About Me

As an experienced blogger and vinyl junkie I endeavour to share my own vinyl with you with all it’s fragilities. As some of the links are dead please feel free to request a re-up and I’ll be happy to help.



  1. Mark · December 13, 2017

    Hi, Just found your fantastic blog by chance. Some excellent stuff on here. Is there any chance of a reup on the Gary Numan 12″s – Such Music For Chameleons etc please? Thank you. Merry Christmas! Best wishes M

    • djjedredy · December 13, 2017

      Will do ! “Music For\” and …..? 🙂

  2. Mark · December 13, 2017

    Hi, thanks for the kind reply; the other Numan 12″s that I was looking for were; White Boys And Heroes (12″), Warriors (12″), My Dying Machine (12″), She’s Got Claws (12″), We Take Mystery (To Bed) (12″) – I am really grateful for all your kind efforts. Thank you. Best wishes M

  3. Doug · December 26

    Hi, found your blog on a random google search for an album I can never find (Systems of Romance – Dare the Dance) – been looking for more of this forever (20+ years) it has a fave song (Shadows) among others from an old skateboarding video I used to have. Was so excited to find your page about it, but even the 2017 link says expired, any chance for a re-up? Also, is it in 320k or FLAC? Being so rare, I’m hoping for a decent copy. Thanks! (Wish I could find a handful of other songs/bands from that video which seem to be from almost non-existant bands!)

    • djjedredy · December 26

      I’ll sort this out for you. The blog is quite a beast to maintain. I think it’s 320 MP3 like a majority of the stuff.

      • djjedredy · December 30

        Done and re-upped! 🙂

      • Doug · December 31

        Thank you so much! Happy Holidays and New Year!

  4. nickgreenecom · January 21

    Hey, first, holy shit! what an archive! This is incredible! Seriously! I have a lot of vinyl myself.
    I was wondering if you can remember an 80’s female musician. For the life of me I cannot remember her name. I want to say Joan, or Kim … but a google search is not bringing up anything. She had a keyboard and I would classify her in the same group with Thomas Dolby or Peter Gabriel (80’s version) Her sound was different. I don’t know if she had any major ranking hits.
    Also, she had one album that was a lot like Grace Jones, Slave to the Rhythm. It was like a story … or something. … I believe she had blond or light colored hair.
    Anyway, if this rings a bell, I’d greatly appreciate any suggestions, should you have any.

  5. nickgreenecom · January 21

    Found her – Laurie Anderson ….. sigh ….. that was killing me lol

    • djjedredy · January 21

      I thought you were thinking of the great Anne Clarke for a minute 😀

  6. Paulo X · January 25

    Dear djjedredy, any chance of The Fall’s singles appearing in this most excellent blog?

    • djjedredy · January 25

      Never really got into them, sad lost to music tho’ !

  7. John Taylor · February 2

    Hi,very nice Blog,thx for your all uploads!
    Have you maybe Gran Records ‎– GR-2319,GR-2321,GR-2322,2323 releases?

  8. Ned Foster · February 22

    Wow! You have some great stuff! Good to see things that weren’t “Top Ten.” Could you re-up “Red Flag – Broken Heart”? Many thanks!

    • djjedredy · February 22

      I never did Top Ten Ned! 🙂

      • Ned Foster · February 22

        I could tell you were “deep!”

      • Ned Foster · February 28

        And one more, also expired, and then I’ll leave you alone for a while! – Warren Zevon – Leave My Monkey Alone (US 12″)

    • Ned Foster · February 28

      I know you’re “deep” into other things, but when you get a chance, could you please add “Duran Duran – All She Wants Is (US Promo 12″)” to my re-up request list? Thanks!

  9. Ned Foster · March 1

    Whoa! Just went through “01 Broken Heart (Extended Remix)” in Adobe Audition and can see (and hear) the rip has zero noise. How do you do that? Especially impressed by the fade.

