B North Of The Border 5:50

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Confessions Of A Knife…(Vinyl LP)

mylife2 From 1990 and I proudly present one of my favourite albums. Brought to by the weird and wonderful TKK. An album that probably Marilyn Manson would have listened to an emulate 7 years later. Camp, black humour is the main theme here with copious use of samples. On the seminal Wax ! Trax ! label this is very long for  vinyl album and rare in the fact that some of the tracks are remixes. I was just getting to industrial music at the time so this was a dizzy mix of all styles, not your straight stomp Front 242 or the distortedness of Skinny Puppy, just plain weirdness. Highlights include “A Daisy Chain…” with it’s pro-drugs message and doom bass. “The Day of Swine and Roses,”  offensive and catchy, the mutant funk of “Waiting For Mommie” and the alternative dancefloor filler of “Kooler Than Jesus.” The album was polished up and rereleased, with extra tracks, on CD a few years back.



 WAX 89

A1 A Daisy Chain 4 Satan (Acid And Flowers Mix) 5:29
A2 The Days Of Swine And Roses 6:01
A3 Hand In Hand 6:15
A4 Waiting For Mommie 5:23
A5 Confessions Of A Knife (Theme Part I) 2:59
B1 Ride The Mindway 7:11
B2 Rivers Of Blood, Years Of Darkness 6:12
B3 Kooler Than Jesus (Electric Messiah Mix) 4:09
B4 Burning Dirt 5:02
B5 Confessions Of A Knife (Theme Part II) 3:42

Highlights include “A Daisy Chain…” with it’s pro-drugs message and doom bass. “The Day of Swine and Roses,”  offensive and catchy, the mutant funk of “Waiting For Mommie

the fat lady sings – arclight (12″)

fatladymenFrom 1989 and some fine indie pop from Dublin’s own , The Fat Lady Sings with their 3rd single “Arclight” In the same style as Deacon Blue/ Hothouse Flowers, this piano led this features the passionate voice of Nick Kelly. A classic Irish rock/pop song. The gentle acoustica of “Behind Your Back shows depth with some nice harmonica. Their first single , “Fear and Favour” is also here, jangling away like early R.E.M.



12 TFLS3

A Arclight
B1 Behind Your Back
B2 Fear And Favour