Various – Alternator One (Best Of Funky Alternatives) (Double CD)

Mike B sent this over last week and I think I also picked this up when it was out in 1999. A Best Of (probably remastered) of this series (and in this case in FLAC and MP3 option)

For the completists amongst us and those graving the improved quality. Sorry about the repetition but heh ! It’s Free !

I do have the others (7 and maybe 8 on CD……somewhere, I’ll have to dig them out!)

MP3 here

FLAC here

New Millennium Communications – BLACK CD 1

1-1New OrderEvil Dust (Exclusive Remix)3:43
1-2D.A.FBrothers (Gabi’s Mix)6:11
1-3The ShamenYou And Me And Everything (Evil Edit)4:41
1-4OrbitalOpen Mind (Exclusive Remix)6:25
1-5Fini Tribe Featuring RosagnElectrolux (Exclusive Six Minute Slimline Mix)5:41
1-6K.M.F.D.MDon’t Blow Your Top3:37
1-7My Life With The Thrill Kill KultRide The Mindway (Exclusive Remix)6:06
1-8Severed HeadsJet-Lag (Exclusive Mix)4:02
1-9Front Line AssemblyVexation (Exclusive Mix)4:40
1-10Hoodlum PriestCop Killer (Dust-Bowl Mix)4:53
1-11Skinny PuppyDeadlines (Exclusive Remix)5:51
1-12Cabaret VoltaireDoom Zoom (Exclusive Track)4:48
2-123 SkidooShugyosha Step5:18
2-2Hard Corps–C’est Pas Moi5:33
2-3SlabDeath’s Head Soup (Exclusive Remix)5:31
2-4Nocturnal EmissionsNo Separation (Separated Mix)3:11
2-5UltramarineInterstellar (Exclusive Edit)5:09
2-6The Anti GroupBroadcast Test (Exclusive Remix)5:40
2-7Chris & CoseyOktober (Love Song) (’86 Version)4:50
2-8A Guy Called GeraldEscape (Exclusive Track)5:13
2-9Tackhead Featuring DJ CheeseKing Of The Beat4:20
2-10400 BlowsFundamental Islam (Exclusive Remix)6:03
2-11Kode IVPossessed (Exclusive Age Of Satan Mix)5:35
2-12Meat Beat ManifestoPsyche-Out (Exclusive 7″ Edit)3:49

Various – Funky Alternatives Volume 4 (CD)

It came and I ripped! (In FLAC and MP3 option too)

So the missing jigsaw piece. From ’89 and with some tasty tracks (and some extra ones as well)

The Shamen have a more dubby, measured mix of their single release, Eddie Richards on the edits . Click Click benefit from the vocals being removed, never liked them on this track anyway. Finitribe have a very shrill mix (in parts) of the weird “Electrolux”

400 Blows using a Call To Prayer sample over a tough Proto House beat. Skinny Puppy get completely deconstructed by Beatbox Inc. One of the highlight mixes.

The Anti Group get the bpm up with some early techno. GTO get “Peace” beefed up with an additional bass, love the samples. Nigel Ayers (A Spanner Thru Ma Beatbox) House grooves and some Industrial drone. Federal State (Andrew Beer) have a piano riff on what could be an old skool House track with synth horns as an additional riff and a female vocals.

Empty Quartet turns to be a small project by Ben Watkins and Martin Glover. “Lovers” is another highlight, strange sounds and a frantic sequencer, a slide guitar and real bass ??

Michael Sefton (Jouissance) ends the album in a suitably off kilter manner. Weird horror movie samples and skittering beats, produced by Pornosect.

FLAC here

MP3 here

Concrete Productions – CPROD CD 009

1The ShamenYou And Me And Everything (Evil Edit]4:41
2Click ClickSweet Stuff (Exclusive Instrumental Mix)4:35
3Fini TribeElectrolux (Exclusive “Six Minute Slimline Mix”)5:41
4400 BlowsFundamental Islam (Exclusive Remix By Beatbox Inc.)5:23
5Skinny PuppyDeadlines (Exclusive Remix By 400 Blows)5:51
6The Anti GroupBroadcast Test (Exclusive Remix)5:40
7Greater Than OnePeace (Exclusive Re-Edit By Beatbox Inc.)4:21
8A Spanner Thru Ma BeatboxA Spirit In The Groove (Exclusive Remix/Re-Edit By Beatbox Inc.)4:31
9Federal StateDeeper In Love5:36
10MT QuarterLovers5:05
11JouissanceOpen Wider4:07

Various – Funky Alternatives Volume 6 (Vinyl LP)

Back in the Room ! (Been to Oxford for a staycation)

Now into ’91 and the list of guests was becoming mouth watering. Orbital kick us off in their full-on techno mode (love that vocoder). This was an exclusive mix for this series.

