About Me

As an experienced blogger and vinyl junkie I endeavour to share my own vinyl with you with all it’s fragilities. As some of the links are dead please feel free to request a re-up and I’ll be happy to help.

490 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I’d like to request Peter Cox “What a Fool Believes” Chocolate Orchestra remix promo 12″ if you find it. Thank you 🙂

  2. Could you reupload Animal Nightlife ” Mighty Hands Of Love ” please. I’ve been looking for a decent digital copy. Thnx

  3. Could you reupload Daryl Hall’s “I Wasn’t Born Yesterday”. I’ve been trying to get a copy of it for over 30 years now.

  4. Hi djjedredy
    I am looking for (Robyn – Searching 1989) please if you have it uploaded for me.
    Thanks dj

    1. HI Abdu, I’m sure you are aware we are not Spotify and requests to find stuff are mostly futile as I tend to get stuff I like. Nevertheless if I see it I will pick it up and record it for you but….

      1. Thanks djjedredy ..
        And also one more things (Christian Lewin – It’s My House) if you got it uploaded for me.
        Once a gain thanks a lots

  5. Might you please reup the mixes of Jon Astley “Put This Love To A Test”? Its a great song and I have been looking everywhere for the versions on the 12″

  6. Hi there – love the site! Ever come across a 12″ or extended mix of Siouxsie for “Dazzle”? One of her best – noticed it’s not covered in any of the Siouxsie uploads you’ve done. Thanks!

  7. Hi! I enjoyed enormously your re-uppage of Animal Nightlife’s “MIghty Hand of Love” – the B side is a killer! Could you be so kind as to re-up anu other AN, specially “Native Boy”? Thanks!

  8. Hello,
    really nice blog!!!
    I like it!!!
    Please, is it possible to send a new Link for Visage- fade To Grey Remix?

      1. Hello Dredy,


        Thank You very much for the Great

        Visage – Fade To Grey pack!!!!


        Many Greetings



        Gesendet: Dienstag, 26. Januar 2021 um 11:55 Uhr Von: "myvinyldreams" <comment-reply@wordpress.com> An: visage75@gmx.de Betreff: [New comment] About Me

        djjedredy commented: "Just Re-upped"

  9. Hi, i wonder whether you could reupload your Pete Shelley 12″ collections and the Pete Shelley Zip single please. In the UK we can’t access Zippyshare and the other link is dead. Many thanks in advance

  10. HI there,
    first off i wanted to thank you very much for bringing back so many great memories with your music. i’ve had a smile on my face since i discovered your site. i was hoping that maybe you could re upload new links for your The Style Council music. i just saw a doc on them and i’d really love you forever if you could do that. thank you in advance. -Shae

  11. Hi again,
    Just discovered the Darling Buds and could you please re upload all their 12” ‘s and 7” singles. I’m so happy to see you are a fan of them too! Not too many know of them. I apologize if I’m sounding like a school kid but music makes me happy! Thank you.
    Ps are you on Twitter?
    Shae xo

  12. I’ve just digitized a load of stuff (mainly 90’s 12″) and would be happy to make some contributions rather than just taking if you’re interested?

  13. Hello,
    is it possible to get new links from:

    Captain Sensible – Revolution Now (12″)
    Joan Collins Fan Club – Leader of the Pack (12″)

    Many Greetings

  14. Could you please re-upload MEL & KIM – ROCKIN’ AROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE (12″) – Many thanks!

  15. Hello Dedry!!! I’m new here!!! Thank for Mike Oldfield – Guilty!! Any chance to re-up the other Mike Oldfield Singles on the blog…cos the links are off… Moonlight Shadow 12′, 7′, Shandow on the wall, Étude and Tricks o Light. Thank you!

  16. I have a odd request… I recently upgraded computers (Yes I was still using XP) and for the most part it went smooth.. EXCEPT I lost my bookmarks (seems the old format I saved them with no longer works with modern browsers)…. All those 80s forums/blogs/etc were lost. I love 80s New Wave Dance Female alternative (not so much punk), some Dark Wave, and it gets weirder from there (Yes I like Abba to Enya and Yanni to some Classical/Soundtrack music, from Ethereal vocals to some even weird funny stuff)…. Heck, I even like some Steve Martin with a Banjo and folksy bluegrass modern stuff. But mostly just like to dig through 80s and 90s music (don’t mind a Retrowave recent song or two). I managed to keep up with my fave blog (here) but little else. I have time to check out about 8-10 places at most, time is precious… Anyone have a bone to throw my way.

    Sorry if this is wrong/rude to request , or wrong place. Delete if a problem. Heck can even send to my spam google email if shy about posting here. Low and Oil (one word) @ G and mail (dot) com … Take out the spaces and “and”s in cryptic address.

    Thanks Lo

  17. Nevermind, my kid was able to discern the old format for me to find my bookmarks… Sorry… (and I put the wrong email address anyhoo, I forgot the password to that one).

  18. Hiya! Keep up the great work! I already posted on the original page, but just to make doubly sure, I wonder if you could re-upload Jane Wiedlin – Inside a Dream. Thank you very much!

  19. Hi and thanks for your blog. I just happened to discover it. I managed to find some interesting songs but unfortunately all songs I was interested in are on expired links. In particular your set of Pseudo Echo tracks with extra mixes including Funky Town. I actually have the remix CD album but didn’t know about the extra dub mixes. But what lead me here was your LaTour 12 inch. I actually have this in my collection but currently an inability to play it. Would appreciate an updated link. TIA.

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