    • djjedredy · March 20

      Of course Chris but next time please put your request on the actual post not here, I can keep track of them better 🙂

  10. Jim · March 21

    I really love your site, this is the 1st time that I’ve made a request. I have been searching for 2 albums from a Pittsburgh band called The Silencers. The albums are Rock N Roll Enforcers (1980) & Romantic (1981). Any chance you might have these?

    • djjedredy · March 21

      Sorry don’t have these but will put it on my “Must Find List!” 😉

  11. Martin Rafferty · March 28

    I’ve been following your wonderful blog for a while now, and it’s full of the stuff I love from my main record buying era . Keep up the good work!
    Any chance of a re-uppage of Black’s – Black CD/Vinyl (8 track mini album).? I have both 12″s that make up the comp, but, sadly, they’re both well worn now.
    Cheers, Martin.

  12. Lionel · April 7

    Hello my friends, i´ve been searching for years the song: Jane (Perfectly Extended) by the band Perfect day

  13. Robert · June 28

    Can you reup the Julie Brown Trapped In The Body Of A White Girl 12″ with the remixes, please??

  14. Neelen · June 28

    Thank you for the music, I really love it……do you possibly have Warp 9 – Skips a beat – from the 80’s?

    • djjedredy · July 4

      I’ll look into it, shopping list time 🙂

      • Neelen · July 5

        Thanks for the response.
        If possible please check your collection for “Crystal B – Huggin’ , and acid house track from the late 80’s…please, I’ve been looking for this track forever. I really don’t mind purchasing a digital copy of this track from you or making a donation.
        Thanks, Neelen

      • djjedredy · July 5

        I’ll try 😉

  15. Neelen · June 28

    Thanks for the music, How do I follow your site?

    • djjedredy · June 28

      Hi, just subscribe, over 80 have done already.

      • Neelen · June 28

        Thanks my good man!

  16. Ray · July 18

    Any chance you have Herbie Hancock ‎– Autodrive (12″) in WAV or FLAC, great song and posts as per usual
    Have a great day
    Thank You

  17. denis gagnon · July 24

    have a nice day
    no files
    Depeche Mode
    Halo (Bootleg 12″)
    It’s No Good (Club 69 Mixes) (White Label 12″)
    World In My Eyes / A Question Of Time (Bootleg 12″)
    I Feel Loved (Advance Promo 12″)

    rar defect
    The Mission – Into The Blue – UK 12” Vinyl – 1990 (RAW) MP3
    tanks for resonse

    • djjedredy · July 24

      Denis if you put these requests in the comments section of the posts it’s easier for me to manage this big old beast. I did have a nice day thanx!

      • dragonfire64 · July 27

        Ok thanks

      • Neelen · July 30

        Good day,
        Thanks again for the great tracks, I am a huge fan of your site.
        Please may I request the following tracks:
        Kechia Jenkins – I need somebody
        Crystal B – Huggin
        Warp 9 – Skips a beat

  18. Matt · July 30

    Would you or Mike have a 12″ by State Of Play called Rock A Bye Baby? If not can I send you money to get it and rip it?


    • djjedredy · July 30

      Sounds good I’ll look out for it!

      • Matt · July 30

        Thanks. Keep me posted.

      • Matt · July 31

        They have another single called Natural Colour that has an extended mix. Can you check into that one too?

  19. Martin · August 2

    Hi, still loving the site. Any chance of a re-uppage of Hey Elastica’s “This Town” 12″ – would be much appreciated? Cheers, Martin.

    • djjedredy · August 2

      No probs, next Thursday if your patient 🙂

  20. Ray · August 3

    Brilliant ‎– Soul Murder (12″) is missing the link
    Great posts

  21. Ray · August 16

    One The Juggler – Passion Killer (12″) is missing the link
    Cheers and Thanks

  22. giulio · August 22

    Hi djjedredj i can’t why every file i download when i try to use winzip it says:”cannot open file…it does not appear to be a valid archive…please can you help me? Thanks in advance Giulio

    • djjedredy · August 22

      A few people have had a bit of difficulty with this. Try getting the latest version of WinZip, it might solve it. Sorry for the frustration this causes.