I was heavily into MBM at the time and this shorter edit was a Godsend as I was including it in my sets.

Kode IV was also on my radar being on KK Records. This mix has more Exorcist samples than the movie! Leftfield EBM.

Keith LeBlanc is involved in the cringy, guitar heavy, hip hop track. Not aged that well, file with Tackhead.

Peter Hook’s Revenge were in full swing at the time. This is another exclusive mix of a decent track with Hook on the vocals.

Cyberaktif was another band that I bought some stuff on the strength of this track. Skinny Puppy in style.

Pig in a KMFDM style offers up a slab of Industrial lite. Closing with some Balearic beats from Ian Cooper and Paul Hammond, very chilled.

Concrete Productions – CPRODLP 016

A1OrbitalOpen Mind (Remix By Orbital)6:25
A2Meat Beat ManifestoPsyche Out (7″ Edit By Meat Beat Manifesto)3:49
A3Kode IVPossessed (Age Of Satan Mix)5:35
A4HotalacioTalkin’ Out The Side Of Your Neck (Conkreet Remix)3:20
B1RevengeSlave (Smooth Mix)5:50
B2CyberaktifNothing Stays (Beatbox Inc. Edit)4:51
B3PigInfinite Power4:05
B4UltramarineInterstellar (Paul Hammond Edit)5:09

Various – Funky Alternatives Volume 5 (Vinyl LP)

So I bought myself Vol 4 (stay tuned for that!) and I do have Vol 6 on vinyl of this popular compilation series.

Mike B (and myself) both have this Volume, looking like Factory Records release. A greater variety of artists from a wider selection of labels but still obscure and leftfield

It’s starts off with a New Beat banger, plenty of samples. Followed up by a quite a boring instrumental by Drug Free America, going into guitar industrial loops. Havoc (Johnson Engineering Co.) go a bit Sci-Fi soundtrack with a familiar synth loop. Vocals remind me of the Cab’s Stephen Mallinder.

Classic Guy Called Gerald closes the first side. Acid and subsonics .

Nitzer Ebb I think have an exclusive mix of “Shame” Slab! (who already have stuff on here) get their alt.funk an exclusive funk, reminds me of The The.

A brief but short version of “Don’t You Blow Your Top” – Camp Industrial. My favourite is Faction’s celebration of Apollo 13, plenty of scratches and reminds me of Colourbox.”+Vinyl+-+1990.rar/file

Concrete Productions – CPRODLP 012

A1My Life With The Thrill Kill KultRide The Mindway (Exclusive Remix By TKK)6:06
A2Drug Free AmericaJust Like Daddy’s Gun (Instrumental)4:10
A3Havoc Attitude (Mix By Beatbox Inc.)4:42
A4A Guy Called GeraldEscape5:13
B1Nitzer EbbShame (12″ Remix)5:32
B2SlabDeath’s Head Soup (Exclusive Remix By Beatbox Inc.)5:31
B3KMFDMDon’t Blow Your Top3:37
B4FactionThe Eagle Has Landed5:23

Various – Funky Alternatives Volume 3 (Vinyl LP)

And they keep coming !!

From ’89 and with an ever increasing , eclectic mix of artists.

400 Blows mix Severed Heads, giving it even more a Middle Eastern flavour. Startled Insects give a dense synth instrumental, a bit Jazz here and there. Even a bit Bill Nelson. There’s Welsh House ! A Frontline Assembly rarity

Favourites being the Hard Corps track, a very rare track.

