Gardening By Moonlight ‎– Method In The Madness (Vinyl LP)

The joys of second hand vinyl collecting.

Was after this LP for a while and came across it at a record fair this year. Ever since I managed to pick up a 12″ single by the band (I’ll need to find this!!) I’d been curious to know what an album’s worth of this quirky, synth New Wave would be like. It sounded very advanced for 1983 and included some early sampling.

It appears that they were a duo. Duncan Bridgeman (who went on to be in Trip Hop outfit , 1 Giant Leap. As well as being a member of 80’s electro funk band I-Level) and J.J. Johnson (who had drummed previously with the American punk band The Electric Chairs). With various guest muso’s such as Mathew Seligman and Kevin Armstrong from Thomas Dolby’s band, Victoria Aspinall on violin from The Raincoats, BRAM TCHAIKOVSY, (Peter Bramall from The Motors) and saxophone by Rick Woolgar.

The outer tracks are a little worn and cracked but still listenable. Some quirky gems on here, especially the second single “Diction And Fiction.”

Fellow blogger and well respected guru of 80’s synth, Post Punk Monk does a good review on the Discog page;

The final track is an instrumental medley of the songs: Strange News, Whistling in the Dark, Letters, Method in the Madness, Strange News Dub mix by Adrian Sherwood of ON-U Sound.


Interdisc ‎– INTO 2garden

A1 Method In The Madness
A2 Letters
A3 Diction And Fiction
A4 Whistling In The Dark
B1 Weights And Measures
B2 (Is It Safe) Strange Views
B3 Chance
B4 Strange News (12″ Version)
B5 Method Again

Lloyd Cole And The Commotions ‎– Cut Me Down (Remix) (12″)


Completist alert !!!

When Mike B contacted me many years ago and revealed that US versions of twelve inch singles were slightly different to the UK versions he was spot on. I’d forgotten that weird fact but sort of remembered having some “Special US Remix” on some of my early 12″‘s.

So the fact is true on here with the inclusion of the 7″ Remix of the late release by the band and a different live version of “Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?”

The studio stuff suffers a bit from a bit of pre-loved wear and tear but the live tracks are okay! How good is that live version of “Forest Fire” !!!!

Here is the re-upped link page to the US 12″ which has different tracks.

Polydor ‎– COLEX 6cutfrontcov

A Cut Me Down (Extended Remix) 6:05
B1 Cut Me Down (7″ Remix) 4:15
B2 Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken? (Live – September ’85) 2:46
B3 Forest Fire (Live – December ’84) 4:41

Crowded House ‎– Don’t Dream It’s Over (Extended Version) (12 “)

A classic from their debut album from back in 1986. Featuring the original trio on the cover which were New Zealander Neil Finn (vocalist, guitarist, primary songwriter) and Australians the Late Paul Hester  (drums) and Nick Seymour (bass and sleeve designer)

Produced by keyboardist Mitchel Froom it is a lot more synthy as I remembered it, especially on the Extended version, mixed by Tchad Blake. A definite version.

As a bonus you get the album closer track “That’s What I Call Love” with shades of Duran Duran.

The group hold the distinction of being the only New Zealand band to have made it to #2 in the US Billboard Singles chart, with this single.

Capitol Records ‎– 12CL 438dreamfrontcov

A Don’t Dream It’s Over (Extended Version) 6:10
B1 Don’t Dream It’s Over (Album Version) 4:03
B2 That’s What I Call Love (Album Version) 3:37

Re-uppage 49 (Scritti Politti + Miles Davis, Pebbles + Harold Faltermeyer, Tom Robinson x 2, Sweet Sensation, Desireless, Artists Against Apartheid, Billy Idol, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Gen X, Bryan Ferry)

Missed a week and watch the requests pile up!!!

Scritti Politti feat. Miles Davis – Oh Patti (Don’t Feel Sorry For Loverboy) (12″) For Deven (I bizarrely had a dig at Mourinho  – the then Chelsea manager now Man United manager and things haven’t changed!!!)


Pebbles / Harold Faltermeyer ‎– Love/Hate (Extended Version) / Axel F (US 12″) For Retro Hound (who should don a diamante collar for this L.A. tune)

Tom Robinson – War Baby (12″) For Dandy (who got his wish!!)


Tom Robinson – Rikki Don’t Lose That Number (12″) For Dandy









Sweet Sensation – Take It While It’s Hot (US 12″) For Junior (A bit of Freestyle!!)


Desireless – John (12″) For Mr Winkle (I’ve actually found one but now have 18 missing files 😦 )


Artists Against Apartheid – Sun City (12″) For Krawinkel (and the discoverer of the lost files!)


Billy Idol – To Be A Lover (12″) For Mr. Winkle (He’s on a roll!!)


Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – So In Love (Special American Dance remix) (12″) For Mr. W (he has a few left!!!)


Gen X – Dancing With Myself (12″) For Mr. W (Punky Idol!)


