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As an experienced blogger and vinyl junkie I endeavour to share my own vinyl with you with all it’s fragilities. As some of the links are dead please feel free to request a re-up and I’ll be happy to help.


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  1. This link is dead. Can you repost?

    Buster Poindexter And His Banshees Of Blue – Hot Hot Hot (US 12″)

    1. Are you sure ? ………Okay it’s done 😉

      1. Thanks 🙂

    2. Thanks for all the great tracks and remixes. I was wondering if you have any remixes by MONDO ROCKS looking especially for the FREDDY BASTONE US remixes of BOOM BABY BOOM. Can’t find this track anywhere. If you have please post. Thank you again for all the great music you guys are sharing. All the best

      1. I’ll put it on my shopping list 😉

      2. I have that 12” it has 3 mixes of Boom Baby Boom (From Freddy Bastone) plus a remix for primitive love rites. If interested I’ll send it with a batch of other Aussie stuff !!
        Let me know ??

  2. Do you have any Alan Parsons Project in your collection?

      1. Not Sure – Liked “Eye In the Sky” and some tracks off the ammonia avenue & vulture culture albums (both reissued with bonus tracks in 2011) and a few others. I’ll check! I have a couple of Supertramp 12ers!! (If interested?).

      2. That’s the period of APP I like most. I saw there was the Prime Time 12″ on here but the link is dead. I saw on discogs that there’s a 12″ club mix of Vulture Culture and a remix of Let’s Talk About Me.
        Yes i’m interested in Supertramp too.

  3. Would you be able to share the nine inch nails Perfect Drug mixes again? Thanks 😀

    1. I found the NIN one in my collection so i’m good but I saw this rarity I never heard of if you can share it again?

      The Flowerpot Men – Jo’s So Mean (12″)

      1. Will sort out…let you know!

      2. Okay re-upped Matt, next time request on the actual post this About Me page is nightmare to navigate!:)

  4. Hi, Somehow I missed the post from the Shining Working Class hero 12″, any chance for a re-up, I’ll be grateful.


  5. Can you repost the Blondie Denis/Rapture 88 remixes? Thanks☺

    1. Re-upped but for how long ?

      1. Thanks for the re up and I will post any future re up requests on the actual page as requested.

  6. simon huntington | Reply

    Thanks Jonny, much appreciated

  7. Djjedredy,

    Can’t believe it has been over a year since I had contacted you and discovered MVD, amazing how time flies !! Always a pleasure sending stuff over !!!

    1. And you , sir being the main reason it has continued. So sending the thanks right back 😁

  8. Have you ever come across a promo single with Sting & Eve for remixes of Perfect Love Gone Wrong?

  9. Do you have the Joe Jackson Real Men ep with the spanish versions?

    1. I’ll add it to my shopping list 🙂

      1. Thanks 🙂 The Sting one seems to be tough. Only one person has it but I didn’t hear back from them.

  10. First to say how i love your site and found it. Awesome work and awesome stuff, i love it. Thanks a lot that makes my old heart young again 😉
    Hope i can ask for some upload from older stuff cause the links are dead 😦

    Looking for a Song from Fatal Charm – Images Of Fire (7) and (12) Version. Maybe some can help me, would be very nice.

    1. Why thank you kindly. Re-ups aren’t a problem to do although some early stuff is harder for me to track down (I used to name the files with obscure names which make them a bugger to search for!) Go ahead and enjoy. Looking back I do find this blog a bit overwhelming. 😁

    2. Sounds interesting I’ll keep an eye out for that Fatal Charm 12″

  11. djjedredy,

    Good to Know that Depeche Mode are releasing I believe their 14th album next year along with their Global Spirit Tour !!

    1. I know to think I saw them play back in 1986 at the Manchester Apollo as a spotty youth!

      1. Must be there right with you. My first DM concert was the Some Great Reward Tour. Book Of Love opened for them. Excellent Show !!

      2. Was Black Celebration and I think Hula supported.

  12. Hello djjedredy

    Can you repost Systematic – Sure Ain’t The News (12″) ?


    1. Going to have to have a search for this, hopefully I’ll find it somewhere!

  13. Hi, I was super busy the last couple weeks and haven’t been able to visit. Looks like so much great music to catch up on and I see some of my requests have been filled. Many thanks and glad to be back 🙂

  14. Do you have anything from Robbie Robertson?

  15. Can you re-up the Propaganda Links?

    1. All of them ? Early Christmas present ?

  16. What a wonderful site and service – thank you! Not all the Sylvian/Japan links are working (I am also struggling with the software download). I have quite a few electronic files myself which I am happy to share. Kind regards, Mark

    1. Go ahead Mark and post a link here and I’ll download and repost it as a guest posting. If you need re-ups post requests on the pages that are not working! Cheers 🙂

  17. Do you have any Hot Tracks mixes?

  18. Would you be able to get the Go West “What You Won’t Do For Love” Smooth & Funky Mixes and Robert Palmer “Sweet Lies” promo 12″ with remix and Dub versions and the “Pride” 7″ with the Instrumental version?

