Traci Lords ‎– Fallen Angel (US 12″)

From 1995, off her only album “1000 Fires” and a tribute to Kurt Cobain. A variety of mixes here enhancing that wonderful Juno Reactor production. Paul Oakenfold executes a great Prog House anthem in his Perfecto Mix, keeping it just dark enough to compliment the industrial rock of Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction , Chilli Peppers) and Flea’s (Chilli Pepper’s)on their Honeymoon Stitch Mix, lovely stuff.

Johnny Vicious adds some Leftfield bleeps alongside the piano chords to the Muzik Club Vocal , what a nice breakdown.

Most commercial of the mixes is the last one by Gary GStyle Morse and Yianni Papadopoulos . A Deep House growler and trying to be dirtier than Madonna!!7qISFAwR!d5XQf7nMN3r2QrtSYyMPaAp-TzsFYv6BcpCTJKdEt68

Radioactive ‎– RAR12-55086 fallen

A1 Fallen Angel (Perfecto Mix) 7:58
A2 Fallen Angel (Honeymoon Stitch Mix) 4:49
B1 Fallen Angel (Muzik Club Vocal) 8:16
B2 Fallen Angel (Mykonos House Mix) 10:05

Tom Tom Club ‎– Sunshine And Ecstasy (US 12″)

Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz (from Talking Heads and with keyboardist/percussionist  Bruce Martin and Mark Roule) Drummer go full on House on this ’92 US only release. Assisted by Robert Sanchez on most of the mixes, it is quite simple but powerfully arranged. The XTC mixes are deep piano house. The Tom Tom Dub has some guitars thrown in but they’re all pretty similar.

The “Sunshine And Sensi mix by is more Tom Tom Club with editing by Tuta Aquino and some rapping and jazz piano.

A bonus is a track from the LP “Dark Sneak Love Action.” “As The Disco Ball Turns”,  very Talking Heads as you’d expect and very 80’s.


Sire ‎– 0-40444sunshine

A1 Sunshine And Ecstasy (Feel My Heartbeat) (XTC Mix) 8:02
A2 Sunshine And Ecstasy (Feel My Heartbeat) (XTC Dub) 6:36
A3 Sunshine And Ecstasy (Feel My Heartbeat) (Tom Tom Dub) 4:41
B1 Sunshine And Ecstasy (Feel My Heartbeat) (Sunshine And Sensi Mix) 6:05
B2 Sunshine And Ecstasy (Feel My Heartbeat) (Sunshine Mix) 5:44
B3 Sunshine And Ecstasy (Feel My Heartbeat) (Lovepump Dub) 4:56
B4 As The Disco Ball Turns (Album Version) 5:48

Fine Young Cannibals ‎– I’m Not Satisfied (US 12″)


FYC did put out some good mixes. From THAT album this US release had some exclusive mixes. Prince Paul adds some soulful touches including some funky flute and Hip Hop Beats and some reckless edits and soundbites samples, mix of the month. Matt Dike (one half of The Dust Brothers) produced a Pet Shop Boys inspired version of his own, with a completed re-done bassline.

Here is the UK 12″ re-upped here;!e35n3CxA!auiCYChx0yt6HzVxeaKlxtNkaLEggKKTfXSXQ-pLTrw

I.R.S. Records ‎– IRS-24009satisfy

A1 I’m Not Satisfied (Prince Paul 12″) 6:26
A2 I’m Not Satisfied (Nicole / Roland Version) 3:58
A3 I’m Not Satisfied (Nicole Version) 3:58
B1 I’m Not Satisfied (The Nicci Version) 4:30
B2 I’m Not Satisfied (Matt Dike 12″) 5:35

Heaven 17 ‎– Penthouse And Pavement – The Tommy D Remixes (US 12″)

From 1993 and a update to their debut 1981 release. Tommy D (Tom Asher Danvers) with engineer Tom Frederikse at Matrix give it housey re-rub.

It’s Heaven 17 what’s not to like….in a 90’s House Style. Although vocals only kick in towards the end.!ni4QHAIb!eZuPqHN3q_SHfctD-7pBEiQos62Z-CgAzdUr5VL5uwk

Virgin ‎– Y-1266717cov

A1 Penthouse And Pavement (Tommy D’s Master Remix) 7:04
A2 Penthouse And Pavement (D’s Super Disco Dub Mix) 5:34
B1 Penthouse And Pavement (Mr Big Buckles And His Amazing Ride) 6:17
B2 Penthouse And Pavement (Original Version) 6:21

EMF ‎– Children (12″)

From 1991 and the “mighty” EMF. Sirens blazing and jangled guitars with a Ralph Jezzard (Grand Theft Audio) and Ian Dench (band member) at the controls. A cracking 12″ , long and involving and certainly a toe tapper.