Concrete Productions – CPRODLP 003

A1Severed HeadsJetlag (Exclusive Remix)3:58
A2Son Of Sam21st Century Bible (Revised Edition)5:23
A3Startled InsectsRevenge Of The Insects5:26
A4Y Llwybr LlaethogTy Haf Yac (Jac’s Holiday House)4:25
B1Frontline AssemblyVexation4:33
B2WMTIDWelcome To The Global Casino6:10
B3Hard CorpsDesolation Land4:11
B4Johnson Engineering Co.Beating The Hell Out Of Carmina4:45

Various – Funky Alternatives Volume 2 (Vinyl LP)

Some more hidden gems on the second volume released in September ’87 . A bit more variety and some exclusives. I’ve played this loads of the years. The 400 Blows mix of “Low Rider” by Manchester’s Quando Quango and the sublime track by New York Pig Funkers

Pornosect end the compilation in a suitably off kilter manner. Gregorian Chant in ’87

Concrete Productions – CPRODLP 002
A1Cabaret VoltaireDoom Zoom (Previously Unreleased)4:58
A2Mark StewartAnger (Specially Commissioned)4:43
A3The Original Unknown DJ’sFreak The House (Specially Commissioned)3:07
A4StumpLiving It Down (Specially Commissioned)2:58
A5New York Pig FunkersTomato Grosso (Exclusive Remix)5:11
B1Quando QuangoLow Rider (Exclusive Remix)3:52
B2The Dave Howard SingersYon Yonson III (Specially Commissioned)4:25
B3ChakkTimebomb (Jack The Bomb Remix)5:38
B4OutBusiness As Usual (Previously Unreleased)4:23
B5PornosectThe Medium Is The Message (Specially Commissioned)3:11

Various – Funky Alternatives Volume 1 (Vinyl LP)

So I have a few of these Compilations as they became an obsession back in the late 80’s. This is an old rip but a quick check and it sounds good. I thought they were already on here !

The collective is behind a lot of these exclusive and rare tracks 400 Blows, they were the label owners! A go to for anything Leftfield in the mid 80’s.

Islamic Call to Prayer is the main feel on the “Evil Dust” (The vocals are Dunya Yusin, a Lebanese mountain singer) wow! Everything is in this New Order instrumental dub / remix of “Angel Dust” from “Brotherhood.”

400 Blows gives us an electro sample mash-up. Flute riff and plenty of brass. Cultural Thugs provide another instrumental with some creative but out of place sampling.

D.A.F. Brothers is the first vocal track, the mix hypnotises and sounds quite modern and another Leftfield Pop song from Chris and Cosey. Like the mutant funk of “Crucial Lover”, best track. Nocturnal Emissions going slightly towards Industrial.

Concrete Productions – CPRODLP 001

A123 SkidooShugyōsha Step5:18
A2Tackhead Featuring DJ CheeseKing Of The Beat (Remix)4:20
A3New OrderEvil Dust (Exclusive Remix)3:43
A4400 BlowsNeedle Time (Throwdown Mix)4:05
A5Cultural ThugsChristians To The Lions3:42
B1D.A.F.Brothers (Gabi’s Mix)6:11
B2ColourboxManic (Instrumental Mix)3:36
B3Chris & CoseyOctober (Love Song) (’86 Version)4:50
B4Empty QuarterCrucial Lover5:57
B5Nocturnal EmissionsNo Separation (Separated Mix)3:31

Various – Recorded Highlights Of The Prince’s Trust 10th Anniversary Birthday Party (US Vinyl LP)

This is a great little find, remember watching this on the TV as it was a live production.

So these legends play a big track from their catalogue but not from “The Boss” , Midge Ure who went for “Call Of The Wild” from his then current album, Ooch ?!?

Love the list of guest performers; Bryan Adams, Eric Clapton, Francis Rossi, George Chandler (Central Line), Jimmy Chambers (Central Line), Jimmy Helms, John Illsley, Mark King, Paul Young, Ray Cooper (Elton John), Rick Parfitt, Sting, Trevor Morais Quantum Jump) and Sam and Vicki Brown. The Super Band (The Prince’s All Stars) behind the performers so the live versions are quite different and unique to this gig.

Recorded live at Wembley Arena, London, 20/6/86 (a digital live recording). Warts and all it seems too. No real engineering and a very loose feel. Collins doing his song with no drum break ??? Elton John’s track is a dogs dinner, just too much going on! Although Tina Turner had a ball! (or 2)

Highlights of the highlights ? Suzanne Vega and a nervous, raw acoustic with even a dodgy mic. The raucous Big Country and a wall / wail of a guitars. Macca backed up by Paul Yong and Turner on “Get Back.” I just like the simple but effective Howard Jones, well played Sir!’s+Trust+10th+Anniversary+Birthday+Party+(Live)+-+US+12”+Vinyl+LP+Compilation+-+1987.rar/file