    1. Matt,

      Hey just a music sharer on here! Thanks for the heads up on the Sweet Lies 12”. So what I did is went ahead and purchased this on discogs – mainly for the rare dub. keep your eyes peeled !!!

      Mike B.

      1. THE MAN IS A LEGEND 😁

    2. Unfortunately the Robert Palmer (Sweet Lies 12” Promo) has not arrived from UK. Spoke to seller, he shipped it on Jan 10th. Still not here!

      He said he has a couple like that and one showed upped 4 months later as if the dog had been playing with it showing blood stains. Anyway he will refund me the money, I’m waiting another week!!

      Looking for another purchase (Costly – but I want it!!)

      1. Bloody UK sellers 🙂

      2. I appreciate the trouble you’re going through for this release. Let me know how it goes. If you find one and want me to chip in for the cost let me know. I just want the digital copy. Hold the blood stains 🙂

  19. Thanks for doing that. I was going to ask since I don’t have a working turntable if we could do something like that where I can make a purchase in the future and have it sent to you for upload.

    1. Matt,
      If your referring to me (Mike B.) then the only way is pay for whatever you want to buy and send it over to me to digitize (rip).

      Then once done I’ll ship it back to you
      Could be costly!! If your in the U.S. not too bad.

      Anywhere else–very expensive !!

      1. I’m in the US. So far things have been turning up but I’ll let you know if there’s anything I can’t find.

  20. Does anyone have the Sweet Lies soundtrack with Robert Palmer?

    1. Robert Palmer’s Promo Sweet Lies 12er has arrived !! With another one on it’s way…

  21. Has anyone noticed that many of Mike B’s vinyl rips have a certain muffled and uneven sound – like listening to an old wrinkly tape?
    I had that same problem in the beginning of my vinyl restoration and editing ventures, using the Steinberg/Pinnacle “Clean” software set on “AutoClean”.
    The main culprit was the “DeNoiser” filter and when I turned it OFF, the sound became much, much clearer.
    Nowadays I use ONLY the “DeClicker” and “DeCrackler” filters, which are sufficient enough in eliminating the nasty pops and clicks (and “DeRumbler” for the woofer excursions).
    I like Mike B’s excellent choice of twelve-inchers, but the sound of the recordings is often a big turn-off for me, so may I suggest to Mike to do one try without the “DeNoiser” filter, just to hear the difference.
    I’m sure he’ll come to the same conclusion as me…

    1. Oops, remember this is a FREE service, it’s a hobby for us!!
      Mike’s recent RIPs have been in the RAW state and sometimes they are Bass Enhanced so if your meaning his older RIPs, yes there was a slight problem with those. I use Audacity it’s free and does its job for my ears. I take very little out as I see it like recording onto a tape…like the old days. I’m no sound engineer and never imagine our rips would be under such scrutiny. Don’t come here and slag people off and complain it takes time and effort to do this…..’nuff said!

    2. Think your speakers are blown mate!! Seriously, I understand your explanation on rips. Older rips like Idle Eyes, A Drop In The Grey , INXS , and a couple others really stand out. Even the latest WHAM E.S.W.’s mixes I ripped 3 times and sent the best one.

      My settings ONLY involve loudness and a touch of stereo enhancement with a volume normalization – THAT’s IT!!

      Whether it’s JBL, Cerwin Vega, Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine, Harmon Karmon, Rockford fosgate, and infinity speakers top of line series which I use in my vehicle, they sound great (many compliments from stereo shops). Highs really stand out and are great for bands like Y.M.O., Kraftwerk, Bill Nelson, Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb, Erasure, & Jean Michel Jarre related music. Some vinyls have easy transfer quality then some just take time and cannot be improved unless it is a professional re-mastering business.

      Sounds good over here !!!

      On the re-mastering note I’ve noticed some re-masters are not loud enough or have a good clear stereo effect (more on a mono tip)!

      It Is What It Is!!! Find It, Buy It, And Enjoy Yours!!

  22. Would you happen to have these Lene Lovich mixes?
    It’s You (Razormaid Class-X)
    Wonderland (Art Of Mix)
    Wonderland (Disconet)
    Hairdresser Medley (Razormaid Members Revenge)

    1. And so would I ! 😉

    2. This type of stuff is great, and would like a lot of this!! Some too expensive and actually I may have a couple of these as downloads (I’ll check).

