Voice Of The Beehive ‎– I Walk The Earth (12″)

For this evenings batch it’s a trio of female fronted bands and tracks from 1988.

First up is the 60’s obsessed Voice Of The Beehive. From the debut album “Let It Bee” we get the characteristic duel vocals of sisters Tracey Bryn and Melissa Brooke Belland belting out an early hit. I never knew, before researching this, that the band contained both bassist and drummer from Madness, Mark Bedford and Daniel M Woodgate respectively. Joining them was two guitarists, Mike Jones and Martin Brett to complete the line-up.

So on chugs the bouncy “I Walk The Earth” with the riff of Temple Of Love by the Sisters on it (I kid you not!)

On the B-side we get the West Coast, upbeat strum of “This Weak.” Lastly we get a decent Lou Reed/ Velvet Underground cover of “Jesus…” (Ah, the 80’s twelve home of the obscure cover version) suitably psychedelically warped.


London Records ‎– LONX 169walkfrontcov

A I Walk The Earth
B1 This Weak
B2 Jesus…

Yello – Tied Up (US Promo 12″)

Even more from Mike (and something I do have on vinyl and was nice hearing it again and I get to post the mad video) The Swiss duo again display their cutting edge and invite the likes of Junior Vasquez and Zeo to remix the track from the album “Flag.” So Yello bring on the heavy guitar of Chico Hablas on their “In Gear” version, fast and frantic and fun. Zeo, really crunches the sound and chops up the vocals. Not sure about the drums but it furiously stomps about like a spoilt child.

Vasquez, likewise, slows it down and grooves it up, especially the longer, “Africa” mix which he makes his own. Plenty of House samples going on.



Mercury ‎– PRO 768-1promocov

A1 Tied Up (In Gear) 3:58
A2 Tied Up (In Fantasia) 6:50
B1 Tied Up (In Africa) Edit 3:40
B2 Tied Up (In Africa) Part II 6:28

Crazy House – Burning Rain (US 12″)

New to me and coming on like they woke up a few years too late in 1988 thinking it was 1984 and still quite New Romantic. British but signed to the Chrysalis US label, so expect a guitar solo 🙂 A duo of David Luckhurst and Peter Parsons they even released 3 albums (the first 2 were self financed) dating back to the early 80’s, hence that sound. Here they have Steve Nye (Japan) on production and engineer Kevin Moloney. The “Generic mix” takes a while for the vocals to kick in but is quite a fun listen. The “Genetic” bounces along with more dub effects and vocals.For 80’s guilty pleasurists (I like the samples!) Nothing about them on the web!




Chrysalis ‎– VAS-2766SAM_8690

A Burning Rain (Album Version) 3:40
B1 Burning Rain (Generic Mix) 6:39
B2 Burning Rain (Genetic Mix) 7:17

The Blow Monkeys – It Pays To Be Twelve (12″)

More Mike B stuff as he brings us some quite rare Blow Monkeys stuff. (I can hear their fans rubbing their hands with glee over this) The limited edition of the “It Pays To Belong” release, remixed by their keyboardist Marius Vries (who went on to work with U2, Madonna and Björk) and from the original production of Stephen Hague. Bright horns, sweeping strings, a “State Of Independece” bassline, anti-Tory dance music and very apt at the moment!

Other tracks is a housed-up version of “This Is Your Life”, pioneering for 1988, some unbelievable sounds and effects on here (even Acid!). Phil Bodger helping Vries with the remix. Best dance track I’ve posted this year!!

Last is the Phil Harding remix of their BIG hit “Digging Your Scene,” synthing up the original but remain quite faithful with the brass section and strings.



RCA ‎– PT 42232 RSAM_4750

A It Pays To Be Twelve 6:55
B1 This Is Your House 7:08
B2 Digging Your Remix 5:58

Aztec Camera – Deep & Wide & Tall (12″)

So not sounding anything like early Aztec Camera, we have this sooooo 80’s sounding track, “Deep & Wide & Tall” with distinct voice of Roddy Frame and some obligatory acoustic guitar thrown in towards the end. The “Breakdown Mix” is a mastery display of computer aided restructure, I’m a bit of a fan of that. Remixed by Tom Lord Alge (from the Lord Alge production family) it see’s gentle acoustic guitar pitted up against some massive synths 🙂 A clockwork section and a guitar solo,much better than the 7″! B-side is”Bad Education”which has some organ, more strummed guitar and sounds more like the Aztec Camera of old, thank God! (But what’s with that clap-along “la-la-la” bit, ah well)


WEA ‎– YZ 154RTdeepfrontcov

A Deep & Wide & Tall (Breakdown Mix)
B1 Deep & Wide & Tall
B2 Bad Education

Scritti Politti – The First Boy In Town (Lovesick) (12″)

Business as usual for Green Gartside, keeping the same style and sounds as he had on the successful “Cupid Psyche 85” album, all samplers and bright synths. This bounces along with latin percussion,  almost with a retro feel for 1988. Mixed by Ray Bardani and with some backing vocals by B.J. Nelson and Fonzi Thornton, to supplement Green’s distinct vocals. More funk is induced on the B-side, “World Come Back To Life” but it is typical Scritti Politti and better than the A-side. David Gamson utilizing the Yamaha DX7 and Synclavier for full effect!



Virgin ‎– VST 1082SAM_4938

A First Boy In This Town (Lovesick) (Extended Remix)
B1 First Boy In This Town (Lovesick) (Instrumental)
B2 World Come Back To Life

Danny Wilson – Mary’s Prayer (12″)

From 1988 and re-released version from the previous year, a remix from Irish producer, Paul Staveley O’Duffy. (He just polished up the original production from Dave Bascombe) of the toe-tapper “Mary’s Prayer”. The band themselves were a trio of Dundee lads (Brothers Gary and Kit Clarke and Ged Grimes -who went on to do some work with Simple Minds) who were in a previous band “Spencer Tracy” but their were objections so they changed their name to Danny Wilson from a Frank Sinatra movie Meet Danny Wilson (1952).  The B-side has a more jazz tinged, blue eyed soul demo track, co-produced by Dundee producer Allan McGlone. This has interesting lyrics and some accordian and superb, confident vocals from Gary Clarke, what a voice! As a bonus you get an excellent cover of Bowie’s “Kooks,” capturing the sentiment of the song brilliantly.


Virgin ‎– VS 934-12

A Mary’s Prayer (Paul Staveley O’Duffy Remix) 3:50
B1 Monkey’s Shiny Day (Original Demo Version) 5:18
B2 Kooks 3:29