Les Rita Mitsouko ‎– Tongue Dance (12″)

Some quirky French funk from duo Catherine Ringer and Fred Chichin. Here with the production by Tony Visconti this was released in 1989 from the equally quirky “Marc And Robert” album. Brass from Guy Barker and drums by The Time’s Jess Johnson.

.The twelve gets a complete remix by the dynamic duo of Mark “S’Express” Moore and William Orbit, adding rolling drums and a techno bassline but keeping Barker’s trumpet worker. My new favourite track!

B-side is album track “Perfect Eyes” continues the mix of influences with heavy guitar over a drum machine. Very Talking Heads via LCD Soundsystem.



Virgin ‎– VST 1212tongue

A – Tongue Dance (12″ Version) – 5:03

B1 – Tongue Dance (7″ Version) – 4:36

B2 – Perfect Eyes – 3:30

Swimming With Sharks – Careless Love (US 12″)

You wait for one shark and another goes swimming past…..

Keeping with some more mainstream, massive in their native Germany the Humpe sisters renamed themselves Swimming With Sharks and tried to dent the UK and American markets (it didn’t reaching Number 60 in the UK chart!). This was the first single off the self named album, a synth power ballad and more than a hint of Pet Shop Boys about the production. Jolley/Harris/Jolley remix the main 12″ adding synth horns and it a Madonna style groove.

B-side “Come Closer” is more bouncy synth pop and has an Eastern feel to it ( a bit of synth sitar) and those recognizable harmonies.



Atlantic ‎– DMD 1236careless

A Careless Love (Extended Version) 6:24
B1 Careless Love (LP Version) 4:03
B2 Come Closer Now 3:36

Steve Winwood ‎– Holding On (US 12″)

More Winwood to start the posts off for today.

From 1988 and a very electronic track produced and remixed with Tom Lord Alge. Another massive 10 min mix that keeps the synth and samplers at the fore front. There is some organ in there but you’ll have to wait for it. Maybe a bit too long.

B-side is the previously unreleased , “Gojuan” , an instrumental (based on the A-side) that sounds a bit like Yello/Art Of Noise; here with 2 slightly different mixes. It goes off into dance territory with plenty of studio experimentation and sort of meanders around for 5 minutes.



Virgin ‎– 0-96595hold

A – Holding On (Dance Mix) – 9:55

B1 – Gojuan (Aaghh Mix) – 5:05

B2 – Gojuan (Groove Mix) – 4:56

Steve Winwood ‎– Freedom Overspill (US 12″)

More Steve Winwood from 1986, this time and it does contain the extended version of “Higher Love” so still keeping with the mainstream!

An intense synth/funk workout sees him nearly morphing into Peter Gabriel. With both remixes by Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero it is slower than I remember but still a huge 80’s production especially in the Dub. It includes horn arrangements by David Frank and it appeared in the film “Big Shots.”

So “Higher Love” sounds superb in its long form, remixed by Tom Lord-Alge from the production by Russ Titelman – an 80’s classic twelve inch mix

B-side is the keyboard led “Help Me Angel” where he does a Howard Jones and plays all the instruments. This is polished up from the 1982 album, “Talking Back The Night”



Island Records ‎– 0-20537freedom

A1 Freedom Overspill (The Liberty Mix) 7:30
A2 Freedom Overspill (Dub) 6:00
B1 Higher Love (Extended Remix) 7:45
B2 Help Me Angel 5:05

Madonna ‎– Like A Prayer (UK 12″)

Still ploughing on with this mainstream stuff…

Madonna released this in 1989 and with producer Patrick Leonard showed she still could knock out a controversial chart-topper. Her brother Matthew painted the sleeve (keeping it in the family) whilst Junior Vasquez and Shep Pettibone give us a harder sounding, more funkier, Club Mix,

“Act Of Contrition” (that appeared on the album also) does Prince better than Prince, (Prince played guitar on this and the main track but is un-credited) backwardly presented so we get all the Satanic messages!!!


Sire ‎– W7539Tlikefrontcov

A Like A Prayer (12″ Extended Remix) 7:21
B1 Like A Prayer (12″ Club Version) 6:35
B2 Act Of Contrition (LP Version) 2:18

The Power Station ‎– Communication (US 12″)

Speaking of Robert Palmer….

