Criminal Element Orchestra Featuring Tim Bryant – Put The Needle To The Record Again (US 12″)

The return of Arthur Baker.

A rapid release of this ’87 track with the high-pitched vocals of Tim Bryant. Gail “Sky” King adds her expertise with some edits and mixing. Whilst Keith Leblanc is the Drums of Doom. Written by Wally Jump Jnr.

There is a lot to get through. Most DJ’s will consider the Dubs essentials. Prince’s Kiss and Fire by Arthur Brown get included in the overdubs.”).rar/file

Criminal Records – CR12-017

A1Put The Needle To The Record Again (Needle Vocal)7:25
A2Put The Needle To The Record Again (“Sky” King Needledub)8:10
B1Put The Needle To The Record Again (Electro Beats)11:25
B2Put The Needle To The Record Again (“Sky” King Radio)3:58

Au Revoir – For a Fortnight…

We are off to Florida for ten days. Beth and I had a torrid time last year with the sudden death of both my parents. So In December I booked us a break to the same place we had our honeymoon, nearly 9 years to the day.

Universal and Disney are the priorities and just getting away after all the Co-vid restrictions. It’ll be messy!

So thank you for all the support, the hardcore followers, the requestors and the lurkers. The blog kept me sane last year, onwards and upwards.

Gary Clail On-U Sound System Featuring Bim Sherman – Beef (Maxi 12″)

Another from 1990 and Gary Clail duets with Bim Sherman and some Jungle Opera. A serious Eco message about the deforestation of the Rainforests.

The real bonus is an Oakenfold and Osbourne mix on the A -side. Piano led and with deeper bass, a lost remix from this creative year.”).zip/file

RCA – PT 43844
ABeef (The Future Mix)6:06
BBeef (The Original Version)5:26

Tackhead – Dangerous Sex *Link Added* + Re-ups (US 12″)

Some heavy funk from June ’90. Smooth and quite commercially produced with a helpful, advice giving rap and soulful vocals from Bernard Fowler

There is Wimbish’s bass and plenty of sampled strings. Track 2 offering the stripped back version.

The Fall’s Mark E. Smith guests on the alt. funk of “Repetition”, extended but not that repetitive.

SBK Records – 12 SBK 7014

A1Dangerous Sex (Extension Mix)
A2Sex Overdubs
BRepetition (Repetition)

Submarine – Dinosaurs (CDS)

Some UK Indie Grunge from the trio Submarine, Neil Haydock (guitar, vocals) and Rob Harron (bass) and Jeff Townsin on drums. With Flaming Lips member, Keith Cleversley helping on the desk as well as with some instruments.

“Dinosaurs” has a slight shoegaze feel to it, it glides along like My Bloody Valentine with laid back vocals and a considerable wall of guitar, accentuated on this extended version.

“Learning To Live…” is a quieter, psychedelic jam. A slower shoegazer. “Smile” has a bit of a baggie anthem about it. Not really lifting off until half way. All in all 3 good tracks from this forgotten band.

Ultimate – TOPP011CD

2Learning To Live With Ghosts

The Wild Swans – Bible Dreams (7″)

A bit of New Order-isms from this release from 1988. Produced by Paul Hardiman and performed by Jeremy Kelly (Guitars and ex-Lotus Eaters), Joseph Fearon (Bass and ex member of Top and head of Deltasonic Records) and Paul Simpson (vocals and keyboards and founder member of Teardrop Explodes and Care) A Liverpool band with an ever changing line-up, Simpson being the constant.

A great bit of catchy Pop with Simpson’s brooding baritone

Indie Pop with a nod to The Smiths on the B-side but with plenty of keyboards. “1982” is an exclusive B side”).rar/file

Sire – 927 765-7

ABible Dreams3:17

Tears For Fears – Everybody Wants To Run The World (12″)

From May ’86 and you get the opportunity to point and laugh as people say the incorrect lyrics. Supporting the newly established Geldof charity. 274 cities took part and at a certain time people ran 10k.

A remake / remodel with just one word altered but the whole song has been re-edited so it does sound a little different

The “Running Version” is yet another short edit with more “run” in it. A dub version that gets the message across and includes an extra guitar solo in there.”).rar/file

Mercury – RACE 112

AEverybody Wants To Run The World4:32
AAEverybody Wants To Run The World (Running Version)4:32

Beloved – Loving Feeling (12″)

From Oct 1988 and a good year before “The Sun Rising”. We get adventurous synthpop that nearly veers off into Dance. There is a feel good song with strummed guitar, they were a Pop Group first

Paul Staveley O’Duffy produces the A side with some sultry spoken Spanish to give it a Balearic edge.

The B-side celebrates the First Summer Of Love with American producer Mike “Hitman” Wilson adding the harder beats and acid edge. Nine and half minutes of Acid House ! Feed that dog ! Acid Ted are you there ?”+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1988.rar/file

WEA – YZ 311T

ALoving Feeling (Feeling Lovely Mix)6:20
BAcid Love (Love And Ecstasy Mix)9:25

Lard – The Power Of Lard EP (12″)

The correct f***ing picture

I love a good collab and here is the band – A. Jourgensen,  J. Ward, J. Biafra and P. Barker.

Yes, Jello and Al get together on this ’89 project. Punk with Industrial.

I like the Psych Rock N Roll of “Hellfudge” and time must be set aside (about half an hour!) for “Play Louder” a feedback frenzy and a bit doom metal with a plodding beat. I wonder what state they were in when they recorded presumably in one take.”).rar/file

Alternative Tentacles – VIRUS 72 T

Play Loud
A1The Power Of Lard
Play Louder
BTime To Melt

Alison Moyet – Ordinary Girl (Remix) (Maxi 12″)

Quite an Indie guitar sound on this ( a bit Smiths. The twelve nicely extending this great track with even a synth. From her album, “Raindancing.”

The B-side is produced by Dan Hartman, funky with a bit of Gospel and some nice synth hooks.”)+(1987)+(ADG+Rip).rar/file

CBS – 650843 6
AOrdinary Girl (Remix)5:34
B1Ordinary Girl (Single Version)3:26
B2Palm Of Your Hand (Cloak And Dagger)3:53