A nice little bonus is a live version of Cream’s “Strange Brew” recorded live at Reading University (16/01/91)!enRXXIjR!HR-Thxw6FdpBvX5Ath-LRN9Y9RgbZAJ8qoEIjdXEo4A

Parlophone ‎– 12R 6288childfrontcov

A Children (Battle For The Minds Of North Amerikkka) 7:15
B1 Strange Brew (Live) 3:08
B2 Children (Brian O’ Blivion Mix) 3:55

U2 – The Fly (12″)


I think I mentioned this last time I still don’t understand why people hate U2, it baffles me that when I speak to any of my friends they change and splutter things like, “Can’t stand them!” “That Bloody Bono” and “They lost it years ago.”

I’m not a massive fan but respect their longevity and the fact their is friendly rivalry between them and Depeche Mode. Is it just not trendy to like them anymore?

This was the lead single from 1991’s “Achtung Baby” album. Bono said “the sound of U2 chopping down the Joshua tree.” Adopting the indie dance/ Big Beat feel of the time, it has some glorious guitar work from the Edge and features Bono’s falsetto.

The B-side is a short but high quality instrumental, from the Bono/Edge soundtrack for an updated Stage version of  “Clockwork Orange,” lots of synths and variation.


Island Records ‎– 12 IS 500flyfrontcov

A1 The Fly 4:29
A2 Alex Descends Into Hell For A Bottle Of Milk / Korova 1 3:37
B The Lounge Fly Mix 6:28

General Public ‎– I’ll Take You There (US Promo 2 x 12″)

From the 1994 movie “Threesome” this cover of the Al Bell penned Staple Singers track from 1972 gets an update by 80’s survivors General Public (whose vocalist, Ranking Roger, sadly died early this month. R.I.P. )

There are 8 mixes of the track, 7 done by Japanese DJ and producer Satoshi Tomiie who transforms the reggae track into a chilled  trip hop, Ibiza vibe. Then to a Latin House mix with a Bossanova bass with plenty of breakdowns and even a change of tempo, just who are the fabulous backing diva’s ?? There are also some chilled and jazzy dubs, Tribal House and the very long , definitive “Private Version”, some lovely organ vibes.!GiRGzaaI!FjcZAP6157Hr9R58indVlSc7KZRUjHuldwTkPC-AX7c

Epic Soundtrax ‎– AED 77460folder

A1 I’ll Take You There (Extended 7″ Mix) 5:06
A2 I’ll Take You There (Sunshine Club Mix) 8:20
B1 I’ll Take You There (Satoshi Tomiie Experience) 9:39
B2 I’ll Take You There (Baby Says Huh ? Dub) 5:14
C1 I’ll Take You There (Hoya Tribe Trip) 9:55
C2 I’ll Take You There (Sunday School Dub) 5:24
D1 I’ll Take You There (The Private Version) 10:00
D2 I’ll Take You There (Sunshine Reprise) 6:42

Various ‎– Euro-Mixx Vol. 3 (CD Rip)

There will be a bit of crossover with this and some vinyl 12″ rips I have already put up so apologies but it is mega-mix time once again!

Featuring all 80’s Big Names.

I’m liking the more obscure Simply Red mix that contained a lot of early stuff. The Queen mix is fun, sticking with the slower ballads with some great vocal snippets but the stutter effects spoils it in places. The Human League mix starts off with “Human” and successfully mixes the old and new with some unusual mixes (Do Or Die) The Eurythmics megamix is also a good inclusion.!Li40wArQ!tTL0JYKMmSfNbuqovH6CCVtkzvpxli3ZA_apb98VWHE

Euro-Mixx ‎– Vol. 3euro3

1 OMD One Mad Day Mix, Part I 12:18
2 Simply Red The Deep Red Mix (Megamix I) 13:58
3 Queen Freddie’s Big Mix (Megamix I) 11:45
4 Human League League Leader Mix 12:37
5 Yello The Yellow Megamix 12:55
Black Wax Bonus:
6 Eurythmics Eurythmix (Megamix I) 6:57

Big Audio Dynamite ‎– Sunday Best (Promo 12″)

From 1998 and the last release from the poineering group Big Audio Dynamite. This was the only song released from Radioactive Records when they rejected the “Entering A New Ride” album.

Sounding a bit like The Prodigy, dominating by a brooding bass guitar line and Mick Jones distinct vocals. A bit different to the shorter, more punk sounding 12″.

The 11 minute “Remix” is much more inventive, adopting House Beats in an Underground groove with some percussive overdubs and acid squelches.


Radioactive ‎– RAXT 27SAM_5671

A Sunday Best (Club Mix) 7:25
B1 Sunday Best (Dub Mix) 7:15
B2 Sunday Best (Remix) 11:38

Sunday Silly Song 35 – Baltimora – Tarzan Boy (’93 Mixes) (European 12″)

You can’t keep a good piece of cheese from being regurgitated once in a while. Here in a slightly speeded up and polished ’93 version. Daniel Abraham adds more synths but makes it shorter than the original version. The “Extended Dub” is worth a listen for the different arrangements.


SBK Records ‎– 88 0602 6folder

A1 Tarzan Boy (Original Version) 3:49
A2 Tarzan Boy (U.K. Swing Mix) 3:18
B Tarzan Boy (Extended Dub) 5:10