Various ‎– NME Readers’ Poll Winners ’84 (Feat. Bronski Beat, Cocteau Twins, The Smiths, U2) (7″)

A New Year’s Gift….

All crammed on a 7″ – although the speed was 33 rpm. that was given free with NME on May ’85.

All the artists were well established by the time this was released and it seems that it was a “Remember Us!” kind of message.

Bronski dedicate their track to the Miner’s Strike. Brooding and basic and Soft Cell – like.

The Cocteau Twins give us the haunting, strummed “Ivo” with a slightly more harsh drum machine sound on this track.

The Smiths have a live track from Oxford (18/3/85) – short and direct.

U2 provide a Dub Mix and on hearing it I’m sure my mate had this 7″ at the time. They really nail the sound thanks to Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois.


New Musical Express ‎– GIV 1


A1 Bronski Beat Hard Rain 4:15
A2 Cocteau Twins Ivo (New Version) 3:55
B1 The Smiths What She Said (Live) 2:36
B2 U2 Wire (Dub Mix) 4:31

Silly Sunday Song 60 – The Timelords ‎– Doctorin’ The Tardis *updated and Polished (US CDS & 12″)

Reaching the milestone of 60! It had to be this weird track from 1988 by The KLF. One of the first mash-ups. Based on the Doctor Who theme, as well as “Rock And Roll” by Gary Glitterand sampling “Blockbuster!” by The Sweet. A fun Party track!

The full 8 minute extended mix is really fun! More obvious samples – The Blockbuster intro is nearly here in full.

The ambient “Minimal” mix has no Glam Beats but a steady bass drum. More for fans of the Dr. Who theme, less gimmicks.


TVT Records ‎– TVT 4020


Side A
A1 Doctorin’ The Tardis (Radio)  
A2 Doctorin’ The Tardis (Minimal)  
  Club Side

Doctorin’ The Tardis (Extended)

Now with the added bonus of the CD single!

All clear sounds on this Glam tribute! Dalek’s imitating Harry Enfield, really like the Space effects, I wonder how much was sampled and how much was reproduced.

The Instrumental could be a whole new Dr. Who Theme!

A bonus on this release was the original, full version of “What Time Is Love?” – without the rap. Ahead of it’s time and it’s origins disputed, there is even a Wiki page devoted to it

Disgraced Gary Glitter adds some sinister vocals of his own track 4. A track you won’t find on Spotify. Mislabeled. it should be “Gary In The Tardis” , hopefully locked and sent to another dimension!

TVT Records – TVT4025-2

1The TimelordsDoctorin’ The Tardis3:34
2The TimelordsDoctorin’ The Tardis (12″)8:11
3The KLFWhat Time Is Love? (The KLF Original Version)7:06
4The TimelordsGary Joins The JAMS3:26
5The TimelordsDoctorin’ The Tardis (Instrumental)4:28

Chas Jankel ‎– Questionnaire (US Vinyl LP)

Multi-instrumentalist and ex-Member of Ian Dury And The Blockheads released this funk LP back in 1981, it was called “Chasanova” in the UK and brings together the successful singles.

Produced with Peter Van-Hooke (who also programmed the Linn Drums) and Philip Bagenal.

It features Tina Weymouth’s sister on backing vocals, fellow Blockhead, Norman Watt-Roy on bass and Charley Charms on drums. Lyrics were written by Ian Dury.

One of the highlight tracks -“Magic Of Music,” gives a reggae vibe with guest bass by Japanese musician Kuma Harada (Snowy White) and guitar from Mick Jacques (Curved Air) with trumpet from Dick Cuthell (The Specials) and trombone Rico Rodriguez. (The Specials)

“Questionnaire” feels like it was made in the late 80’s, that’s how groundbreaking it sounds.


A1 109 3:53
A2 Johnny Funk 4:57
A3 Now You’re Dancing 3:39
A4 Magic Of Music 4:53
B1 Glad To Know You 6:35
B2 Boy 3:53
B3 Questionnaire 5:05
B4 3,000,000 Synths 6:27

Madness ‎– Our House (US 12″)

A rare version – as it is Christmas ! From 1983 and the US Dance versions I present to you remixed by Mark Kamins.

More “Woo A Woo”, a nice piano solo and an accepella ending, it nicely different.

The Dub version is called “Mad House” before House music I may add but some nice Dub effects with the saxophone doing the lyrics.

Geffen Records ‎– 9 29667-0 A


A Our House (Special Remix — Extended Dance Version) 5:02
B Mad House (Our House Instrumental Dub Version) 4:34

Burning Sensations ‎– Burning Sensations (US Vinyl LP)

Never having a CD release or a remaster this was from short-lived L.A. Alt Rock band

The album came out in Summer 1983, all self produced.