  23. Junior · August 24

    Bom dia DJ, escrevo do Brasil e gostei muito do seu blogue, há muitas e muitas coisas boas e a melhor lição que a internet pode nos dar é poder compartilhar conhecimento e coisas, meu ritmo preferido é o freestyle, então irei procurar aqui para ver o que não tenho, e se você quiser algum single em especifico, estarei à sua disposição para compartilharmos nossos acervos amigo.
    Grande abraço,

  24. Deven · August 31

    Hi djjedredj…..I have some requests. Do you have any of these then pls pls post the links….1. Natural Selection ‎– Hearts Don’t Think (They Feel) single 2.Vanessa Williams ‎– Just For Tonight single containing (Video version)
    3. Jesus Jones ‎– The Devil You Know single (containing short version) 4. The Boys – Dial My Heart Single
    5. Angélique Kidjo ‎– Batonga …….more request in my next comment. thanks

    • djjedredy · August 31

      Don’t really do requests. It’s not that sort of blog. If they crop up they crop up! As part of our vinyl travels (for Mike B and myself) Sorry!

  25. Jus · September 8

    One of my fave blogs ever! Can you re-up the Farmer’s Boys stuff? any chance you have more? Cheers and keep up the good work!

  26. Maximal · September 13

    Thanks alot for the Kim Carnes Uploads!

  27. Ray · September 24

    Link Missing Grace Jones ‎– I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You) (Super Club Edits) (US Promo 12″)
    Cheers and Thanks for great posts

  28. A J (djmphactor) · October 2

    Hello djjedredj, big fan of the blog. Was wondering if you could please repost the Tictoc 20 Questions maxi single. Also wondering if you may have another other Robin Scott or M singles that you may be able to post. Thank you for all the hard work with the blog. And for sharing all this great music with us all. All the best.

    • djjedredy · October 2

      I’ll put on my to-do list for Thursday 🙂

  29. J · October 9

    any chance you can post the steve taylor link, there is none

  30. Ray · October 9

    I think you missed this link too.
    Fàshiön Music – Citinite (7″)
    Thank You for posts

    • djjedredy · October 9

      I’m nearly 50 Ray, it does take a while to process stuff 🙂

  31. J · October 9

    sorry to say something again: this one says new link but is not there: Ledernacken ‎– Let Yourself Go (12″)

    • djjedredy · October 10

      Fixed now, glad you’re on the ball J 🙂

  32. JM · October 10

    Oh WOW…Boys Don’t Cry, I forgot about them. Is there any chance you can post their singles “Who The Am Damn Do You Think I Am” & of course “I Wanna Be A Cowboy”. BTW, I found those Silencers albums I asked about a while ago. Is there any way I can get them to you?

    • djjedredy · October 10

      I’ve not got much if any by them, Mike maybe has more. With the Silencers stuff just message with the link to you’re chosen uploader. I’ll do the rest 🙂

    • djjedredy · October 11

      Got you’re link and will get curating them for next week, thanks again 🙂

  33. Ian · October 11

    Hey there! Love the site, some class downloads I thought had been lost in the sands of time! Hoping for a few Human League re-ups if you can… Love Action & The Sound Of The Crowd (2003 Remixes); the Love is All that Matters 12″; and the 12″ of Louise – that remix of The Sign is a must have!
    Thanks in advance!!

    • djjedredy · October 11

      Hi Ian, if you put your league requests on the actual pages of there respective posts that would be great. It’s a big old beast this blog and with over 3000 posts it eases the housekeeping 🙂

      • Ian · October 12

        Will do! 🙂

  34. Rich Venn · October 27

    Hi djjedredy, I just came across your blog – WOW! What a collection you have – absolutely stunning. When you get a free moment, would you mind re-uploading the 10,000 Maniacs “More Than This” post? https://myvinyldreams.wordpress.com/2016/02/17/10000-maniacs-more-than-this-12/

    Much appreciated! Looking forward to being a regular follower!