KODAK Digital Still Camera

A&M Records – SP-3906

A1Dire StraitsMoney For Nothing5:20
A2Midge UreCall Of The Wild4:21
A3Suzanne VegaMarlene On The Wall3:16
A4Phil CollinsIn The Air Tonight4:59
A5Big CountryFields Of Fire4:24
A6Howard JonesNo One Is To Blame4:17
B1Level 42Something About You5:12
B2Elton JohnI’m Still Standing3:46
B3Joan ArmatradingReach Out4:41
B4Tina TurnerBetter Be Good To Me5:02
B5Rod StewartSailing5:26
B6Paul McCartneyGet Back3:40

Various – Future Retro (2 x 12″ US LP)

So the album proper , getting a Jan 2006 release and a superb vinyl RIP from Mike B.

No filler all killer (well a little). When Remixes can be good !

The Cure have “The Walk” remixed by Oz trio Infusion, giving it some tweeks but still a band sound and an update. Just a little long but not boring, it’s all about the build up. (4)

Richard X lends his hand to New Order and totally refreshes it. Big Bass added and begins with Sumner doing all the “doos, doos” and a legendary remix (5)

Tiga beefs up a minor DM hit, full vocals ad a sparse acid backing. A claustrophobic, electro feel (5)

Knowing this song inside out I’m not a fan of Freeland’s Big Beat interpretation. It builds and rocks out but takes an age, four and a half minutes in and with a stupid Dalek voice effect. (2)

Dennis White (Static Revenger) adds some House Beats and funky Disco veneer and updates the tempo, needs a bit of getting used to (3)

Benefitting from a full vocal this is a more chilled out version, the guitars have been thinned out and it has a bit of an IDM feel. Lovely stuff (5)

Hang on Howard, he’s only had a House remix ! Deep and techy and also taking a while to build. The vocals are set on top what becomes a moody bit of Dance. (4)

House up “White Lines” and get rid of the signature bassline and you’re in trouble. Tech House as well via a Laptop bleep-a-rage, Simon Shackleton, mmm not for me (2)

So is this remix better than Richard X’s on the Promo ? Glen Nicholls tickles a freestyle vibe. Lots of beats and the sequencer kicks in big. Surprisingly meaty. (5) (Only on the vinyl version of this)

Finally Alphaville get a re-work rather than a remix. Added synth, guitar and percussion from Bill Hamel and Barry Jamieson. Turning into an Indie Guitar stomper. Weird but in a good way (if you like U2) (4)”x2+Vinyls+-+2006.rar/file

Rhino Records – R1 73210
A1The CureThe Walk (Infusion 12″ Remix)8:59
A2New OrderBizarre Love Triangle (Richard X 12″ Mix)7:04
B1Depeche ModeShake The Disease (Tiga Remix)6:47
B2B-MovieNowhere Girl (Adam Freeland Remix)7:31
B3INXSNeed You Tonight (Static Revenger Mix)6:41
C1Echo & The BunnymenLips Like Sugar (Way Out West Remix)7:32
C2Howard JonesNew Song (Peter Black & Hardrock Striker Mix)7:42
D1Grandmaster Flash & Melle MelWhite Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It) (Elite Force Mix)7:39
D2YazSituation (Future Funk Squad’s Downstairs @ Fabric Mix)6:38
D3AlphavilleForever Young (Hamel Club Mix)7:41

Various – Future Retro (Sampler) (US Promo 12″)

Fast Forward to December 2005 and some unusual guest remixes bring some 80’s Classics into the 21st Century. A Promo sampler with three tracks remixed into 3 quite short remixes.

Richard X brings out the best of the sounds on the Yazoo gem. A HUGE bassline brings a new lease of life into it. Just the right timing as well. (5)

Anton Floria and Craig DeGraff go for the squelchy electro clash. Handclaps and tightened , sequenced bass but a little bit too much messing with the vocals but it doesn’t detract and energizes the classic. (5)

I love playing this out, Sparks creates a weird orchestrated version , a bit Beatles and uses Morrisey’s in a loop very effectively. Hymn like with a tasty guitar strum to break it up. (4)”+Promo+Vinyl+Sampler+-+2005.rar/file

Pylon Records – PYLON 001

AYazSituation (Richard X Remix)
B1DevoGirl U Want (Black Light Odyssey Mix)
B2MorrisseySuedehead (Sparks Mix)