      1. Little Bird twelve coming up soon( well in a few months)

      2. Thanks. That would be great.

  23. Hi,
    Just recently found your blog and downloaded all the Pete Shelley 12″s, very chuffed!
    As a fave to a (possibly?) fellow Manc, could I please ask for re-ups of the Brilliant and Ste The Tone twelves, would be massively appreciated.
    Is sending you stuff to upload a possibility?
    Many many thanks

    1. Will do! Set The Tone, Ste’s not in 🙂

      1. Sorted for you with New Links 🙂

      2. Many thanks!!

    2. Send stuff over I’ll check it and bob it up…no probs 😉

  24. Do you have a Robbie Robertson 12″ single for Fallen Angel or Somewhere Down The Crazy River that has a B Side called Tailgate?

  25. Do you have any of the unofficial compilations of Pet Shop Boys demos remixes alt versions etc?

    1. Probably not on vinyl. Will have a look at my CD collection…

    2. From my end I may have some as from downloads back a few years ago, and on CD (Not Sure! (Actually- I have the first 2 expanded editions, that’s it), then on vinyl I would say… probably not.

      Are you (Matt) looking for remix services? Are there any specific song titles from the PSB’s you are looking for with different versions ?? From what decades 80’s – 90’s or beyond…?

      1. I should say demos and remix services and outtakes from the 80’s to the mid to late 90s

  26. I’m trying to track down these Gowan 12 inch versions. Help appreciated. I can also purchase the 12″s and have them sent to you for digital transfer.

    A Criminal Mind (Edit) 4:38
    A Criminal Mind (Video Mix) 5:03

    (You’re A) Strange Animal (Jungle Mix) 6:04
    (You’re A) Strange Animal (Video Mix) 5:12
    (You’re A) Strange Animal (Animal Oriented Radio Mix) 4:44

  27. Hi djjedredy, Thankyou for your blog which i have now discover. Could you re-up
    Tee Vee Toons – The Jetsons MainTitle / Jane Get Me Off This Crazy Thing and Sister Sledge Frankie 12”. The links are dead. Regards, Paris.

    1. Paris,
      I just send stuff over for djjedredy (and he blogs when he can).
      This Tee Vee Toons was my contribution and I’ve re-done this (no artwork with this-sorry).
      I’ll post on that section -Tee Vee Toons – The Jetsons MainTitle / Jane Get Me Off This Crazy Thing page – under comments then djjedredy may switch it up on his main blog post later. The rest of the requests will be up to him.

      1. Hi Mike could you send over the John Paul Young’s “Soldiers of Fortune” forgot to download 😦

      2. Hi Mike B., thankyou for the repost of Tee Vee Toons. Take care. Regards, Paris.

  28. Hi thank sooooo much for the trip through the 80’s, just wondering before you out it to bed, by any chance do you have the 12″ singles of You’re Gonna Get Hurt – Jenny Morris, Staring At The Embers – Tim Finn and Trust Me – I’m Talking, I used to have them on vinyl way back in the day 😦

  29. Clay,
    On behalf of djjedredy at this MVD blog I just send stuff over to him and you (The Followers).

    Thanks for those requests! I actually would like to have Tim Finn’s – Staring at the Embers mix from his Escapade album (Great Album– I Liked It!!). Jenny Morris I do not have and “Trust Me” by I’m Talking 12’’ I do have! I’m in Australian band mode trying to get a few more over to him right now.

    Later on after 90’s I’ll send some more Models, Mental As Anything x 2 12’’s, Wendy & The Rocketts, and a few more !!

    1. Hi Mike, I can’t find the jenny Morris track anywhere, I bought the album version on iTunes, same with staring at the embers. The posting of lead the way from I’m talking , jogged the memory, I had the 12 ” vinyl and the album which was really good. Im loving the posts…maks me remember my mis spent youth. In fact the models was the first concert I ever went to 🙂

  30. Hello there!
    I’m fairly new to your blog, but I already love it. So many great things I’ve been after for a long time (and things I didn’t even know existed).
    I came across two positing where the files are down, and I was wondering if you’d have any chance to re-upload them for me.
    Thank you very much in advance.

    1. Done those 2 for you! 😉

  31. Just discovered this marvelous blog and I’m so impressed! Thanks for introducing me to some great stuff! There’s a couple of older links I wonder if you could re-up :
    Animal Nightlife – Native Boy 12″
    Captain Sensible – There Are More Snakes Than Ladders 12″
    Thanks in advance and please keep them coming 😀

    1. Thanks Felix. Will sort those for you. Next time if you want something reupped put the request on the original page it’s posted on. Cheers!

  32. thanks for this great blog and sharing classics!

