49ers ‎– Touch Me (US 12″)

So before I go on my weekly trip up to see my Dad (he’s recovering in hospital from a broken hip and being quite old it’s taking time to heal) I’ll post up this early Italo house classic from Italian producer Gianfranco Bortolotti and Pieradis Rossini  , From 1989 it samples quite a bit of “Rock-A-Lott” by Aretha Franklin. It reminds me of Black Box’s “Ride On Time” which sampled Loretta Holloway’s Salsoul gem and classic “Love Sensation”, making TV performances cringe-worthy as the Diva wasn’t actually singing but impersonating. In this case front woman Alisha Warren (Younger sister of Mica Paris) kind of backed Aretha.

The “Instrumental” is in fact a Dub mix


4th & Broadway ‎– 162-440 501-1SAM_5068

A – Touch Me (Sexual Version) – 5:52

B – Touch Me (Instrumental) – 5:42

ABC – The Real Thing (12″)


Sneaking into the grey area of was it the 80’s or 90’s ? (which is very difficult when you take into these Pop/Dance tracks.)

ABC at time the duo of Martin Fry and Mark White were embracing the House scene and this was off the album “Up”. Self produced and mixed by  Bob Kraushaar it shines with quality and coolness. But they did work with some good remixer’s. Frankie Knuckles remixes the main track (with David Morales of course), giving them some credibility with the Club Crowd with improved house mix with added vibes. Also have the Deep, Space House vibe of album track “The Greatest Love Of All” remixed by May Day,not Techno artist Derrick May but the mysterious Vibeke Viken.


Neutron Records ‎– NTX 115abcreal

A1 The Real Thing (Full Album Version)
B1 The Real Thing (Frankie Knuckles Mix)
B2 The Greatest Love Of All (May Day Mix)

Dan Reed Network – Ritual (US 12″)

Air Guitarists V Synthy Dance Floor Fillers

American Rawkers Dan Reed Network make a debut on here with a bizarre mix of electronics. From 1988 and with anonymous remixes it was produced by Bruce Fairbarn (but I’m not sure he did all the mixes.) There is a definite Prince influence about the way the technology was used. It certainly nothing like the normal radio version.

The B-side is even further away from their image. Full synth funk (again sounding very Prince-Like) with some soundbite samples. Unexpectedly cool!




Mercury ‎– 870 183-1SAM_5735

A1 Ritual (12″ Mix – Extended Dido Slam) 6:40
A2 Ritual (Dido Dub Mix) 4:02
A3 Ritual (Acapella Mix) 2:50
B1 Ritual (House Mix – Tribal Dub) 4:30
B2 World Has A Heart Too (Boom Box Jam) 6:40

Greg Kihn Band ‎– Love Never Fails (US 12″)

greg2Second helpings from the Greg Kihn band and again from 1983. Funky licks with some excellent guitar from Greg Douglas. It was not one of his hits so a bit of a forgotten gem.  I prefer the instrumental version working well as an obscure 80’s dance track with real bass and guitar for Blockheads fans with a smattering of synth strings. Thanks to remixer John Luongo, of course.


Beserkley ‎– 0-67913

A Love Never Fails (Long Remix) 6:33
B Love Never Fails (Dub) 8:02

Wang Chung – Dance Hall Days (Revisited) (12″)


Guess the Alternative edge has been blunted somewhat with the last few posts. So biting the commercial bullet we have this re-release, recorded version of Wang Chung’s main hit. Given that late 80’s dance feel by Mark Saunders (Bomb The Bass) it even has a cheesy rap by Angel C. Freshened up rather than radically redone (apart from the rap!) There is a definite feel of Men Without Hats on the vocal delivery.

Must be popular to require a New Link!!!! (AND YET ANOTHER!)


Geffen Records ‎– GEF 65TSAM_5103

A Dance Hall Days – Revisited (12″ Version Edit) 6:25
B1 Dance Hall Days – Revisited (Dub Edit) 5:03
B2 Dance Hall Days (Original Version) 3:59

Robert Palmer – Change His Ways (12″)

From 1989 and a prolific time for Palmer as he wrote and produced his tracks with Eric “ET” Thorngren helping in the studio. This experiments with African rhythms. Gracelands in style the main mix has plenty of synthetic sounds and off the Heavy Nova album.  The “Rock Mix” adds a bit of overdriven guitar and it doesn’t quite work especially with that yodeling!!

“Now More Than Ever” gets even rockier and nods towards The Power Station, an album track.

NEW LINK 2018 ( still won’t be up for long!!!)


EMI ‎– 12EM 85palmer

A Change His Ways (Wed 9PM Mix) 5:16
B1 More Than Ever 3:25
B2 Change His Ways (Rock Mix) 4:51

Duran Duran – All She Wants Is (US Promo 12″)

Where Duran showed they were still relevant and cutting edge back in 1988. Five remixes by Shep Pettibone (with edits by Chep Nunez)  on this rare promo nods both to Kraftwerk and Prince. Now paired down to a trio with the very much alive Warren Cuccurullo and Chester Kamen adding some guitars,  this was from the album, “Big Thing” Not sure about the Eurohouse mixes, unfortunately they do sound dated. Cheesy piano and samples, but plenty of dub mixes for the dub fans.



Capitol Records ‎– SPRO-79482duranwant

A1 All She Wants Is (US Master Mix) 7:17
A2 All She Wants Is (US Master Dub) 6:43
B1 All She Wants Is (Euro House Mix) 7:32
B2 All She Wants Is (Euro House Dub I) 7:07
B3 All She Wants Is (Euro House Dub II) 5:41