M People – Moving On Up (12″)

M(ike Pickering’s) People from 1993 and a spoonful of Handbag House!!

With the considerable lungs of Heather Small, Paul Heard on keyboards (who was in Working Week and Orange Juice) and the DJ Experience of Mike Pickering behind them.In ’93 they were at the top of their game, getting rewards left, right and centre.

Here Pickering gets his mate Roger Sanchez to provide two remixes on the B-side. Adding a different bass sound and extra piano. Nice change to hear from the mostly played “Master Mix” – like the cheeky little dub, much more floor orientated (although it might have been covered in handbags.)


Deconstruction ‎– 74321 16616 1movingfrontcov

A1 Moving On Up (M People Master Mix)
A2 Moving On Up (M People Dub)
B1 Moving On Up (Roger S. Gospel Revival Mix)
B2 Moving On Up (Roger S. Moving Mix)

Deborah Harry ‎– Strike Me Pink (Picture Disc 12″)

Picked this up the other day, saw Anne Dudley’s (Art Of Noise) name on the back and didn’t even know it was Deborah Harry (Well I’m sure she had blonde hair last time I looked!)

From 1993 and definitely in the category of faded 80’s star trying to rekindle a career.This was the second and final single from her 1993 album “Debravation”. A slow burner and very like Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” and a slower Pet Shop Boys tracks in terms of mood and probably her best solo work that the record buying public ignored. Two more solo tracks are here; the Chris Stein produced instrumental cover of Nino Rota’s, “8 1/2 Rhumba” Cha-Cha-Cha but a bit of a weird choice. A previous minor hit from 1989, “Sweet and Low” is here, pure synthpop and remixed by Arthur Baker!


Chrysalis ‎– 12chspd 5000debfrontcov

A1 Deborah Harry Strike Me Pink
A2 Deborah Harry 8 1/2 Rhumba
B1 Blondie Dreaming
B2 Deborah Harry Sweet And Low

Ace Of Bass – All That She Wants (12″)

So a band actually from the 1990’s. Sweden’s Ace Of Bass and their controversially themed “All That She Wants” was actually a Number 1 for ages in the UK in 1992. A synth pop band with probably the worst sampled horn sound ever, apparently the horn riff was done with a Casio MIDI horn, more of a toy rather than a sampler. So we get a Pop House “Madness Version” all wonky organ and piano. B-side “Fashion Party” sounds very rave-lite and then you get a Banghra version of the main track ???


Metronome ‎– 861 271-1


A1 All That She Wants (12-Inch Version) 6:49
A2 All That She Wants (Madness Version) 3:32
B1 Fashion Party (Dance Mix) 4:15
B2 All That She Wants (Banghra Version) 4:19

Killing Joke – Millennium (US 12″)

So Killing Joke have a go at some techno….Well band member Youth had been known to have a dabble. From 1994 and building on the meaty production of Greg Hunter we get a trio of remixers having a go.

First of the mixes was from Drum Club , a bit overlong and meandering for my ears but more club friendly. The next mix, “Back To Orion”, was by Juno Reactor and one of first the remixes that got me into his work. Keeping the muscular guitar riff he adds his own techno influences but removes the vocals (PLAY LOUD!!) Cybersank (Swedish producer Sanken Sandqvist)  , as you expect, keep faithful to the original track. The “Aotearoa Mix” was new to me, presumably mixed by Youth, it is the heaviest of all the tracks and has a live feel to it  but keeps that Eastern style string section in.



Zoo Entertainment ‎– 72445-14153-1milly

A1 – Millennium (23 Minutes To Midnight) – 8:09

A2 – Millennium (Back To Orion Mix) – 6:47

B1 – Millennium (Cybersank Extended Remix) – 5:32

B2 – Millennium (Aotearoa Mix) – 6:07

B3 – Millennium (Cybersank Edit) – 3:56

Cabaret Voltaire – Keep On (Remixes) (12″)


It seems all the old 80’s band were dipping their toes into the early 90’s Dance scene. It can be said the Cabs actually invented some of the genres that emerged in the 90’s. This is the remix twelve which is classic techno. Most of the vocals are taken out and 808’s on overdrive.

