Mystery Machine – Stain (Vinyl E.P.)

ImageThe debut release from Mystery Machine an alt. Rock outfit from Vancover, Canada. An unusual sound reminding me of a grungier Lemonheads. Duelling guitars and progressive song structures, for an instrumental track “Ride” is amazing!!! Comparisons with Swervedriver are valid but they had a unique sound. “Three Fisted” did not appear on their album “Dazed” which is worth checking out.

  1. “Shaky Ground” (3:12)
  2. “Three-Fisted” (3:59)
  3. “Stay High” (2:27)
  4. “Ride (Live)” (4:59)
  5. Untitled track (hidden track on vinyl??)


The Wedding Present – Kennedy (12″)

Dave Gedge once listened to never forgotten.Image

The indie band from Leeds had their first breakthrough with this squealer from 1989, the “apple pie song.” With all the guitar layers it needs to be played loud. Backed by 3 tracks on the 12″, including a cover of Tom Jones’s “It’s Not Unusual” and the best of the bunch, the heartfelt “Unfaithful”


A Kennedy 4:21
B1 One Day This Will All Be Yours 1:58
B2 Unfaithful 3:18
B3 It’s Not Unusual 2:06


The Heart Throbs – Total Abandon E.P. (12″ Vinyl)


Plug in the guitars again!!

From 1991 and on One Little Indian records this is really shoegaze with female vocals. Swirling psychadelia and wall of sound guitars help add to the slightly baggy atmosphere. Favourite track “Bright Green Day” adds keyboard swirls to the precussion layers. “Pumping….” is a Patti Smith cover and a great bonus. This release featured a new lineup of Noko (Luxuria) on bass, and Curve’s Steve Monti on Drums accompanying Stephen Ward and Rose Carlotti.

A1 Turn Away (12″ Mix)
A2 Pumping (My Heart)
B1 Bright Green Day
B2 Turn Away (Edit)

And Why Not ? – The Face (12″)

ImageMixing reggae influences into their 80’s , guitar tinged pop rock. And Why Not? were lead vocalist Wayne Gidden, Michael Steer (also on drums, percussion) and Hylton Horatio Hayles (also bass guitar). Released in 1990 it sort of reminds me of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, sadly a forgotten band that had a unique sound. The B-side is less commercial and truer to the bands origins, great vocals.

A   The Face (“The Tink Darg Mix”) 5:44
B1   Let Me Hear It 4:12
B2   The Face (7″ Mix) 3:12


Honky – The Honky Doodle Day E.P. (12″)

ImageSigned to ZTT and their debut (it’s ZTT’s 30th Anniversary this year) this British Hip Hop reminds me of the golden era of De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest, laidback and groovy. It was actually released in  1993 and has a mixed racial message. Some light political comment on “Chains” and a decent slice of hiphouse on the “Alpha Remix” finish off this 4 track E.P.

  K.K.K. (Boom Boom Tra La La La) 3:21
  Honky Doodle Dub 5:00
  Chains 3:46
  K.K.K. (Alpha Mix) 6:35

Vic Reeves – Abide With Me / Black Night (12″)

ImageMore novelty records sees the comedian and self confessed “pub singer”, Vic Reeves, team up with The Grid and Phil Oakey on this 1991 release. Crooning over the top of a house track on “Abide With Me” the “Holy Dub” is basically a Grid standalone track. “Black Night” is an interesting synthpop cover with a “guitar” solo, I’m sure Mr Oakey is helping out on backing vocals.


A1 Abide With Me (12″) 6:47
A2 Abide With Me (Holy Dub) 5:55
B1 Black Night (Full Length 7″) 4:06
B2 Abide With Me (Acapella) 4:26




Disco 2000 – Uptight (Everything’s Alright) (12″)

ImageSome novelty, quirky records for a Sunday.

From 1989 and a side project by the KLF (more like a spouse project) Vocals were handled by Cressida Cauty (wife of KLF co-founder Jimmy Cauty) and June Montana, also known as Mo (former vocalist of Jimmy Cauty’s previous band Brilliant and later background vocalist for the KLF)

This was a cover of the Stevie Wonder classic with extra , dodgy, female rapping over the top. Very similar in places to Bananarama. B-side “Mr Hotty Loves You” is more like a KLF track using The Professional TV theme as one of its ingredients.

Uptight (Everything’s Alright) (Discorama Mix) 4:50
B Mr. Hotty Loves You 6:16

Vallin Miller – Hit Back (12″)

ImageThe Sun is out and why not have a bit of reggae to kickstart the weekend. Again a very obscure and  rare piece of vinyl from 1986. Vallin Miller only released three tracks from 1977 to 1986 all written and self produced, so this might be a gem for someone. The slightly dubbier “Version” is my preferred cut and like a lot of reggae it will put a smile on your face, keep it chilled.


A   Hit Back  
B   Hit Back (Version)  

Definition Of Sound – Boom Boom (Promo 12″)

ImageAlways a popular band on this blog (according to the number of downloads) Definition of Sound had a short lived comeback in 1995. Again trying to take Hip Hop into new directions the 2 mixes here could not be different. The “E.Coli…” mix is ambient and almost beatless, a gentle rap accompanies the swerling textures. The “Teapot” mix is more techno influenced and upbeat, very electronic just how I like it!


1 Boom Boom (Heal My Blues) (E. Coli Remix) 6:45
2 Boom Boom (Tea Pot Tim Remix) 6:00

Sweet Exorcist – Popcone (12″)

ImageThe side project of Cabaret Voltaire’s Richard H Kirk and DJ Parrot (Richard Barrett) this was their debut release on the Cabs own record label, Plastex. From 1991 where the competition was still to get the lowest sub bass (imagine it happening in this day and age with audiophiles seeking compensation for popped speakers and ruined HiFi’s !) On the Press Release…….

“it resumes life where last year’s Klonk and Testone left off, reinventing what had already been created from the originators of bleep music, with Latino-style percussion direct from the desk”

A fair summing up with soul samples over a busy precussion track with bleeps and sub bass rumbles. “Let You Go” is the standard out track with looped drums and sampled loops, a mix of techno and house.


A Popcone 5:47
B1 Colin’s Tamborim 4:39
B2 Let You Go 6:14