  33. Hello Mike – Awesome your blog i do come every week to see it the collection that u posted . i like it very much . please keep doing it cheers.
    My request if you can . please re- upload
    Londonbeat – I’ve Been Thinking About You (12″)
    A I’ve Been Thinking About You (C’est Wot Mix)
    B1 I’ve Been Thinking About You (Force Feel Dub Mix)
    B2 I’ve Been Thinking About You (7″ Mix)

    1. Sir I think you may of overlooked the owner of the blog, er , me! Mike is my more than capable (and probably glamorous) assistant who provides most of the stuff but this is my domain (Only joking 🙂 )

      1. So it’s been re-upped for ya. Next time any requests put them on the post you want re-upping, ta

  34. djjedredy ; sorry i didn’t mean to do that appreciate all you have it done for us the ones who loves music. Cheers

  35. Hello , hooping this much better for you , my friend using https://mega.nz/

  36. Just, wow! Not sure what left turn I took to find this wonderful blog, but thank you!!!! So many gems I’ve been searching after for so long! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

    1. Cheers ! It is a bit overwhelming when you first find it. If they’re dead links just request a reup 🙂

      1. Yeah, overwhelming / awesome!! Pretty much spent the entire weekend in front of the computer. The family weren’t thrilled, except for the oldest dog Leroy (he’s a huge China Crisis fan).

        I apologize in advance for a few forthcoming re-up requests, but I’d love to start with the Spelt Like This & Leisure Process stuff. I didn’t know anyone else beside me bought those singles – great stuff!

        Thanks again, in advance!!

      2. Okay but could you put the requests on the relevant pages as when I’ve done them it is easy to keep tabs when I’ve reposted. Ta !

  37. Hi Glad to see you are using Mega for some of your links, but whenever I click them it asks for a decryption key. Just wanted to let you know. Also a big THANK YOU for all the wonderful 12” you have shared. I wish I still had my 12” from the 80’s but they have all been sold off years ago. I only had around 400 of them!

  38. Just another sincere “thank you” for the re-ups and for this splendid blog on the whole. I mean, the breadth and quality of choices is spot on. And, then, The Woodentops today. Outstanding. THANK YOU!!

    1. Thanks, I love your “on the whole” statement because their will be stuff on here not to your tastes. That’s what its about as wide a musical spectrum as possible 😁

  39. Hi! A most impressive blu. I have been searching all over the internet for hours looking for a good quality post of the very had to find 12″ vinyl of “Radioactive” by Kraftwerk. I was so excited to find your post, but the link is dead. Can you “reup” it? Thanks so much!

    1. autocorrect? I meant a most impressive blog! (and I mean it too!)

    2. Sorted for ya! Next time if you want a re-up request put it on the page of the post, thanks 😉

  40. Djjedredy,

    Whether you have heard or not, I’ll toss it out there for a conversational piece.

    Richard Blade (frequently listen to him lately) has an autobiography coming out on Nov 2nd and is titled “World In My Eyes” and had contacted Martin Gore to see if was Ok to use that title, MG said it was OK.

    So he has a Promo video about his book on his Facebook page. Just and F.Y.I. for ya mate !!

    1. Ah! Mr.Blade him of that radio station and long time Mode supporter…will give everyone a heads up about that cheers !

  41. Do you have any 12” by Love and Money at all please? Thank you kindly sir

    1. No but I’ll put on my shopping list 😁

      1. Nice one! Thank you

  42. Hi

    Nice blog – any chance of re-upping Tom Robinson’s version of Rikki Don’t Lose That Number. I had no ide\ there was a 12″ and am keen to hear it

    1. You’re welcome, re-upped for ya 🙂

  43. This blog is great! Please re-up the De La Soul 12″ if possible.

  44. I just came across your site and if it’s possible, can you please re-upload Alison Moyet’s ODE TO BOY & all of the Malcolm Mclaren stuff? By any chance, would have the entire album: Malcolm McLaren presents the World-Famous Supreme Team Show, Round the Outside! Round the Outside! ?

    1. I’m keeping my eyes open for that album and will get around to re-posting the stuff you want over the coming week. 🙂

  45. hey! Looking for Central Line’s Sticks & Stones if available! https://myvinyldreams.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/central-line-sticks-and-stones-12/

  46. hey guy. thanks for your grooves. i tried to discarge General Public – In Conversation (US 12″), bat your link is expired on zipptshare. could you post it again. tx

    1. Will do that tonight

  47. Hi Djjedredy,

    Thanks for all your efforts with the blog. Thought I’d ask if you have a couple of vinyl-only recordings that I’m looking for, which aren’t currently available as digital files… (I’m unable to rip vinyl.)

    • Malcolm McLaren – Call A Wave (Breakdown Mix)

    • Set The Tone – Let Loose (B-side to Dance Sucker [Kevorkian mix])


    G D

    1. I will keep my eyes open for you and so will Mike B. 🙂

  48. At your convenience, can you please repost: WAX – Ball and Chain (US Promo 12″)? The original post was dated August 20, 2016. Thank you.

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