The Sweet Exorcist mix is not by Richard H. Kirk and engineer Parrot as stated on the release. It’s a mix by Cabaret Voltaire called “Universe Works Mix”. The title was changed by the record company’s marketing division without permission. It still will test those speakers with those cone tickling frequencies. Derrik May does the other 2 mixes, the longer “Mayday” mix much more frenetic but leaves the hooks in. The “Sleazy Dog Mix” is slower and keeps the female vocals in.



Parlophone ‎– 12RX6250cabkeep

A Keep On (Sweet Exorcist Mix) 5:20
B1 Keep On (Sleazy Dog Mix) 5:36
B2 Keep On (Mayday Mix) 7:06

Annie Lennox ‎– No More “I Love Youʼs” (Remix) (US Promo 12″)


Did this ever need a Remix ? Step up Junior Vasquez and hang your head in shame!

From 1995 and emotional ballad gets sped up to a dance tempo and it nearly works,. All the other mixes starts off at the correct slow tempo then take off with a huge bass rumbling!  The “Club Dub” is suitably dark and works out the best.


Arista ‎– ADP-2863lennox

A1 No More “I Love Youʼs” (Junior’s Club Mix) 7:34
A2 No More “I Love Youʼs” (Junior’s Club Dub) 6:14
B1 No More “I Love Youʼs” (Soundfactory Mix) 11:42
B2 No More “I Love Youʼs” (Tribal Mix) 8:18

Keoki – Majick (US Promo & Normal 12″)

I have a major problem with Dance Music in the 90’s, mainly because there was just so much of it and it varied in quality, also it was quite faceless; no one knew anything about the artist, it was just a tune and a label. Mike sent this over, released in 1996 and, luckily, sounding like it did back in the day. Progressive House with a European flavour with a cool  sounding voice instructing you to “Listen Up”. Add a little bit of vocoder and plenty of breakdowns. Liking the synths on the spacey “Cirrus Mix” the “Yum Yum” mix is more techno, the “Uberzone Mix” is the go to mix out of all of them.

From El – Salvador, George Lopez became a bit of an international star as Keoki. This is typical of the mid 90’s Dance scene, long journeys of squelching sound. Early Rave before Tiesto took over.


Moonshine Music ‎– MM 88441-1magic

A Majick (D’Still’D Remix)
B1 Majick (Uberzone Remix)
B2 Majick (Yum Yum Remix)


Moonshine Music ‎– MM 88439-1sam_4898

A Majick (Cirrus Remix)
B Majick (Stateside Remix)

Seal – The Beginning (Remix) (12″)

From 1991 and the distinct Bleep-ology of Mark Moore adds an electronic element to this Seal track. The Dub has a great acoustic guitar strum to it with plenty of conga dabbling, again a top mix! Robin Hancock gets his teeth into the other mix, giving it a very Latin house feel, mmmmm not sure, weird Spanish woman speaking randomly over the top of the track in places, strange?

NEW LINK 2017 (again!)


ZTT ‎– ZANG 21 Tsealed

A The Beginning (Remix)
B1 The Beginning (Dub)
B2 The Beginning (Giro E Giro Mix)

Sinéad O’Connor / Bono & Gavin Friday ‎– You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart / In The Name Of The Father (US Promo 12″)

A double A-side Promo from 1994 to promote the film “In The Name Of The Father” which starred Daniel Day Lewis. The Bono and Friday track has elements of Leftfield in it, there is even an Irish Reel! Bono sings some dark lyrics over a backing that was co-produced with Tim Simenon. Sinéad O’Connor’s track is a little gem, with the “Stained Mix” being my favourite remix of the year so far, it hasn’t really aged, which is a good thing. Bjork must have been taking notes!



Island Records ‎– PR12 6824-1named.jpg

A1 Sinéad O’Connor You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart (Club 12″ Remix – Stained Mix) 6:26
A2 Sinéad O’Connor You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart (Album Instrumental) 5:48
B1 Bono & Gavin Friday In The Name Of The Father (12″ Unidere Mix) 5:59
B2 Bono & Gavin Friday In The Name Of The Father (12″ Beats Mix) 5:36
B3 Bono & Gavin Friday In The Name Of The Father (12″ Instrumental) 5:57