The line-up for the album was ; Bass, Guitar [Synthesizer] – Rob Rio Hasik, Drums – Barry (The Hatchet) Wisdom, Drums [Hand], Timbales, Percussion – Tempo (Michael Temple), Keyboards, Vocals [Background] – Morley Bartnof , Lead Vocals, Guitar [Synthesizer] – Tim McGovern (Ex-member of The Motels) and Saxophone [Alto, Tenor & Baritone], Vocals [Background] – Jeff Hollie.

A full sound, with lots going on – loads of percussion and swirling synths. Plenty of Calypso, Ska and Punk influences. It includes their Hit “Belly Of The Whale” Quite similar to Oz band Men At W.

Highlights include the wacky, quick instrumental “Is This What You Mean?” There is a weird, pub rock cover of John Fogerty’s “Down On The Corner”, followed by Jimi Hendrix’s “I Don’t Live Today”, given an electro funk makeover in a Prince style.

Capitol Records ‎– ST 12300


A1 Not Cloudy All Day 2:11
A2 Beat Temptation 3:43
A3 Belly Of The Whale 5:02
A4 Maria (You Just Don’t Know What You’re Dealing With) 4:12
A5 Sea Shanty 3:26
B1 Is This What You Mean? 3:20
B2 Down On The Corner 3:06
B3 I Don’t Live Today 3:20
B4 Afrobilly (Live It Up) 3:30
B5 Envy 3:28

Starship ‎– It’s Not Over (‘Til It’s Over) (US Promo 12″)

The ever so popular (on this blog!) Starship with more synth rock from 1987!! Hair Rock from the late 80’s. As you can see the “Long Version” is 18 seconds longer than the short version – so this 12″ is a bit of a rip-off (Sorry Mike B)

This later line-up was ;Drums, Vocals – Donny Baldwin,  Guitar – Craig Chaquico and vocals Grace Slick and Mickey Thomas.

Produced by Keith Olsen and from the album, “No Protection” – Grace Silk is somewhere in here but it is hard to tell.

Grunt ‎– 6478-1-GDAB SAM_2785

A It’s Not Over (‘Til It’s Over) (Long Version) 4:32
B It’s Not Over (‘Til It’s Over) (Short Version) 4:16

Benjamin Orr ‎– The Lace (US Vinyl LP)

Rock Synth from The Cars late bassist Benjamin Orzechowski. His one and only LP from 1986 as the band was breaking up.  The line-up included ; Guitar – Elliot Easton (The Cars) , Mike Landau, Keyboards – Larry Klein (Joni Mitchell’s Ex-husband and who also produced it with Orr and Mike Shipley)

Safe and tuneful, a mix of Power Ballads and rockers with plenty of synths. No filler tracks here.

Elektra ‎– 60460-1 SAM_8247

A1 Too Hot To Stop 4:18
A2 In Circles 4:32
A3 Stay The Night 4:26
A4 Skyline 4:10
A5 When You’re Gone 4:51
B1 Spinning 4:27
B2 Hold On 4:30
B3 The Lace 4:20
B4 That’s The Way 4:07
B5 This Time Around 5:10


Pop Will Eat Itself ‎– Def.Con.One (The Doomsday Powermix) (12″)

What a great party track from the late 80’s (’88) and it see’s the band seriously get into their samples and electronics, helped by co-producer Rob Gordon. This is the more techno sounding mix with bass synth keeping the groove.

The old band sound is still found on the couple of live tracks – to keep the old fans onside. It was recorded live in Gothenberg. “She’s Surreal” has some elements of beats, scratches and samples. Bloody awful vocals though.


Chapter 22 ‎– PWEI L12001 SAM_5427

A Def Con One (The Doomsday Powermix) 5:58
B1 Def Con One (7″ Version) 3:43
B2 Inside You (Live) 2:35
B3 She’s Surreal (Live) 4:09

Age Of Chance ‎– One Thousand Years Of Trouble (US Vinyl LP)

Debut LP from Leed’s Age Of Chance released in 1987. Produced with Howard Gray (Apollo 440) Steve Osbourne and Mark “Spike” Stent were the engineers

Loads of styles to adsorb, hip-hop, Industrial, synth pop and future Rockabilly. Plenty of daft samples, tongue was firmly in their cheeks. Vocalist Steven E gives a great impression of Johnny Rotten with his nasal sneer. Here was the line-up Steven Elvidge, (mob-orator) Geoff Taylor, (all nite bass frequencies) Neil Howson, (power-noise generator) and Jan Perry (beat dominator)

So it is a definite mix between indie rock and hip-hop, I really like the Beastie Boys influence on “Take It” and the quite polemic “Learn To Pray.”

A Ground Breaking Album.


Virgin ‎– 7 90672-1 SAM_3592

A1 We Got Trouble 3:36
A2 Don’t Get Mad… Get Even! 3:32
A3 Ready Or Not Here We Come 4:10
A4 Shut Up & Listen 2:55
A5 Hold On 2:35
B1 Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Noise? 2:47
B2 Take It! 4:39
B3 This Is Crush Collision 5:24
B4 Learn To Pray 6:04