King Butcher – Spud-U-Like (12″)


Gang of Four vocalist does some funk rock!

From 1988 and a one-off, independent release from Jon King (Gang Of Four), Martin Bird (guitar), Phil Butcher (bass and member of Iggy Pop’s backing band) and Monti (drums who went on to form a favourite band of mine, Sulpher – with Rob Holliday)

So the main track rocks out with a bit of squelchy synths and funky drumming. More funk than rock. B-side, “Twinkie Land”  has West Coast punk/psychobilly vibe to it, with added glockenspiel? “Gravity..” is more of a clipped rock tune, with horns et al.

Mash It Records ‎– KING 1SAM_2709

A Spud-U-Like
B1 Twinkie Land
B2 Gravity It Won’t Hold Me Down

Cabaret Voltaire ‎– Hypnotised (Remixes) (12″)

Thanks for reminding but also I’m a massive Cabaret Voltaire fan and there is loads of stuff on here – Request away but on the corresponding post, this time you’ll need to be more specific 🙂

Slipping into the current 80’s theme was this old skool classic from 1989, taping into Acid House by using the distinct skills of a Guy Called Gerald adding edginess to what was a smooth slice of early house that used Ten City as background vocalists.

Gerald adds the bollocks with a hypnotic bass and drum pattern to his mixes. Mark Brydon and Robert Gordon (Fon Force) give us a nice little electro influenced dub version.

Although the Cabs own “Western Works” mix is my pick of the punch. Cut-up samples and inventive acid sounds; accessible but edgy it just needed some of Malinder’s vocals.

Parlophone ‎– 12RX 6227cabhype

A1 Hypnotised (A Guy Called Gerald’s Music Mix) 6:07
A2 Hypnotised (The Fon Force Mix) 2:38
B1 Hypnotised (The Western Works Mix) 5:50
B2 Hypnotised (Gerald’s Vocal Mix) 5:03

Nitzer Ebb – Warsaw Ghetto / So Bright So Strong (12″)


Okay more for the completists and early Ebb fans. Released on their own label, Power Of  Voice Communications, back in 1985.

Stripped down, raw, repetitive and still produced by Phil Harding, weighing in at 7 mins long. It’s message is vague but it is a song about killing and oppression.

On the other side the song is brighter, quicker, a “song about loving”, using a sequencer reminding me of early Mode or Yazoo. With less shout and anger from Douglas McCarthy. Metal bashing replaced by the tapping of a milk bottle in places!!

Power Of Voice Communications ‎– NEP 2warsaw

The Killing Side
A Warsaw Ghetto
The Kissing Side
AA So Bright So Strong


Nitzer Ebb -All Re-upped


So this is for Sosupafresh who requested some more Ebb. I’ve gone and re-upped all the Nitzer Ebb stuff on here apart from the CD singles of “I Found” (which I haven’t yet!) and “Shame Redesign” which has alluded me so far!! Enjoy!!

Virgin Prunes ‎– A New Form Of Beauty 3 (12″)


Obscurer and Obscurier….

Now from ’81 from Irish Post Punk band, the Virgin Prunes. Who included Dave-iD Busaras – vocals, Mary D’Nellon – drums, Dik Evans – guitar, Gavin Friday – vocals, Guggi – vocals and Strongman – bass guitar. This is the sound of underground. experimental music.

So it still scares the life out of me. You’ll guess by the title of the songs it’s about Death, Good V Evil. Part of a compilation album that was released by Rough Trade through all formats 7″, 10″, cassette and 12″ singles making up 4 parts in all.

Produced with Irish engineer, Paul Thomas. A challenging listen, think Horror Soundtrack. Manic! Insane ! Deranged and long and ardous….Be Warned!

Rough Trade ‎– RT-099newformbackcov

A Beast (Seven Bastard Suck)
The Slow Children
B1 Abbágall
B2 Brain Damage
B3 No Birds To Fly

The Higsons ‎– Got To Let This Heat Out (12″)


On a Roll……….

So a very obscure 12″ from 1981 on the independent label, Waap. (Their own label who they shared with fellow Norwich band, The Farmers Boys) Funky indie I’d describe it. The band were from Norwich and comprised of Charlie Higson: Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Piano, Terry Edwards: Guitar, Trumpet, Sax, Piano, Vocals,Simon Charterton: Drums, Vocals, Dave Cummings : Guitar, Vocals, Colin Williams: Bass, Vocals,  Stuart McGeachin: Guitar, Vocals.

The track itself hangs on a funk bassline. The B-side is better with a indie dance feel, good use of horns and weird lyrics.

Apparently Robyn Hitchcock’s song “Listening to the Higsons” is about this track and, yes, Charlie Higson from Fast Show is the singer!!!

Waap ‎– 12 WAAP 1higfrontcov

A Got To Let This Heat Out
B It Goes Waap

Section 25 – Crazy Wisdom (12″)


Another rare indie gem from Mike. For fans of Factory Records and the New Order try this one from label mates Section 25, originally from Blackpool, Lancashire. This was released in 1985, after their synth classic “Looking From A Hilltop” (which I really need to pick up!!)

Formed by brothers Larry and Vin Cassidy in 1978. They gigged with Joy Division

The main track was produced by Bernard Sumner and Dojo (drummer with A Certain Ratio)

“Dirty Disco II” is a fab bass and synth workout and it appeared on their first album “Always Now” from 1981, rawily produced by Martin Hannett  This is re-recorded version with the help of a shedload of synths and added bass sequencers

Contrastingly the “Guitar Waltz” is a gentler, folk-tinged (it even has flute!) vocals being shared between the Cassidy clan.

Factory Benelux ‎– Fbn 45crazy

A Crazy Wisdom
B1 Dirty Disco II
B2 The Guitar Waltz