Bryan Ferry – Kiss And Tell (12″) For Mr. Winkkkklleeee (I found it!!! XXXXXXX)



























New Model Army ‎– Brave New World (2 x 12″


Bradford’s very own New Model Army at the height of their popularity. A 1985 release with a bonus 12″ including a couple of live tracks. “A Bootlegged Bootleg” recorded in Lyon, France on Oct 9, 1985 for Radio-Bellevue, Lyon by Olivier Païssé.

The live tracks echo post punk with heavy guitar and snarled lyrics

EMI ‎– 12 NMAD 3

SAM_3415 (1)

A Brave New World – Extended Version 5:42
B1 R.I.P. (Alternative Version) 4:12
B2 Brave New World – (Two) 3:27
Live 12″ Single
C Young, Gifted And Skint (Live) 4:41
D Sex (The Black Angel) (Live) 3:36

The June Brides ‎– No Place Called Home (12″)

Formed in 1983 this London indie band only released one album and a handful of singles during the mid-80’s. Hardly prolific although they reformed in 2012.

The line-up included Adrian Carter, (Bass) Phil Wilson, Simon Beesley on guitars. Unusually we get a trumpet player Jon Hunter and Viola and organ by Frank Sweeney giving their sound a different twist, not just your usual jangle from C86 crowd.

“Josef’s Gone” is a tribute to Josef K , a band that had influenced them.

In Tape ‎– ITTI 024noplacefrontcov

A1 No Place Called Home
A2 On The Rocks
B1 Josef´s Gone
B2 We Belong

Echo & The Bunnymen ‎– The Cutter (12″)

I found this interesting, “The Bunnymen grew out of the Crucial Three, a late-’70s trio featuring vocalist Ian McCulloch, Pete Wylie, and Julian Cope. Cope and Wylie left the group by the end of 1977, forming the Teardrop Explodes and Wah!, respectively. McCulloch met guitarist Will Sergeant in the summer of 1978 and the pair began recording demos with a drum machine that the duo called “Echo.” Adding bassist Les Pattinson, the band made its live debut at the Liverpool club Eric’s at the end of 1978, calling itself Echo & the Bunnymen.”

My favourite Bunnymen track and a bit of a dancefloor filler. Produced by Kingbird (an alias used by Ian Broudie) It’s a classic. B-side is quite good, almost better than the A-side. Lots of stuff going on.

‘Zimbo’ was recorded live at the very first W.O.M.A.D. Festival, July 1982 in Shepton Mallet. Backed by Burundi drummers it became a bit of a live favourite.

Korova ‎– KOW 26 (T)cutterfrontcov

A Echo & The Bunnymen The Cutter
B1 Echo & The Bunnymen Way Out And Up We Go
B2 Echo & The Bunnymen With The Royal Burundi Drummers Zimbo (Recorded Live)

Freiheit ‎– Romancing In The Dark (CD Rip) LINK ADDED!!!

Euro Rock from Munich’s Freiheit with their 1987 release. The Quintet comprised of Bass, Vocals – Michael Kunzi, Drums – Rennie Hatzke, Guitar, Vocals – Aron Strobel, Keyboards – Alex Grünwald and Keyboards, Vocals – Stefan Zauner.

Produced by Armand Volker (who was in the Swiss Prog Rock band – Tea) It was the first English language album by the German band – Münchener Freiheit, to give them their full name. Okay if you like some AOR, inoffensive and well crafted with some nice synth work.

*Correction it isn’t a bad album, reminding me of E.L.O. on a repeat listen!

It would help if it had a link!!!

CBS ‎– CBS 450918 1frei

A1 Every Time
A2 Romancing In The Dark
A3 Play It Cool
A4 When I Dance With You
B1 Back To The Sunshine
B2 Baby It’s You
B3 Hide Away
B4 Oh Baby
B5 When Lovers Cry

Gino Vannelli ‎– In The Name Of Money -Special 12″ Single Mix (US 12″)

Michael Hutchence soundalike and part-time ice-cream salesman, Gino Vannelli released this in 1986.

Rock synth, in the style of Go West, Vannelli was an established Canadian Pop Singer who had a career spanning back to the early ’70’s. Written and produced by himself and brothers Joe and Ross, it was from the album, “Big Dreamers Never Sleep.”

Large synths and a bit of a rock guitar, the Extended version is good fun with the distorted vocals and driving bass.

CBS Associated Records ‎– 4Z9 06728gino

A In The Name Of Money (Extended Dance Mix) 5:28
B1 In The Name Of Money (Single Version) 3:55
B2 In The Name Of Money (Dub Mix) 3:58

Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam ‎– Just Git It Together (US Promo 12″)

More in a House music style than New Jack Swing and cheekily sampling/borrowing Yazoo’s “Don’t Go.” Produced by Full Force who add scratching and a rap. Like the “Git It! (Beats Injection Mix)” plenty of DJ Tools here. The “F.F. On The Floor Mix” has a more electro feel to it with Madonna style vocals.

Freestyle Rules!!!


Columbia ‎– CAS 1632SAM_2231

A1 Just Git It Together 6:00
A2 Just! (Together-Pella Mix) 2:30
A3 Just Git It Together (7″ Edit) 4:21
B1 Together-ruh (F.F. On The Floor Mix) 7:04
B2 Git It! (Beats Injection Mix) 3:40