  35. Stephen Scott · November 4

    Good day dear friend – would you be interested in some rips I’ve just done of Do Ré Mi’s classic Guns & Butter 12″? I ripped my vinyl when I realised it’s not available anywhere online. Anywhere. (I don’t include YouTube in my list).

  36. djjedredy · November 4

    Yes, I’ll curate it and heap praise on you!

    • Stephen Scott · November 4

      What’s your preferred method? I’ll zip it and send you a link?

  37. Sebastien · November 9

    Good evening!

    First of all, thanks for this blog and for the great tracks and mixes you update on a daily basis – this is a great job you deliver on a daily basis!

    I have been experimenting some issues when trying to unzip the files, those last months. I have been using Zipeg for years, been able to open files you have updated so far – but for the last few months, I cannot unzip / extract them anymore. The feedback I receive is “the file is corrupted or file format is unsupported”, which surprises me, as I am using the same tool to unzip files, without issues. May you please help – or advice another extracter to use?

    Thanks in advance – and hi from Whalley Range! 😉

    • djjedredy · November 9

      Latest version of WinRar should sort it!

      • Sebastien · November 11

        Thanks for your advice – in the meantime, I have found that useful site that does the trick very well too! : https://unzip-online.com/en/Zip

        Thanks again – I am looking forwards to the future posts you are preparing!

  38. JD Hernandez · November 9

    please upload again, fallen link, greetings from venezuela, send me the new link to my email, ppeoh@live.com

  39. Utopia Limited · November 14

    Hi, Love this fab blog, so many of my old 12″ singles on here, that i am replacing as my copies i made a few years ago are crap compared to yours so i am replacing them on my itunes
    This RAH Band one has been removed, would love it if you could reup it please
    Thanks in advance

  40. Kevin · November 14

    Hi there. Excellent blog.Do you have anything by Love and Money, Fuzzbox and Goodbye Mr. MacKenzie lurking in your locker please? Many thanks

    • djjedredy · November 14

      Have you had a little search ? Nothing lined up by them at the mo but will look out for them 🙂

      • Kevin · 27 Days Ago

        I check everyday 🙂 Thank you kindly and “KUTGW”

  41. Christian · 19 Days Ago

    Wow,i love your Blog,just was looking so long for “Yazoo Don’t Go” Remixes,and i found it,Thank You!!!
    Also looking for the Vinyl from S’Express “Hey Music Lover” (Spatial Expansion Mix) with the B-Side “Hey Music Lover” (Music is my Life Mix) and especially looking for that short secret Track on the Vinyl-B Side called “Happy Happy S’Express!!!
    May You have it,it would be so Great ,THANK YOU!!!

    • djjedredy · 19 Days Ago

      Cheers, I’ll see what I can do with those requests. Keep your ears peeled

  42. Derek Stewart · 14 Days Ago

    Amazing Blog Mate, Appreciate you sharing all these greats from the past feel like a teenager again. I used to DJ and had a lot of 12 inches however lost them in storage at my parents. Gasoline and vinyl do not mix. Dad spilled some near where I had my Records stored and melted about half of them. Lost and thought most would never hear again. Thanks to Mates like you and new technology. I have gotten to hear a lot of my old friends. Much Much Appreciated. Hope Your doing awesome as you made may day………Spliky (Derek Stewart)

  43. Mark · 2 Days Ago

    Hi there, Hope you are well and ready for Christmas. I maybe pushing my luck on this one. I can’t anywhere to buy the damn thing and I missed out on the Liverpool gig, which was a huge disappointment. Can you help at all? Orchestral Manoeuvres In The-Dark, Live With The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. It was sold as a CDR at the gig and has since gone AWOL. Hoping you maybe able to assist. Even Santa can’t drum this one up for me. Cheers Mark

    • djjedredy · 2 Days Ago

      You never know! 🙂

      • Mark · 1 Day Ago

        Thanks for the kind reply. That’s great (Possibly) news. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Have a good day & a peaceful weekend. my very best wishes M

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