Released in 1985, this was the follow up to their debut release, “Some Like It Hot” and was remixed by Bernard Edwards and Josh Abbey; a bit of Chic, a bit of Duran and a lot of big drums. The B-side contains one of their rockier tracks, “Murderess” almost AC/DC in guitar style.



Capitol Records ‎– V-15204power

A Communication (Special Club Mix) 4:40
B Murderess 4:20


Level 42 ‎– Running In The Family (Platinum Edition) (Mini Album)

level 42

So Mike B, being on the ball as always, sent this over after seeing a lot of Level 42 stuff going up and keeping with the commercial 80’s, mainstream theme going on at the moment. Cheers Bud!

Forgot about this mini remix album to milk the last remnants out of those 2 successful albums by gathering all the single remixes from them into one place, very convenient! Originally to boost sales of the CD version, it could be found included with the original “Running…” vinyl album or could be bought separately, so enjoy again but in a slightly different form (a bit like this blog I suppose!)

Shep Pettibone (the remixer of choice back then) fiddles with most of the tracks. “Something About You” is a bit over long as is “Lessons In Love”, “World Machine” is the pick of the bunch. The band remix the tear-filling “It’s Over” featuring prominent pedal steel guitar by B.J. Cole and Harmonica by Henry Falco, amazing stuff.  I still found Dave O’grin’s remix of “Running…” a bit weak and disappointing but that just my opinion.



Polydor ‎– POLHB 42plat

A1 Lessons In Love (Shep Pettibone Remix) 7:44
A2 Running In The Family (Dave ‘O’ Remix) 6:37
A3 It’s Over (Remix) 6:00
B1 Something About You (Shep Pettibone Remix) 8:03
B2 World Machine (Shep Pettibone Remix) 5:39

Steve Winwood ‎– Roll With It (US Promo 12″)

Steve Winwood (Spencer Blues Band, Blind Faith, Traffic) had a bit of a career resurgence in the mid to late 80’s thanks to the release of the album “Back In The High Life” and the massive success of the single, “Higher Love.” This was from the follow up album of the same name and was marketed as Winwood. He was still into technology using it with traditional Blues structures to create an original sound (i.e. boogie woogie piano and plenty of Hammond organ swirling around) This was remixed by Heller and Forest over the original production by Tom Lord-Alge with added keyboards by Pete Schwartz. So a very, very long main mix; a very playable, “Steve Testifies Dub” version, almost like an alternative version but still keeping those Gospel/Soul elements in. Finally, a proper dub instrumental. He was probably keeping an eye on Robert Palmer’s career at the time and said to himself, “I’ll have a bit of that!”



Virgin ‎– DMD 1193SAM_6801

A Roll With It (12″ Remix) 9:53
B1 Roll With It (Steve Testifies Dub) 6:44
B2 Dub #2 4:16

Level 42 ‎– Lessons In Love (Extended Version) (12″)

Quintessential 80’s now with this massive hit from Level 42 given the Julien Mendelsohn remix. Released from the huge selling album “World Machine” from 1986, the band where Globally massive at the time. They had teamed up in the studio with Wally Badarou and Nick Froome to produce a smoothed put funk sound that brought mass appeal, particularly to Yuppies. Like a lot of their releases it came out in a load of different versions, this being the normal UK twelve.

Backed up by the album version of “World Machine” and a fantastic live version of “Hot Water”



Polydor ‎– POSPX 790lessonfrontcov

A Lessons In Love (Extended Version) 7:00
B1 World Machine 5:14
B2 Hot Water (Live) 6:14

Simply Red ‎– Holding Back The Years (US Promo 12″)

So onwards with an ultimate mid-80’s coffee table tune. From 1985 and a classic bit of blue-eyed soul from Hucknall and Neil Moss with the crystal clear production of Stewart Levine on this original release, there’s much more keyboard on this version, the original original was from their own band, The Frantic Elevators. Hucknall certainly knows how to showcase that fabulous voice and it made many people sit up and take note of what was the beginning of a long career.

The funk is turned up on bonus track “I Won’t Feel Bad” – classic Simply Red.

I’ve just found out that the UK 12″ version (already on here) is another case of the Missing Files, I’ll get my Deer Stalker on!



Elektra ‎– ED 5122holding

A Holding Back The Years (Vocal / Extended LP Version) 5:42
B1 Holding Back The Years (Vocal / Edit Of LP Version) 4:11
B2 I Won’t Feel Bad (Vocal / Non-LP Bonus Track) 4:02